Photo Friday: Frankie Houdini

Last week I took Frankie for a walk and he dropped down and started rolling in the dirt. I assumed he was taking a dust bath and thought it was cute so I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. Shortly after he stood up I noticed his entire harness was around his waist and he was seconds away from escaping, so I grabbed him and fixed his harness before continuing our walk.

It wasn’t until later, when I looked at the photo, that I realized he was doing his Frankie Houdini act for me.

cat escaping harness


Photo Friday: The Investigators

I thought I would share with you today one of my funnier Photo Friday posts.

Bad Cat Chris

I cannot open the laundry room door or any closet door without one or more cats wanting to go inside to perform a thorough investigation. Recently both Chris and Frankie were investigating a closet but I have yet to get their full report.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet This is my investigation Chris! Find your own closet.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet Calm down Frankie. I just want to smell your face.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet Let’s call a temporary truce… Okay, agreed.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet Look Frankie! This is where I buried your predecessor. Ha, ha, ha… Just kidding.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet I think there might be a secret stash of mice in here. If I only had opposable thumbs.

Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet Okay Frankie, I’m bored. What do you want to investigate now?

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Frankie: The First Three Years – Part Three

Today we continue with the third and last part of Frankie’s three year adventure with us. If you missed one or both previous parts, you can click here for part one or here for part two.

We start in February, 2016, long after Frankie has proven he can be a bad cat at almost the same level as Chris. Even badder in some ways.

cat Frankie in bushes

Here, Frankie has escaped and is hiding under a large bush to prevent capture.

Cat Frankie in front of the tv

Frankie went through a phase where he would lie in front of the television and partially block the remote control sensor.

cat Frankie in bag

Frankie’s ability to be cute has not waned in two plus years.


Frankie still likes to escape.

Cat on laptop

He also likes to lie on keyboards, although I can’t imagine why.

cat in sun

Lying in the sunbeam is his favorite thing to do that does not involve getting into trouble or being annoying.

cats on lap

Our new kitten, Floki, arrives in July and competes for attention.

20160813_170747 Frankie and Chris

By August, Frankie is still enjoying his walks and he is still getting along with Chris.


By November they are best frenemies.

cat on door

Frankie proves to be quite an acrobat.


Frankie is usually the center of most fights in the house but he also can get along with everybody if he wants to.

cats on bed

See what I mean?

Well? What do you think of Frankie? Should we keep him? I think we should give him another 20 years and then re-evaluate. 🙂

Frankie: The First Three Years – Part Two

If you missed part one of Frankie’s pictorial history, you can see it here.

Today, let’s start just after his first year with us in February, 2015. By this time, Frankie has established himself as a competitor to Chris’s top-dog status. Er… I mean top-cat.

Our cat Frankie on his leash

By this time Frankie is used to the harness, although getting it on him is still not easy.

our cat Frankie and me.

He was supposed to be Rose’s cat but he had other plans.

Our cat Frankie making biscuits.

Even after a year, he still loved his security blanket.

20150329_Cats_1150Frankie proved too adventurous to be outside without restraints.

Our cat Frankie on roof

Escaping to the roof was not an isolated event.

20150408_Frankie and Chr_1188

Frankie’s relationship with Chris continues to improve, but they are not without fights.

Our cat Frankie with Frog in his mouth

Frankie proves he can catch lizards too.

cat Frankie on stump

Frankie is now a regular leash walker and his current harness is much easier to put on. It is also easier to escape from.

Cat Frankie at vet

Just before Frankie’s second gotcha day, he visits the vet and he is not happy about it. He doesn’t want to leave his carrier.

This is the end of part two. What do you think of Frankie? Check back again soon for part three.

Frankie: The First Three Years – Part One

Our cat Frankie has now been with us three years already. Time sure does fly. (To see my first post about him, read here). I thought we adopted him late in February but it was actually February 8, and I missed it. So even though I’m a little late, I thought I would show a few highlights from Frankie’s first three years.


After visiting at least two other shelters, we fond Frankie at a PetSmart in Clearwater, Florida. He only had a number, no name.

Our new cat Frankie

Chris was unexpectedly hostile toward Frankie, so after hiding under the bed for his first day, Frankie decided to come out of his self-imposed exile on day two. It helped that we had shut out Chris and Puck from the bedroom.

Our cat Frankie playing with Turbo Scratcher

Frankie was a playful cat but…

Chris interupts Our cat Frankie playing with Turbo Scratcher

When Chris was around, there was no playing.

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside.

Frankie’s first foray outside was successful… until he discovered he could walk through the fence.

Our cat Frankie under a car

Then he discovered Chris’s old trick of hiding under cars.

Our cat Frankie on trike

Frankie quickly got comfortable in our home.

Our cat Frankie is relaxing on the chair.

… and more comfortable.

20140510_Frankie in bowl_0981

Soon he was expecting the royal treatment.



We soon discovered Frankie had a shoe fetish.


Our cat Frankie under the dressor

We also discovered early that he was very photogenic.

Our cats Puck, Chris and Frankie.

By August, everyone was getting along – part-time.

Cat Frankie on caair

Frankie wanted out so bad but it was too risky so in November I bought a harness for him. I had trouble with it so I used a breakaway collar that broke away. (This is not our junk)

Frankie and Christmas tree.

Frankie first Christmas fascinated him.

Our cats Frankie and Chris

He was even getting along with Chris by then (mostly).

cats Frankie and Puck

He also made a friend in Puck.

Since there is so much more to review, I decided to split this up into two or three parts. I hope you liked it and will come back to see Frankie’s further adventures.

Photo Friday: The New Fridge Perch

My wife had a metal try on the refrigerator to help keep the cats out of the cabinet. It didn’t work. They would just push it to the side and open the cabinet door anyway. One day, one of our boys pushed that tray off the fridge and dented the wood floor. That’s when I decided to not put the tray back. I instead put up a makeshift lock using a spatula. Rose then put a rug up there and voilà, instant cat perch.

cats on fridge

Chris and Floki