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Photo Friday: Kitty Kick Stix Burnout

Chris played hard with his new Kitty Kick Stix and then burned himself out.

cat resting with kitty kick stix

Kitty Kick Stix Review

After seeing a couple of other bloggers write about theĀ Kitty Kick Stix, I decided I wanted to buy a couple for our cats. While I procrastinated, my wife saw them on Facebook. She liked that the company donated part of the proceeds to shelters so she ordered a two pack.

They arrived on Saturday and I decided to take a video of our cats’ reaction to them. So it will be our cats who do the review today, not me. You should also know we did not receive compensation for this post, although I am an Amazon affiliate.
So without further ado, here is the opinion of our cats, Chris, Frankie, Puck, and Floki.
kitty kick stix
kitty kick stix kitty kick stix

What do you think? Do your cats have a Kitty Kick Stix?