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Our Prize Arrived

A few weeks ago we won a cat tunnel from the Swiss Cats Blog. Our cats have enough toys so I asked Claire if she could have it sent to the Shelter where we adopted Chris. It is called Sav-R-Cats in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday I was informed that they received the tunnel as well as a few other things I wasn’t expecting. They posted this photo on their Facebook page and said I could use it. The caption is the text from the post.

This is our is a gift we just received from Switzerland. Chuck Huss adopted a kitty from us named Chris several years ago he entered a contest and won!!! So he was so nice and had it sent to us. A cat tunnel mice and cat treats. Thank you so much Chuck for thinking of us I know the cats will enjoy them.

Judging from the photos, the tunnel and mice look like high quality items. Plus the kitties got some cool treats to share. It looks like three of them are waiting for the picture taking to be over so they can dive in.


The Cat Toy Dilemma

Sometimes choosing the right cat toy to play with can be a difficult decision, especially when your two favorites toys, theĀ Turbo Scratcher and Play Tunnel, are next to each other. Floki solved this problem by not deciding and played with both of them at the same time.

Check out what Puck does halfway through the video.

In case you missed it, the toys are on the sofa to keep Puck from pooping there.

Gifts From the Cat-Sitter and a Forgotten Bad cat

While we were on vacation we had two cat-sitters watching our boys. Lynn did a great job keeping us updated with texts and photos (see here) and Nancy was nice enough to bring gifts for the cats. Unfortunately, one of Nancy’s cats recently passed away and the other is not very healthy and does not use the items she brought over.

One of the items was a nice cat perch that I see the cats lying on now more than our other two small perches.

Bad Cat Chris on cat perch

Next is a cat tunnel that everyone loves.

cat tunnel cat tunnel cat tunnel

Finally she brought a nice scratching post. I will let Chris describe his feelings about that.

cat scratching post

Our patio suddenly became too crowded so we decided to give Rose’s sister, Felice, the scratching post, one of our perches and a couple of other items. She said she could use them at the vet’s office where she works.

I started to bring the items outside on Saturday so I could put them in the car but the first time I opened the door, Chris came out of nowhere and zoomed out the door. I put down what I had and decided to leave Chris outside until I finished. He usually stays close and eats grass. I thought leaving him alone for two minutes would be easier that fighting with him every time I wanted to go out or come in.

Chris eating grass

Sorry about the quality


After I finished bringing the cat stuff outside as well as the garbage, I went back in and waited for Rose. She was involved in something, I don’t remember what, but it was probably another half-hour before we were ready to leave. When I walked outside I saw Chris lying there outside the door. I had completely forgotten he was outside. If he had wandered off, there was a chance we would not have known he was gone for several hours. I feel like such a bad parent.

We often do a cat count before we leave, mostly because they get into closets, so Rose probably would have discovered him missing but it is still a scary thought.

The Toy Box

Our house gets dirty pretty fast for a home with two people who are gone nearly 12 hours a day, five days a week. Of course the majority of the dirt that accumulates throughout the house is cat hair and cat litter. This means that we do a lot of sweeping and vacuuming. We do what we call a quick vac a couple of times a week and then, once a week, we do a major clean that involves picking everything up off the floor.

The things that populate our floor and must be removed include rugs, cat scratchers and cat toys. It is that cat toys that always amaze me. Every week I pick up more toys than the average six-year-old has in their closet.

Cat toys

These are just a few of the toys I collected one day.

We have a toy box where we keep the cats toys. Actually, it is more of a toy basket.

cat tox box (basket)

Is this too much?

Chris and Puck know where their toys are kept and have no problem taking the toys out and playing with them. Chris is surprisingly playful for being almost five years old. I see both him and Puck (who is about one and a half) chasing toy mice around the house quite often. I just can’t seem to get them to put their toys away when they finish playing. I don’t suppose there are any parents out there that know what that is like…

Chris the Thief

When it comes to toys, Chris is not picky. He will play with just about anything but he is especially found of water bottle caps. Before we learned to be more vigilant, Rose or I would open a bottle of water, set the cap down for a second, then watch it disappear. The instant he heard the sound of the cap touching the counter, he would jump up, grab the cap, then jump back down.

He would then play hockey with it, knocking it across the floor and then chasing it down. He was constantly getting his cap in places that he couldn’t reach and then I would have to retrieve it for him. The last time we moved I found eight caps and various other items under the curio cabinet. I don’t remember if I pulled out the refrigerator but I am sure there were several more caps under there.

Another thing he liked was fish oil pills. I had two containers that I kept vitamins in for Rose and I. They were the ones that had seven compartments, one for each day of the week. Every time I needed to fill them, Chris was there on the counter trying to get the fish oil out of the container. He would stick his paw in it and pull it out. If I threw him down he would just get right back up and try again. I even tried being very quiet but he always knew what I was doing. Usually I just gave in and gave him a pill so he would leave me alone. He would then chase it around the house, sometimes on and off for hours.