Photo Friday: Tolerance

cat and kitten

Did we really need a kitten?

cat and kitten

Is he talking about me? I’m not a kitten. I’m a big boy now.

cat and kitten

What’s the matter Frankie? You don’t like to have fun?


The Importance of a Cat Count

I still do a cat count before leaving for work but not always before going to bed. I will have to follow my own advice.

Bad Cat Chris

We have been living with cats for many years and on a few occasions we have come home from work to find one of our cats shut in a closet or some other small place. Once Abbey was stuck in the armor squeezed in next to the television. Fortunately I discovered her just before walking out the door.

fingersBecause of these traumatic events, I have developed a habit of doing a “cat count”  before leaving for work. We now have three cats so it is quick and easy but we did have six cats a few years ago.

Yesterday morning I did my usual cat count and then we went to work. When we got home I followed my standard routine. I fed them (first, of course), swept the litter, cleaned the litter box and took a shower. I then folded the clothes that were in the dryer while Rose…

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Puck the Pooper

After several years of dealing with Chris pooping on the floor, we now have a new bad cat giving us the same trouble. Chris pooped his way through three homes before finally stopping when we moved into our last home.

Puck started pooping in our current home well over a year ago when we bought a new sofa for our enclosed patio. He surprised us by pooping on the sofa and we naturally blamed Chris. The pooping on the sofa happened a few more times and we eventually figured out that Puck was the culprit.

We concluded that the sofa was too close to the litter boxes for Puck’s comfort level so we moved them across the room. That ended the pooping, for awhile, but we still kept a cover on the sofa as well as pillows and cat toys to discourage pooping.

Things went pretty well after that with just an occasional “accident.” I don’t remember exactly when the pooping problem started again but it may have started when we brought Floki home last July.

A new kitten in the house may have caused some trauma for our timid Puck but Floki was traumatized a little too. He didn’t enter the house and take over like Chris did. Puck and Floki also get along well now, although they do a bit of roughhousing now and then.

I tried changing the litter. I tried scooping the boxes as often as needed. I tried adding another box. I even tried adding Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, which partially worked for Chris. Nothing worked for Puck.

I’m sorry for the graphic picture below but you can see what I am often presented with when I go onto the patio. The brown stuff in the box is the Cat Attract which guarantee​s 100% litter box use. Perhaps I should send them this picture.

cat poop

By the way, we solved Chris’s problem by moving the litter boxes from various rooms to the same place. This allowed him to pee in one box and then poop in another. I don’t know what to do about Puck

As I wrote the last sentence, I noticed a strong smell of poop. I turned around ans saw Puck just now pooped on the floor while I was busy writing.

I Don’t Know How They Do It.

This morning I woke up to the soft blue glow of our living room television. 

This happens about twice a month and I can’t figure out how they do it because I have trouble turning the beast on. 

It has a weird quirk and can only be turned off by the remote control, not on. To turn it on, one must find the far right button in a row of flat buttons that cannot be felt nor seen in low light. Once the button is found, a simple touch won’t work. I find myself pressing firmly on it for a couple of seconds before it decides to work.

The real mystery here is, if these cats are smart enough to figure out how to turn on this very difficult TV. Why not turn on the cable box? That one is easy.

To Pee Or Not To Pee

My wife got up early Saturday morning to use the bathroom, which is just outside our bedroom door. In our house, this is usually okay before around 3:30 a.m. After that time, the cats congregate outside our bedroom door in anticipation of breakfast or early morning attention. On this morning, Rose missed the cut-off time by about fifteen minutes and all the cats poured into the bedroom. By 4:00 a.m., Chris was such an annoying pain that we both decided to get up.

I made coffee and cleaned the litter boxes and then noticed Puck get into the box to pee. About two minutes later I noticed him in the box peeing again and I watched him this time. I felt like a voyeur but I needed to see if he was having a problem peeing. Sure enough, the litter was dry but he still felt the need to bury it. I then watched him go in and out of the box several more times within the next ten to fifteen minutes. That is when we decided he needed to see the vet right away. We learned how dangerous the problem could be when Frankie had that problem.

We have two vets that we go to. Our preferred vet is about a fifteen minute drive from our house and our secondary vet is almost the same distance that Frankie takes me on our walks. We decided to go to the closer vet because they opened a half hour earlier than the other vet and I didn’t want to wait.

I brought in the carrier and everyone but Puck was interested in it.

cats interested in carrier

cats interested in carrier

I was able to get through to someone at the vet’s office at 7:50 and she told me to bring Puck in right away, so I put him in him in his carrier for the short drive over there.

Puck in cat carrier

We were at the vet’s door right after they opened. We only waited a short time before they put us in an exam room.

Once in the room, I opened Puck’s carrier but he did not want to come out.

Puck at Vet

I didn’t want a stranger to come in and traumatize Puck by pulling him out of his carrier so I took off the top.

Puck at Vet

I then thought he would feel safer on my lap so I picked him up and put him there. I was wrong. He immediately got off my lap and hid behind the carrier so no stranger could walk in and find him.

Puck at Vet

When the vet tech came in, she picked up Puck and brought him into the back room. For some reason, this vet’s office likes doing most of their examinations out of sight of the pet parents. I think they are performing secret experiments back there.

After some time, the vet came in and said that Puck had a bladder infection but he was not blocked, which was good. His course of treatment was fluids along with… wait for it… steroids and antibiotics.

Those of you who have read a lot of my recent posts understand the joke. It seems every time I go to the vet I make a comment about how  I could be a vet if I only had steroids and antibiotics because all problems are solved using those two drugs. In fact, I’ve talked about it so much that I decided to compile a list of  posts where I mention both drugs in the same post.

Wow, that is a common topic. Maybe I should think of something else to write about.

Anyway, getting back to the story, when the vet tech finally brought Puck back, he was wrapped in a towel and had a strange mask on his face. At first I thought is was something like the cone of shame and was hoping that they didn’t expect me to make Puck wear this thing at home. It was then that I saw that not only was his mouth covered but so were his eyes. It was then that I realized I was wrong. They were not conducting secret experiments in the back room, they were filming Fifty Shades of Black.

Puck at vet

I wish I had time to take a picture of Puck with that mask but by the time the shock wore off the tech was removing it from his face. She said it was to keep him calm but I have never heard of a vet using a mask in that way before.

After further research, I found something similar on Amazon. It is a cat muzzle and it is used for difficult cats to keep them from biting. I have never known Puck to be a difficult cat or a biter so maybe it it’s true and can calm a scared cat. I wonder if it would work on Floki so we can trim his nails.

It has now been over a day and I do not see Puck trying to use the box. I suppose that is good but I am never around when he does use the box and I wish he would pee when I can see him so I can confirm he is better.

Update: I forgot to mention that the vet said Puck should be eating only wet food until he is better. He also gave us a syringe to get water in his mouth a few times a day.

I have been wanting to get them off dry food for some time now because it is the primary cause of urinary disease. I feed them wet food twice a day but Chris eats almost none of it so I keep some dry food out so Chris wont starve. I do limit the amount of dry food though and am still trying to figure out how to get Chris to eat the wet so I can eliminate the dry .