The Toy Box

Our house gets dirty pretty fast for a home with two people who are gone nearly 12 hours a day, five days a week. Of course the majority of the dirt that accumulates throughout the house is cat hair and cat litter. This means that we do a lot of sweeping and vacuuming. We do what we call a quick vac a couple of times a week and then, once a week, we do a major clean that involves picking everything up off the floor.

The things that populate our floor and must be removed include rugs, cat scratchers and cat toys. It is that cat toys that always amaze me. Every week I pick up more toys than the average six-year-old has in their closet.

Cat toys

These are just a few of the toys I collected one day.

We have a toy box where we keep the cats toys. Actually, it is more of a toy basket.

cat tox box (basket)

Is this too much?

Chris and Puck know where their toys are kept and have no problem taking the toys out and playing with them. Chris is surprisingly playful for being almost five years old. I see both him and Puck (who is about one and a half) chasing toy mice around the house quite often. I just can’t seem to get them to put their toys away when they finish playing. I don’t suppose there are any parents out there that know what that is like…


33 thoughts on “The Toy Box

  1. onespoiledcat

    Sam has pretty much quit playing with his toys although he does take them out of his toy wagon and “transport” them to favorite spots. At his age I think he’s APPRECIATING his toys more than playing with them! It makes me smile to find them around the house on housecleaning day…….almost like he’s left them there so I WOULD smile when I found them.


  2. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)

    I have a giant toy basket too for Cody but he is a lazy cuss. He rarely takes something out to play with it but occasionally will. My Angel Bobo used to be incredible about entertaining himself with toys, but then again, he was an “only” pet at that time. Cody has Dakota, a GIANT CAT TOY!! lol!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Toys are nice but having two pets that play with each other is the best. If we lose one of our cats before they lose me, I would feel compelled to adopt another cat.

  3. PigLove

    My humans never pick up the cat toys after they string them around the Hotel Thompson. Daddy goes around on vacuum day and picks them up putting them in their basket. I blame them for keeping the house cluttered – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Cathy Keisha (@CathyKeisha)

    I’m going to be 9 and I still play like crazy. I’m a cat and I let my maid put my toys away. I used to have 2 big toy baskets until we had the invasion of the moths and they chewed all the feathers and fur off my toys.

  5. crazykittykat1

    Same thing at our house, a big basket of toys and then small toys poked under things… the couch and stove seem to be the best places. Our Simba loves a good game of hockey goal under the stove. He pokes his whole arm under there! My 1st time visiting here. Found in you in the blog paws forum 🙂

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Having a lot of toys is great but only if you play with them. Chris and Puck play with many toys but many more remain at the bottom of the basket. I wonder if they would notice if some of them dissapeared?

  6. fozziemum

    Toys get left everywhere here too..Marbles the old grouch still plays with them…bless her 🙂 but yes picking up after animals is all I do too :0 hugs Fozziemum xx

  7. onespoiledcat

    Sam has a lot of toys but they are an accumulation of 16 years of his life…..I’ve cleaned it out at least once a year and only kept the things he truly LOVED…..but he rarely plays with anything these days other than a small rubber ring that is just a PART of a very old “baby toy” he had as a kitten. It’s his favorite thing….he carries it around and will sometimes leave it by his food dish or by his Dad’s chair (his Dad gives him treats!).



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