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Photo Friday: Classic Chris at Play

Here is Chris seven years ago tomorrow in 2014. I have several photos of him playing with a mouse that day. He still does that sometimes now but not too often which is why it is fun to look back.

By the way, our ninth blogiversary was two weeks ago on the third but I forgot to mention it. Hopefully I will remember ten years.

Cat and Mouse

Floki is over three years old but he is still like a kitten when it comes to his favorite mouse. You may remember this post when I talked about Floki’s favorite mouse and my search to find a replacement. Well, I did find something similar that he likes just as much and bought a bag with a half dozen or more of them. We released about four of them into the wild and Floki plays with them quite often. Many times he will carry one onto our bed and play with it there. I have seen as many as three of his mice on our bed at the same time. In the following video, I see two of his mice.

I think it’s great that Floki plays a lot. If he is not playing with his mouse that he is playing tag with Frankie. Chris used to be a world class player but now he is more of a watcher.

Kitty Kick Stix Review

After seeing a couple of other bloggers write about the Kitty Kick Stix, I decided I wanted to buy a couple for our cats. While I procrastinated, my wife saw them on Facebook. She liked that the company donated part of the proceeds to shelters so she ordered a two pack.

They arrived on Saturday and I decided to take a video of our cats’ reaction to them. So it will be our cats who do the review today, not me. You should also know we did not receive compensation for this post, although I am an Amazon affiliate.
So without further ado, here is the opinion of our cats, Chris, Frankie, Puck, and Floki.
kitty kick stix
kitty kick stix kitty kick stix

What do you think? Do your cats have a Kitty Kick Stix?

Floki Loves His Mouse

Our kitten Floki just loves playing with his mouse. Actually, it isn’t even his mouse. Chris took a liking to it long ago and now Floki thinks it’s his. He plays with other toys to but this particular catnip mouse gets a lot of play time. It seems it is always in a different place when I see it.

Here’s a video from a few weeks ago of Floki playing with the mouse..

The Kitten Whisperer

We went to my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving this year. Felice works at a vet and has taken in several “unadoptable” cats with her husband, Jeff. She has also become an expert at bringing newborn kittens back from the brink of death. Felice saved one of our cats, Puck (see here), as well as Miss Luis (see here). Her ability to be such a great surrogate mother to so many tiny kittens makes me think of her as “The Kitten Whisperer.”

While she was raising Miss Luis, she was given two more little kittens to bottle feed (see here) and recently she was asked to help two more kittens. Here are some pictures and a video of the newest kittens, which, I believe, are about five weeks old. Enjoy.

Kittens Kitten Kittens Kittens Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten

Miss Luis the Kitten’s Last Day Before Adoption

Back on the 26th of June, Rose and I were involved in rescuing a newborn kitten (read here if you missed it). We brought her to my sister-in-law, Felice, who is an experienced kitten rescuer. She worked hard to keep the kitten alive and now she is doing well.

Rose said she wanted to name the kitten Luis, if it was a boy, after her maintenence supervisor who found the kitten and called Rose for help. It was a girl and she ended up with the Name Lulu (see here and here) but that didn’t stick so now she is called Miss Luis, which we pronounce “Louie.”

We were at Felice’s house on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of Rose and Felice’s mother. While I was there I was able to get a few good pictures of Miss Luis along with two male kittens that Felice took in shortly after Miss Luis arrived.

Miss Luis kitten

Miss Luis

Miss Luis kitten

Miss Luis


Makeshift kitten sanctuary.

20150905_Felice's house_035


The three kittens had fun playing together for awhile and then one fell asleep on the couch while Miss Luis hid behind the pillows. The third cat disappeared into the bathroom where he napped in a carrier that has become their bedroom.
20150905_Felice's house_050
20150905_Felice's house_054Kittens

20150905_Felice's house_067

20150905_Felice's house_073

Miss Luis eventually fell asleep with one of the boy kittens.


Later, the third kitten came out and joined Miss Luis in some play while his brother tried to nap.

20150905_Felice's house_109 20150905_Felice's house_103

Of course there are more than kittens at Felice’s house and I got plenty of attention from some of the locals.

20150905_Felice's house_051






The next day, Miss Luis went to her new home. A man adopted her so another female kitten he recently adopted could have company. I was told she cried all the way to her new home but then quickly became friends with resident kitten.

Bad Cat Chris: King of the Lizard Hunters

Yesterday we broke with our new tradition of letting the cats outside on Sundays and let them out on Saturday. They all had a lot of fun running around, rolling in the dirt and chasing down lizards.

Frankie was good for the most part but, unlike last week, he ventured through the fence… twice. I didn’t worry about him though. I jut kept an eye on him and he came back before going too far. I did have to go through the gate and pick him up from the side of the property, both times, and bring him back to the back yard. He also used up a lot of energy and I saw him panting several times. I thought he was tired and would slow down, but I was wrong.

Last week both Chris and Puck caught a lizard but this week Chris was the only cat to bring home the prize. He did it by showing us he is still a bad cat. He wondered onto our neighbor’s patio and walked back out the door less than twenty seconds later with a lizard in his mouth, proving he is still the top lizard catcher in the family, despite his weight gain. I don’t totally blame Chris for going on her patio. If she would close the door that wouldn’t happen.

Bad Cat Chris with lizard

Chris showing off his lizard

our cat Frankie tired and panting

Frankie tired and panting.

I uploaded a video of what I go through with these boy but it is fairly long. If you don’t have the time I recommend starting at around 6:45. In case you don’t watch the video, I should mention the lizard is alive and well, assuming some other creature hasn’t eaten it since yesterday.

The Conquest of Fort Box

Recently I gave the cats a nice box that they liked to play in and then I took it away because we had to ship something and it was just the right size. I felt bad about it so when I came across another box at work I grabbed it.

I decided to make this one better than the last so I taped the top closed and cut two openings; one on the front and one on the side. I then cut a few peep holes in it so the box could feel like a little fort with spy holes to watch the “enemy.”

I named it “Fort Box” and the cats took to it right away, especially Colonel Chris who took over command of the fort.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I hereby assume command of Fort Box.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I know you’re there Frankie

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

Okay, Puck. Your turn to stand guard.

Puck in Fort Box

It’s scary in here. I’m shaking.

Bad Cat Chris and puck at Fort Box

Puck! You’re supposed to be inside the fort.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

Like this. I’ll show you.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I wonder if there is an attic?

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I can see you guys so don’t try anything.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

You can have your turn Frankie, when I am done lying here doing nothing.

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Finally! What’s this?

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Yuck! Tastes like cardboard.

Our cat Chris at Fort Box

C’mon Frankie! It’s my turn again.

Bad Cat Chris in box

Where did you go Frankie? I was just kidding. You can come back. I’ll share.