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Photo Friday: Classic Frankie and Chris

Sometimes it’s fun to look back. Here is a picture of Frankie and Chris taken six years ago yesterday on April 8, 2015.

Not much has changed since then. Chris still sleeps on top of Frankie sometimes.

Photo Friday: The Spot Stealer

Before we went to our new house in West Virginia, Floki would often nap on the bed in the spare bedroom. We brought that bed with us so when we came back there was no bed there for Floki. That changed last weekend when we bought a new bed for that room. Now Floki is happy.

Notice Floki has his mouse with him.

I should say he was happy until Chris stole his spot yesterday.

After I took this Photo Floki got down and then he jumped back up and hissed at Chris. He didn’t get his spot back but he did make sure his voice was heard.