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Photo Friday: Classic Frankie and Chris

Sometimes it’s fun to look back. Here is a picture of Frankie and Chris taken six years ago yesterday on April 8, 2015.

Not much has changed since then. Chris still sleeps on top of Frankie sometimes.

Annoying the Annoyer

Chris has always been good at annoying people and cats alike but this past year his annoyance level seems well above what it has been in the past. Knowing that, I couldn’t help but laugh at seeing Chris on the receiving end for a change. I think I spent a good two or three minutes laughing before I thought to record what was happening. I managed to capture the last thirty seconds of Floki annoying Chris. Enjoy.

Photo Friday: An Excuse to Not Make the Bed

I usually don’t jump out of bed and then make it. There is some time for relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee. During that time at least one cat will often decide to nap on the bed. Three cats sleeping on the bed when I need to make it is rare and a good reason to put off the task.

Of course, I can never put it off until the next day so I guess it is not very helpful.

Outside Time

Since returning from West Virginia, Frankie and Chris have enjoyed much more outside time, although not as much as they would like. Our trips outside usually start with Frankie who gets really excited when he knows, or thinks he knows, when I am getting ready to take him out. My wife has to get him even more excited by saying things like, “Are you going outside, Frankie? Oh boy, you’re going outside!”

Once outside, after the initial excitement wears off, we usually spend time smelling stuff, especially plants.

When the smelling is done it is time to lie in the dirt.

Sometimes he pulls a Harry Houdini on me and starts to slip out of his harness.

When that happens it is usually too risky to try to fix it “in the field” so I will pick him up and carry him home while he hisses at me the whole way there. Usually, by that time we already had a good walk and Chris is at home waiting for his turn.

The first thing Chris does when he gets outside is do the “happy roll.” This is something I never see him do inside.

He then does a little exploring but he usually stays close to home which is why he doesn’t need a harness, although I still need to watch him because he sometimes wanders away.

Eventually he finds some grass to munch on.

After that he sometimes lies down for a few minutes and is then ready to go inside. I don’t have to carry him home while being hissed at.

Anyone else have inside cats that go out?

Photo Friday: Sharing

Chris loves napping in his bed by the window but Wednesday Floki was sleeping in it. I heard growling and hissing and looked to see Chris standing over Floki. I didn’t see what Chris did to him but I did see Floki leave the cat bed and then Chris lie down and take a nap. A little later I saw this.

I guess Chris knows how to share after all.

Stubborn Cat Chris

Chris has always been a stubborn cat. It has always been an impossible challenge to get Chris to behave in a way that we want him to behave. Usually the problem is trying to get him to stop doing something but sometimes getting him to do something can be equally difficult. Like the other day when I was trying to vacuum and he refused to move from his spot. Most cats are afraid of the vacuum but Chris is much more concerned with hanging out near his food bowl (which I picked up before vacuuming).

Who else has a stubborn cat? Or should I ask who doesn’t have a stubborn cat? I don’t think dogs are as stubborn as cats but I’m sure they are out there too.

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Kittens! Need I Say More?

Here is a bunch of cute kittens for Throwback Thursday. This post was from November 2014, so the kittens are now cats and over six years old.

Bad Cat Chris

Yesterday we visited my sister-in-law. I like going there, in part because I like her and her husband, but also because she has a house full of cats that are a great opportunity for photographs. This day was even better because she is fostering three seven-week-old kittens that are almost ready for adoption.


Felice works for a vet and has taken in many cats that others rejected. She has experience with bottle feeding infant kittens and has brought several back from the brink of death. She has also lost some, but fortunately these three survived and are now happy and playful. The kittens were found by a client at around four days old and brought to the vet. Their umbilical cords were still attached. Felice took them home and bottle fed them every two to three hours for several weeks. She has a method and I hope to get her to share the…

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Exploring New Home’s Backyard

I was looking through videos and noticed one I forgot about from December. It is the first time Frankie and Chris went outside at our West Virginia home.

Okay, that is not entirely true. Before that, Frankie escaped out the front door when I was retrieving a package that just arrived. Since it was unfamiliar territory I knew Frankie would not know where home was so I was extremely concerned. I quickly put shoes on and enlisted Rose’s help. The two of us caught up with Frankie who hid under a car. I was not in the mood to play games with him so I reached under the car, grabbed him by the scruff, and dragged him out.

After that adventure, I knew I had to get him used to the smells and sights of our home so when the weather was nice I put his harness on and took him out. The yard is fenced in but I knew the picket fence would not contain Frankie so I put his harness on first. Unlike our Florida home, this house is on a main road so it is even more important to keep Frankie contained.

After Frankie went inside I brought Chris out. I put the harness on Chris too but Chris is too fat and it wouldn’t connect under his belly. After a while, I just took it off.

Here is the video I mentioned earlier from December 11.

That was the first and last time they went outside there. I wanted to take Frankie out the front door to so he could get used to it but the weather turned into a frozen tundra and never recovered.

What do you think? Do your cats go outside?