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Frankie’s a Basket Case

The other day my wife set her trash basket on the table so she could pull out the bag and replace it. Before she got a chance to put a new one in it, Frankie was already there.

I imagine a lot of you readers can relate to this.

Two Escapes Already

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday from May of 2015. It was right after we moved into our new home, which was two homes ago.

Bad Cat Chris

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Chris and Frankie figured out how to slip out the door in our new home. It happened on Thursday when both escaped on separate occasions.

I don’t worry about Chris because he is mostly interested in eating grass and hunting lizards. I do worry about Frankie because he is an explorer and I fear he will get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. We also live in a neighborhood where cats are not allowed outside. I am not sure you can legally allow dogs outside but not cats, even leashed cats, but I would prefer not to draw attention from busybody neighbors.

When Chris got out, I didn’t try to catch him right away because it was clear he was not interested in leaving the area. I probably should have, because before I knew it, he had a lizard in his mouth and was…

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At Least There Was a Box

Our water heater, which we just discovered was installed almost twenty-two years ago, developed a small leak and needed to be replaced. A maintenance guy from one of Rose’s properties came on Saturday to help do that. Of course, no home project at our house ever goes smoothly. In this case, the floor was bad and needed repair.

I shut the cat’s in the Florida room at 10:30 in the morning and they were stuck in there almost all day. I think it was after 6:30 when I decided that our multiple trips to Home Depot were over and everything else that needed to be done could be accomplished with the front do shut, so I let the cats into the house. Of course, the huge box in the kitchen caught their attention.

It was actually standing upright first when Frankie jumped inside of it. I tried to coax Frankie to jump out but he wasn’t interested so I turned it on its side.

Chris took it over like the boss that he is so I had to pull out the garbage for him.

Floki enjoyed it from the top.

It was finally finished at around 9:15 which probably means we set a record for longest water heater installation. We felt very bad that we kept the guy from his family for so long but we did pay him more. I also felt bad that we couldn’t keep the box for the cats but it just took up too much room. At least it was fun for them while it lasted.

Another Move for us Nomads

Here is another one of our moves from May of 2015 for Throwback Thursday. It is when we left our favorite home.

Bad Cat Chris

Last Saturday we moved to a new home… again. I am really starting to feel like a Nomad with as many times as we have moved lately. We’ve moved six times in less than eight years and Chris has now lived in five homes in the five and a half years that he has been with us.

I loved the last place we lived. It had a great screened patio for the cats, a nice big back yard for the cat’s weekly outing, great neighbors and a nice view of the marina. It also came with a hefty price tag and now that we have a car payment we decided to find a place that would free up money for things like vacations and cat food.

Since Rose is turning 55 this year, she decided she wanted to check out 55+ communities. I had noticed in the past that the…

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More Outside Adventures

I want to first thank everyone who wished me well during my Covid adventure. My wife and I are fine now and I went back to work yesterday.

While I was out sick, Frankie hounded me to take him outside. I finally gave in and took him out on Sunday. It is amazing how loud he is until that door opens and then not a peep.

Once we got outside, he first had to inspect Rose’s car.

We then walked around the neighborhood, stopping at every plant that smelled interesting.

When it was Chris’s turn to go outside he did his usual happy roll.

It didn’t take him long after that to find the catnip plant that I am growing.

Now that he knows it is there he will probably make a beeline for it next time he goes outside.

Nurse Frankie

My wife has been sick since Sunday and by Tuesday evening I started to develop symptoms. I tried to get a Covid test on Wednesday but that proved too difficult so I tried again Thursday. It took three and a half hours but I learned I was Covid positive.

My symptoms have been relatively mild with one exception. I seem to get nauseous sometimes when I stand up for more than a couple of minutes. I didn’t know nausea was a Covid symptom but now I do.

Frankie has been very good about showing that he cares and is usually there to comfort me when I don’t feel well. They say a cat’s purr has healing powers. I believe it.

The weird thing is, other than the nausea, my wife has been hit harder than me and she is the vaccinated one.

Photo Friday: Spoiled

Chris likes his dry food and it is a struggle to get him to eat more than a couple of bites of his wet food so I sometimes go to extreme measures to get him to eat. In this photo, Chris did not care to get out of his bed to come and get his dinner so I brought it to him.

That might be spoiling him a bit much but he does eat more when Frankie and Flokie are not around to take his food.

Preparing to Move

This is from May of 2015 for Throwback Thursday. This was when we left my favorite home.

Bad Cat Chris

The dreaded moving day is approaching fast. We have been packing up the house for the last couple of weeks and this past week we have moved a good portion of our belongings to the new place. This kind of thing can be a very stressful time for cats and Puck is a bit more nervous than usual but Chris and Frankie are having a ball. Chris has been through three other moves and he seems to enjoy the upheaval. This is new to Frankie but he too is having fun. Perhaps because there is an endless supply of boxes to play in.

cat Chris in box

cats Chris and Frankie in box

cats Chris and Frankie in boxThe last two pictures were taken 14 hours apart.

cat Frankie on boxNotice the teeth marks on the box on the right.


No cat can resist a mattress on its side.

Saturday the movers are coming for the big stuff and then we have to figure out how to get…

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Photo Friday: Minding the Fort

We brought our three Cardboard Cat Homes to West Virginia but only came back with Frankie’s house. We put it in the Cats’ Room where it was largely ignored until the other day when I saw Chris in it.

I don’t know why Frankie lost interest in it since he was on that thing every day for awhile after we got it. I guess cats are no different than people when it comes to getting bored with things. At least Chris likes it now.