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Floki’s First Birthday

Today our little Floki turns one year old. cat Floki

We don’t know when his exact birthday is but, if I remember the story correctly, Floki, his brother and one or more kittens from another litter were found in a box in a Walmart parking lot on Memorial Day last year. I subtracted his estimated age when we adopted him on the Fourth of July and came up with April 18.

I thought I would show some highlights from the past year.

Below is the picture my sister-in-law sent us to let us know she had kittens available. We don’t know for sure if this is Floki or his brother.

This is the first known picture of Floki at the vet where we came to see him and other kittens.

Siamese Kitten

This was one of his competitors.

Torbie Kitten

Here he is with his brother and another cat. We wanted to take them all.

Kittens and cat

Here is Chris meeting Floki. This went better then when he met Frankie.

Our kitten Floki

Below is our first vet visit.

Kitten Floki on my shoulders

Chris shows him who’s boss.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Floki takes to the cat tunnel.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

And he turns out to be a daredevil.

He makes friends.

cats on bed

And discovers new heights.

All while finding his place in the group and in our hearts.

cats on fridge


Hello Neighbor

Our neighbor on the north side of our house moved in a few months ago with two cats. I often see one cat or the other, sometimes both, sitting on their patio and looking out the window. I see them but I have never been aware that any of our cats had noticed them. Our patio, also known as the cats’ room, is on the opposite side of our house and the cats don’t look out the other windows too often except when they hear me pull into the driveway after work.

Chris and Frankie have been outside countless times since the neighbor moved in but every time they both seemed blissfully unaware of the other cats’ presence, even though they were only 10 feet away at times. Of course it helps that the other cats just casually watch Chris and Frankie without making a fuss. I found it hard to believe that they couldn’t smell them but I guess they were both just busy enjoying being outside.

The other day I brought Frankie out for a walk and he surprised me by walking right up to their patio door to say hello, like he knew they were there.

cat peeking in wingow

Unfortunately, the cats were not on the patio so we missed an opportunity for a meet and greet, but maybe next time. I guess Frankie knew all along there were kitties next door but chose not to let me know that he knew. Or something like that.