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The Reincarnation of Fort Box

Recently I got a $40 off $80 coupon from Zapos and since I needed sneakers I decided to use it. I had a choice of getting one pair of $80 shoes or two pairs of $40 shoes. I chose the latter because I am cheap like that. I also have big feet so two pairs of shoes came in a big box. It was probably bigger than it needed to be but that is probably because they knew I had cats.

I decided to use the box to construct another Fort Box for the cats since the last two were a big hit. I took several photos along the way and all of them came out either bad or horrible because the lighting was not ideal and the cats wouldn’t stop moving. I am including them here reluctantly because I need something to illustrate the story.

As before I cut several peep holes and two doors but this time I left the flap on one of the doors for privacy. I also cut an escape hatch on the top.

Of course, Chris took over the box immediately.

Hey, check it out! My own sunroof.

Floki was also interested but was too late.

I see you out there, Floki. Get your own box.
C’mon Chris! There is room for two in there. Plus, there is no other box.

At one point Floki managed to get inside.

See Chris, I told you there was room for two.

That is when Chris decided to exert his dominance.

It looks like I need to remind you who’s boss, Floki.

After some time of Chris’s selfish behavior, Rose asked me to take the new car seat we just bought out of the box so Frankie and Floki could have a box. This I did and Frankie was very happy with his alternative box.

This is great. It’s bigger than Chris’s box.

He was happy until Chris discovered there was another box.

This is a nice box, Frankie. Why don’t you move over and let me check it out?
Yes, this is a nice box. Sorry Floki, no room. Find your own box.
If you say so, Chris.

Photo Friday: Coffee, Tea, or Cat

We bought a new Keurig coffee machine recently and the cats love the box that it came in. It seems like the perfect size for them.

It has been in our living room for over two weeks, longer than a typical box usually hangs around. My wife was tired of tripping over and asked me to throw it out the other day, but then she left for Virginia for a week so the cats still have until Tuesday to enjoy their box before I have to trash it.

The New Computer… Box

Hey Chris! Check out the new cat box.

cat and box
Someone tell dad to take his new computer out of our box.
Cat and computer box

Look, there’s pillows too.

Cat and computer box

This is awesome!

Cat and computer box


Frankie, what about this weird thing.

kitten and computer


Oh, that’s just Dad’s computer Floki. They can’t send empty boxes for some reason so they put worthless stuff in them to add weight.

Cat and computer box

Thanks for keeping the box warm for me, Frankie.

Cat and computer box

I love these pillows.

Cat and computer box

Dad! You can’t take my cool pillows and give me this lame pillow. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?

Cat and computer box

Frankie! Dad thinks I’m a baby and took my plastic pillows, like I’m gonna suffocate or something. Isn’t that crazy…? Are you up there Frankie? Frankie…?

Cat and computer box

The Reconstruction of Fort Box

The original Fort Box was a hit with the cats but, if I remember right, Chris broke it by lying on top of it. It just wasn’t designed for his weight. I decided to make a new Fort Box that was bigger and better than the last one.

I started with two boxes and I taped the top of one and the bottom of the other very well. I then put one on top of the other and secured them together.


I opened the top and cut an opening between the two boxes. I then cut an opening in the bottom box and another in the top box, along with several peep holes. While I was cutting the holes, Frankie and Chris were already inside the boxes investigating. I had to be very careful so I wouldn’t cut one of them.


They both took to it right away.




At first they didn’t realize there was a second floor so they waited for a chance to switch places.


Cats in box

Sometimes the wait was not so patient.

Cat in box Cat in box Cat in box

Finally, Frankie found the top floor.

Cat in box Cat in box Cat in box

Puck was not interested at first but the next day, while I was sweeping up cat litter, I moved the box, thinking it was empty, and Puck came out. It has been a few days now and I find they are all still interested in the box from time to time. They must see it as a private getaway.

If I were to make another, I think I would attach them side by side because they don’t seem to use the inside entrance to the second floor. I also think I made the peep holes too high. Next time I will put them a few inches lower. I wonder if Donald Trump started this way?

The Conquest of Fort Box

Recently I gave the cats a nice box that they liked to play in and then I took it away because we had to ship something and it was just the right size. I felt bad about it so when I came across another box at work I grabbed it.

I decided to make this one better than the last so I taped the top closed and cut two openings; one on the front and one on the side. I then cut a few peep holes in it so the box could feel like a little fort with spy holes to watch the “enemy.”

I named it “Fort Box” and the cats took to it right away, especially Colonel Chris who took over command of the fort.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I hereby assume command of Fort Box.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I know you’re there Frankie

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

Okay, Puck. Your turn to stand guard.

Puck in Fort Box

It’s scary in here. I’m shaking.

Bad Cat Chris and puck at Fort Box

Puck! You’re supposed to be inside the fort.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

Like this. I’ll show you.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I wonder if there is an attic?

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I can see you guys so don’t try anything.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

You can have your turn Frankie, when I am done lying here doing nothing.

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Finally! What’s this?

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Yuck! Tastes like cardboard.

Our cat Chris at Fort Box

C’mon Frankie! It’s my turn again.

Bad Cat Chris in box

Where did you go Frankie? I was just kidding. You can come back. I’ll share.



Share Your Boxed Cat

Yesterday’s Post was about cats and boxes. It seems, not unexpectedly, that everyone who has a cat has a lover of boxes. I am sure all the cat bloggers out there reading this have at least one blog post with one or more cats enjoying a new box. I would like to ask that you share your best “box” post by commenting and adding a link (don’t forget “http”) so everyone can enjoy a bit of cuteness today.

Bad Cat Chris in boxOur cat Puck in boxOur cat Puck in box