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Photo Friday: Packing the Christmas Tree

We took our Christmas tree down on New Year’s Day. I have a large orange bag that the tree goes in for storage. After I got a section of the tree in the bag, Frankie got inside to supervise the operation.


Our Cats are Spoiled

Our cats, particularly Chris and Floki, like to lie under the Christmas tree. That was fine until we started accumulating presents. So to keep them happy and prevent torn gifts, I created a no-gift zone.

We may be a little crazy.

In case you are wondering, several of those presents were for my son, his girlfriend and my two-year-old grandson. They came for dinner last night and opened presents so now we have more room.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to put up the Christmas tree, string the lights and decorate the house. For the feline members of our family, this is equally festive because there is just so many new things to get into.

Bad Cat Chris and Frankie

Hey Frankie! Look at these little people.

Cat Frankie

Forget the little people, Chris. Check out this box.

Puck and Bad Cat Chris

Forget the box, Frankie. look at the size of this bag.

Cat Chris biting Christmas decoration

Don’t worry guys. I took care of this big, weird-looking, pink bird

Frankie and Christmas tree.

These lights are mesmerizing.

Frankie and Christmas tree.

I just want to bite them.


Frankie and Christmas tree.

Aghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t help myself.

Frankie and Christmas tree.

Who me? I didn’t do anything. It was Chris.

Bad Cat Chris and Christmas tree.

I gonna wait here until Santa comes.

Bad Cat Chris and Christmas tree.

When’s that fat man coming. It’s been ten minutes already.


Bad Cat Chris, Frankie under Christmas tree.

Tell me when you see Santa, Frankie.

Bad Cat Chris, Frankie under Christmas tree.

I’m gonna take a little nap.


Zzzzzzzz… Crash!

We were awaken at 4:20 this morning by a loud noise in the living room. It wasn’t the kind of noise that wakes you up and you lie there and think, “Hmm, I wonder what that was.” This was a sit straight up in bed and yell, “Holy S%#!, What the H*#! was that?!” kind of noise.

Rose thought Puck jumped up on the china cabinet and knocked her porcelain stocking holder down… again. Unfortunately, that was not what happened. We got up to discover our Christmas tree lying on its side and Chris and Puck standing next to it like they were as surprised as we were. I don’t know who was responsible but those two tend to get frisky during the night and take turns chasing each other around the house. I’m sure one chased the other into the tree.

Christmas tree after cats knocked it over.20131230_Fallen tree_187This was not how we wanted to take down the tree. We planned on getting a plastic box or bag designed for Christmas trees since I threw away the box it came in (the glue attracts cockroaches), but yesterday was Rose’s birthday and she didn’t feel like dealing with Wal-Mart, the only store near us that would carry such an item. I didn’t blame her, Wal-Mart is always a huge hassle.

The first thing we had to do was get as much broken glass up as we could before someone cut their foot. I missed a piece that Chris found and picked it up and started chewing on it. I tried to get him to drop it but he wouldn’t so I had to pick him up and shake him until he let go. Later, when we picked up all the candy canes, we discovered many had been chewed on. I think Chris was chewing on candy canes while we were putting ornaments away. Perhaps he thought the broken glass was part of a candy cane.

If there are any readers out there that have never had children and are considering it, I would suggest you get a couple of cats first for practice.


The Future Former Chris

Last night Rose and I were watching television and Chris was chewing on the power cord for the Christmas tree lights. We yelled at him to stop so he then started chewing on one of the light bulbs… while it was plugged in. I had to pick him up and move him two or three times and each time he would give me a loud kitty yell and then go right back to what he was doing. It was like he was enjoying the negative attention.

Bad cat Chris chewing on Christmas tree cordBad cat Chris chewing on Christmas tree light

Now I worry about leaving the tree plugged in while we are in another room. I’m pretty sure he only does it for the attention that it brings him but I still have to treat him like a small child. He is a four-and-a-half year old cat with the maturity level of a three year old child. At this rate, I’m going to mature before he does.

Photo Friday: Putting Up The Christmas Tree (With Cats)

We purchased a somewhat unconventional Christmas tree the other day. It is a trio of palm trees that seemed perfect for a Florida Christmas. Yes, I used the word Christmas instead of Holiday, so sue me. I just looked out the window and the sky is not falling and, as far as I can tell, the apocalypse has not begun so I may just use it again.

When we started to put up our Christmas… tree (whew, the world is still here)┬áChris and Puck took a strong interest in the box and the tree.

Unpacking the tree with Bad Cat Chris and Puck

Wow, something new to investigate.

Bad Cat Chris biting electrical plug.

Cool. An electrical cord. I think I’ll bite it.

Bad Cat Chris biting box handle

This thing is stuck on here good.

Bad Cat Chris in a Christmas Tree box.

I claim this box for The Kingdom Of Chris.

Our cat Puck in Christmas tree box

Chris! Did you see this? We’ve got bubble wrap.

Bad Cat Chris with our palm tree Christmas Tree

Ok, I’m ready to help decorate.

I was a little worried about Chris chewing on the power cords but it seems the novelty has worn off. Now all that is left is the decorating.