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Chris’s Fourteenth Birthday

Today we celebrate Chris turning fourteen. As I mentioned before, we don’t know his actual birthday but we celebrate today because Chris was about six months old when we adopted him on November 14, 2009.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to look back at his life in pictures.

Bad Cat Chris at adoption center with Rose.
October 3, 2009. Chris at adoption center with Rose. Almost six weeks before adoption.
Bad Cat Chris first day home
November 14, 2009. First photo of Chris at home.
Cats Abbey, Alex, Chris and Tigger
November 25, 2009. Alex, Abbey, and Tigger surround Chris.
February 13, 2010. Chris sees first snow.
April 4, 2010. Chris takes over baby seat.
April 28, 2010. Abbey scolds Chris in front of Tigger.
Mocking bird finds Bad Cat Chris
June 8, 2011. Mocking bird does not like Chris
Mocking Bird Tormentor comes back
June 9, 2011. Mocking Bird still does not like Chris.
Chris with lizzard
June 16, 2012. Chris catches one of many lizards.
Bad Cat Chris on railing
July 1, 2012. Chris does not understand danger.
December 28, 2012. Chris the acrobat.
Bad Cat Chris outside
November 15, 2013. Chris working on his tan.
February 1, 2014. Chris likes his grass.
Bad Cat Chris and Puck fighting
February 4, 2014. Chris is a lover and a fighter. Here he is with Puck.
Our cats Chris and Frankie in the closet
April 27, 2014. It’s no fun being bad alone. Here he teaches Frankie his skills.
Bad Cat Chris with lizard
March 21, 2015. Here is Chris showing Frankie how to catch a lizard.
Cats Floki and Chris kissing in sun.
July 18, 2016. Chris becomes a father figure to Floki.
cat Chris in cabinet
November 27, 2016. Chris still knows how to get into things.
cats on fridge
February 10, 2017. Still a climber.
February 8, 2018. Chris is a lover and a biter.
July 12, 2018. There’s no hiding the catnip from Chris.
February 7, 2019. Chris is now fully grown.
August 11, 2020. Chris’s obsession with kibble.
March 17, 2021. Chris loves Floki.
November 14, 2022. . . . and this bed was too small.
April 9, 2023. Chris loves Frankie and Floki.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane.


Chris Wins Again

You may remember me writing about how Chris started tipping his food bowl over so he could eat the food off the floor because he was too lazy to stand and eat. I ended up purchasing a wooden bowl stand that prevented Chris from tipping the bowls over. To celebrate my victory I wrote a post called “Checkmate.” I was happy that I could finally outsmart my cat. Or could I?

I saw this the other day.

He always has to win. I don’t know how he does it.

Chris’s Thirteenth Gotcha Day

Read to the end for a free copy of Chris’s book.

It has been thirteen years since Chris came to live with us and I don’t think it is a stretch to say that he changed our lives. I imagine things would be very different if I didn’t need to fill in for someone that day at the Petsmart adoption center where I first saw Chris. For one thing, I probably would not be blogging today and would have missed out on knowing so many great people . . . and pets.

I think this is a good time to walk down memory lane.

I believe this is the first photo I have of Chris. It was taken with the low-quality camera that was on my non-smartphone at the time. I had met Chris a few times before while volunteering at the shelter and thought he would make a good candidate for adoption. I even spoke to my wife about him. Another volunteer snapped this photo with my phone and I texted it to my wife, who was out of town on a business trip. I wrote, “Can we keep him?”

When Rose first came to see him he did not disappoint.

Bad Cat Chris at adoption center with Rose.

After we got him home he continued his affection.

Early picture of Bad Cat Chris and Rose

But first, there was a home to explore. Here he is moments after we arrived home and I opened his carrier.

He basically took over the house and our other cats just let him. In return, Chris was very affectionate to the other cats, weather they liked it or not.

Bad Cat Chris on Curio Cabinet

He even influenced others to misbehave.

But he has always been the glue that holds the group together.

I will leave you with a “Best of Bad Cat Chris” video that I put together about seven years ago.

Many of you know I wrote an ebook about Chris over nine years ago. Much of it was taken from this blog and tells the story of our early struggles with raising a bad cat. I have made the book free until the end of the day Wednesday. To get your free kindle ebook, click here.

Wrong House, Frankie

My wife is looking for a housekeeper so our next door neighbor, April, recommended somebody that she knows. April is at our house quite often and she watches our cats when we go away sometimes, so our cats are very familiar with her. Of course, when April came over to introduce her friend to Rose, Frankie ran out the door and escaped.

I don’t have a picture from yesterday but here is Frankie during another escape.

It seems that everything interesting that happens with our cats lately happens while I’m at work. Rose sent me the following text yesterday morning.

A few minutes later I get this one.

When I got home I found out the whole story. Apparently April went back to her house with the lady and must have had her door open because Frankie ran inside her house. I don’t know what happened while he was inside but April then carried Frankie home.

It reminds me a lot of what happened when Chris was young. This might be my favorite story about Chris. You can read it here.


Recently my wife and I started watching a show called 1883 which is a prequel to Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a show that my wife likes but I couldn’t get past the first episode because it is just a prime-time soap opera, like Dallas, but with much more violence. I thought 1883 was pretty good but Floki really liked it. Almost every time the show started, Floki was there to watch it.

Sometimes he would be in our way but often he would watch from the coffee table. Of course, he never watched the entire episode. No cat has an attention span that long.

This Shelter Cat is a Player

I took a couple of videos while I was at the shelter last and forgot about them until yesterday when I copied them from my phone to my computer.

There were a couple of friendly black cats at the shelter that day and this one wanted to play with a cat hanging out in a tunnel but the cat just wasn’t in the mood or he was a bit too nervous to come out with me in the room. If I remember right, that cat wasn’t exactly afraid of me but he was a little leary of me.

The black cat was pretty funny and he worked on getting the cat out of the tunnel for quite a while before I thought to start recording.