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Photo Friday: Brotherly Love

It is pretty cool that our cats get along as good as they do. This photo was from Wednesday evening but as I write this on Thursday evening they are all grouped together on the bed in a similar way.


Floki Turns Seven

My wife is on a business trip in Virginia right now. She texted me last night to remind me it was Floki’s birthday and to go out and buy him a new toy. I’m usually the one in the family that remembers important dates but I dropped the ball this time.

I don’t know exactly when Floki was born. When we got him on the fourth of July I was told he and his brother were about six weeks old when they were found on Memorial Day. At the time, I figured April 18 would be a good day to call his birthday.

Here he is at the vet’s office where we adopted him.


Here he is on the first day home with Chris.

Our kitten Floki

Ten days later he was quite comfortable in our house.

Floki the kitten sleeping

He gradually developed his dark color.

kitten Floki in sink
Chris and Floki
Siamese cat sleeping on lap

And he filled out a bit.

He has become an important part of the trio.

Today I will be off to the pet store, but what do you get a cat that has everything?

Floki Fights Back

I wrote about Chris and his dominant behavior before. When Puck was alive he would sometimes hold him down by the neck. I wrote about it here. When Puck was gone he started doing the same thing to Floki. I wrote about that here.

Chris still does that to Floki occasionally but Floki is not having it. He has chosen to fight back.

Floki the Player

Of our three cats, Floki is the biggest player. At almost seven years old he still runs around the house with toy mice and loves his turbo scratcher. He has become very good at spinning the ball around the track. The video below shows some of the skills he has in keeping the ball in motion but it is nothing compared to what I had seen when there were no cameras around.

Our Heated Pet Mat Returns

I first reviewed the Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat in February 2018. You can read that review here. Since then it has been chiefly used without the heating element. That changed when we spent some time in West Virginia. You can see that story here. Since we returned to Florida the heating element has been packed away and the mat was on one of the cat perches.

I brought in a pile of laundry on Saturday and put it on the bed to fold. Floki immediately made a nest in the laundry and decided to take a nap at that very moment. My wife said he likes the heat and I should plug the heated mat in for them. Since Saturday was a bit chilly, 68 for a high, I thought that was a good idea.

As soon as I plugged it in Chris was on top of it.

Rose thought it should be on the sofa so she moved it.

Soon Frankie was lying next to it. It seemed like he wanted to feel the heat but he did not want to get too close to Chris. It didn’t work. I found Chris with his head on Frankie’s butt. As soon I got my phone to take the picture, he sat up.

After a while, Chris got up to inspect his food bowls and Floki took his spot.

As I write this on Sunday evening Chris is sleeping on the mat. The last time I looked Floki was on it.

Does anyone else have a heated mat or pet bed? Is it popular?

A Day of Cuteness

Saturday morning, after the bed was made, my wife put what we call “Frankie’s Blankie” on the bed while Frankie was waiting for it. He somehow managed to get under the blanket during the process. I came into the bedroom sometime later and saw this.

That evening, while we were in the living room watching a movie, Chris and Floki were sleeping next to me. After a while, Chris put a paw on Floki. I thought it was too cute not to get a picture, but there wasn’t a camera in sight, so I quietly got up, retrieved my phone, and snapped this.

The lighting is not the best but I think the cuteness still shines through. What do you think?