Fun in the Sun

This video was taken at our last home where we had a somewhat enclosed back yard. It was relatively easy to keep an eye on the cats there until Frankie came along and needed to explore the entire neighborhood.

Puck has not been outside since moving over a year ago. I tried once to put a harness on him and bring him out but he freaked out when a car went by before we even got out the door. Perhaps I will try again soon.

Bad Cat Chris

I believe in an ideal world, every indoor cat would have a cat-door leading to an outside area tightly enclosed by a cat-proof fence so the cat could come and go as they please. Of course, this is not an ideal world so we have to make due with what we have. In our case, I try to let the cats outside for a supervised “recess” once or twice a week.

I think being able to run around outside, eat grass and soak up the sun is good for them. I also think there are many dangers outside which is why I won’t let them out unless I have the time to make sure they stay close to the house. It can be difficult to watch them when both cats are out at once but Rose was out there yesterday for a second set of eyes.

They really enjoyed their time…

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The Tolerant Kitty

It seems Floki has found a playmate in Frankie. Sure, he will also play with Puck and Chris but Chris is easily annoyed by Floki and Puck… well, I’m not sure why Puck doesn’t play with him too much.

Frankie likes playing with Puck. I often see one chasing the other through the house and then the roles reverse until they are both down in a winner-take-all wrestling championship.

Recently I saw Floki playing with Frankie’s tail and Frankie did not seem annoyed by it at all. At least he wasn’t annoyed for a couple of minutes, but even the best of us have our limits.

Compare that to this video with Floki and Chris that you probably have seen already.

The Cycle of Sickness

Our cats have been sick since we introduced Floki to the group. He didn’t show signs of being sick when we got him but I guess that is one lesson we learned the hard way.

I can’t blame Floki for everything though. There are two separate illnesses going around. One is an eye infection, which I think is Pink Eye. That is probably from Floki, but the other is sneezing, which Frankie had before we met Floki.

It started with Frankie getting an eye infection while Floki caught the sneezes. The eye trouble then spread to Puck who had it in both eyes but was spared the sneezing. Chris then had a slight case of the sniffles but he never got very sick.

Chris, dispute his weight, has never been very sick. In fact, unlike Puck and Frankie, he has never been given steroids or antibiotics, which all vets love to dish out like candy. I guess that is because Chris has never been to the vet for anything except vaccinations. Maybe that is why he doesn’t normally get sick.

Puck got better and is fine now. Frankie got a little  better but then the eye infection and sneezing came back. Now it’s Chris turn. He is not only sneezing but he has the eye infection too.

Bad Cat Chris with eye infection

Saturday, My wife was sitting on the bet with her laptop while Chris was lying next to he. Suddenly, Chris sneezed an abundance of snot her way. It got all over her and her laptop. All I heard was a lot of yelling and Rose running to the bathroom to take an “emergency” shower.

The most concerning thing happened Sunday morning. Frankie was on top of the refrigerator while I was in the kitchen doing chores.  Rose came out and noticed one of Frankie’s eyes was very dilated. That was not normal and very concerning.

The first thought was to bring him to the vet but it was Sunday so that wasn’t an option. I did a little research and there are many different causes of that. We decided to give him a day to see if it got any better.

This morning it is slightly better, perhaps ten percent. Not much but it means there is hope. We will continue to monitor Frankie’s eye very closely and if it does not continue to improve, we will have to bring him to the vet.


International Homeless Animals’ Day

Feral Cat Collage

The International Society for Animal Rights, according to their website, “conceived and began International Homeless Animals’ Day (IHAD) in 1992… Animal protection organizations and concerned individuals from around the world come together on the third Saturday of August each year to raise awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic.”

I have volunteered at three animal shelters and fed several feral cats at my last place of employment. I see so many good people who work hard to get animals fixed and to take care of the ones living, whether in a shelter or a colony. These people are helping to keep the problem from getting worse, but to really help make sure that all domestic animals are taken care of, many more like-minded people are needed to either volunteer or contribute financially.

The Toy Box

We still have this toy basket but now Floki and Frankie also pull toys out of it. It is like kindergarten around here.

Bad Cat Chris

Our house gets dirty pretty fast for a home with two people who are gone nearly 12 hours a day, five days a week. Of course the majority of the dirt that accumulates throughout the house is cat hair and cat litter. This means that we do a lot of sweeping and vacuuming. We do what we call a quick vac a couple of times a week and then, once a week, we do a major clean that involves picking everything up off the floor.

The things that populate our floor and must be removed include rugs, cat scratchers and cat toys. It is that cat toys that always amaze me. Every week I pick up more toys than the average six-year-old has in their closet.

Cat toys These are just a few of the toys I collected one day.

We have a toy box where we keep the cats toys. Actually…

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