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Photo Friday: Classic Tigger and Flash

Those early followers of this blog may remember Tigger but Flash died young before I started the blog. Here they are as kittens in September 2005.

To learn more about our early days, check out my post “Life Before Chris.”


The Toy Box

Our house gets dirty pretty fast for a home with two people who are gone nearly 12 hours a day, five days a week. Of course the majority of the dirt that accumulates throughout the house is cat hair and cat litter. This means that we do a lot of sweeping and vacuuming. We do what we call a quick vac a couple of times a week and then, once a week, we do a major clean that involves picking everything up off the floor.

The things that populate our floor and must be removed include rugs, cat scratchers and cat toys. It is that cat toys that always amaze me. Every week I pick up more toys than the average six-year-old has in their closet.

Cat toys

These are just a few of the toys I collected one day.

We have a toy box where we keep the cats toys. Actually, it is more of a toy basket.

cat tox box (basket)

Is this too much?

Chris and Puck know where their toys are kept and have no problem taking the toys out and playing with them. Chris is surprisingly playful for being almost five years old. I see both him and Puck (who is about one and a half) chasing toy mice around the house quite often. I just can’t seem to get them to put their toys away when they finish playing. I don’t suppose there are any parents out there that know what that is like…

Photo Friday: Putting Up The Christmas Tree (With Cats)

We purchased a somewhat unconventional Christmas tree the other day. It is a trio of palm trees that seemed perfect for a Florida Christmas. Yes, I used the word Christmas instead of Holiday, so sue me. I just looked out the window and the sky is not falling and, as far as I can tell, the apocalypse has not begun so I may just use it again.

When we started to put up our Christmas… tree (whew, the world is still here) Chris and Puck took a strong interest in the box and the tree.

Unpacking the tree with Bad Cat Chris and Puck

Wow, something new to investigate.

Bad Cat Chris biting electrical plug.

Cool. An electrical cord. I think I’ll bite it.

Bad Cat Chris biting box handle

This thing is stuck on here good.

Bad Cat Chris in a Christmas Tree box.

I claim this box for The Kingdom Of Chris.

Our cat Puck in Christmas tree box

Chris! Did you see this? We’ve got bubble wrap.

Bad Cat Chris with our palm tree Christmas Tree

Ok, I’m ready to help decorate.

I was a little worried about Chris chewing on the power cords but it seems the novelty has worn off. Now all that is left is the decorating.

More Outdoor Fun: The Video

I wanted to add a video to my last post but my video software keeps faulting and shutting down. I finally was able to put it together using the software that came with my Canon camera. It’s funny but I did not even know I had it.

This video was taken after I took the photographs and about the time I wanted to get the cats inside but Chris and Puck would have none of it. They were having too much fun and wanted to stay outside and play. If they were kids they would whine a little but eventually listen. Cats don’t listen and need to be chased down, which isn’t easy.