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Photo Friday: Like Catching Mice in a Barrel

Here is a photo of Chris eleven years ago tomorrow. He was quite the player back then. I believe he threw his mouse and it landed in this large basket. He then went in to retrieve it.

Bad Cat Chris, August 14, 2010

Cat and Mouse

Floki is over three years old but he is still like a kitten when it comes to his favorite mouse. You may remember this post when I talked about Floki’s favorite mouse and my search to find a replacement. Well, I did find something similar that he likes just as much and bought a bag with a half dozen or more of them. We released about four of them into the wild and Floki plays with them quite often. Many times he will carry one onto our bed and play with it there. I have seen as many as three of his mice on our bed at the same time. In the following video, I see two of his mice.

I think it’s great that Floki plays a lot. If he is not playing with his mouse that he is playing tag with Frankie. Chris used to be a world class player but now he is more of a watcher.

Have You Seen This Mouse?

We have literally dozens of toy mice in our house but Floki only likes one of them. Actually, “like” is too weak of a word. He loves this one mouse. I often see him chasing it around the house and sometimes the play will last for a half-hour or even longer.

The problem is, the mouse gets lost quite often. My wife is always telling me to “find Floki’s mouse.” The fist place I look is under the coffee table, which has an opening big enough for a mouse but not big enough for the Siamese cat that’s chasing it. I also check under the beds, under the sofa, and in the closets. Sometimes it’s hiding in the closet.

While I am looking, Floki follows me around, waiting for me to find it. Sometimes I think he knows where his mouse is but he enjoys watching me look for it. I think that because there have been a few times when I couldn’t find it and gave up. I would then see Floki playing with it an hour later.

I want to buy a few more of the same mice but a web search revealed no results. I was hoping someone out there could help me identify who makes it so I can by more. Here is what it looks like.

It has a furry cover around what seems to be a plastic interior. It is not soft like some stuffed mice although the plastic is probably hollow so it has some give to it.

If you have seen this mouse please call Crimestoppers let me know in the comments. If you haven’t seen it, tell me about another mouse that your cat loves.

Floki Loves His Mouse

Our kitten Floki just loves playing with his mouse. Actually, it isn’t even his mouse. Chris took a liking to it long ago and now Floki thinks it’s his. He plays with other toys to but this particular catnip mouse gets a lot of play time. It seems it is always in a different place when I see it.

Here’s a video from a few weeks ago of Floki playing with the mouse..

Chris’s Kitten is Back

Chris is one of those cats that continued to play like a kitten well into adulthood. Lately, however, the kitten in him did not come out very often. That changed the other day when Rose found a mouse under the refrigerator. It was a small mouse that I had never seen before. It must have found its way under the fridge shortly after coming out of the package.

I don’t know what is different about this mouse than all his other mice but he plays with it like he is a kitten again, and after several days, he has not become bored with it. I still see him chasing that thing around several times a day. It’s nice to know my lovable “bad cat” has not fully grown up yet.

Bad cat Chris playing with mouse toy Bad cat Chris playing with mouse toy Bad cat Chris playing with mouse toy Bad cat Chris playing with mouse toy

Cat and Mouse

I meant to post this two or three weeks ago but I forgot about it until I noticed the pictures on the camera.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck looking out window

Chris and Puck were going crazy at the front window and I walked over to see what they were so interested in. There was a mouse on our sidewalk. It looked like he was eating a bug and he was totally oblivious to the turmoil he was causing just four feet away. I believe it was the first mouse I have ever seen in the wild, if you can call our sidewalk “The Wild.”

Bad Cat Chris and Puck  looking out window at mouse.Mouse outside our windowAfter I took pictures of the little guy, he picked up his bug and moved under the bush, even closer to the cats, still oblivious to their presence. This was like eating a steak in front of a starving man. I actually felt bad for them and almost wanted to open the door but we have had to deal with lizards and snakes brought into the house, the mouse can just stay outside, thank you very much.

Chris’s Stolen Routine

I mentioned this briefly in my post, Jealousy but I wanted to expand on this issue. Chris used to have a routine in the morning of hanging out with Rose in the bathroom while she got ready to start her day. He would lie on the counter in front of her, occasionally grabbing her makeup or whatever else she happened to be using and pulling it up against his chest. Sometimes he would collect three or four things before Rose would be forced to retrieve them. This would go on until she turned on the hair dryer, which was Chris’s cue to make a quick exit.

20121027_Puck_507When we got our kitten Puck, everything changed. Suddenly Puck would be the first one up on the counter and when Chris came up for his routine, he would take one look at Puck and go back downstairs. I felt bad for Chris but Rose found Puck to be a little easier to deal with.

At first Puck would steal a cotton swab, play with it for a while, then come back for another cotton swab. Much of this playing took place on the bathroom floor, so it was not really a problem. Along with the cotton swabs, he also had a particular mouse he liked to play with. Now, while he still plays with cotton swabs from time to time, his mouse has become the center of much annoyance for Rose.

I very much want to get a video of him and his mouse but Rose does not want to be recorded while getting ready for work. Too bad, because nobody would believe it otherwise. Puck jumps on the counter with his mouse and drops it in the basket that Rose has some of her stuff in. He then waits for Rose to throw the mouse in the bedroom. When she does that, Puck races to retrieve the mouse and then brings it back and drops it in the basket again.

This goes on until Rose gets tired of it and stops playing, but when she does that, Puck pushes on her hand and tries to get her to throw the mouse again. You can imagine how difficult it would be to get ready for work that way. The obvious solution would be to turn on the hair dryer and scare him off, but he is not bothered by it in the slightest. Now Rose is longing to have Chris back on the counter with her.

I would like to see that happen too, but dispute the loss of one routine, or perhaps because of it, he has developed another. He now lies on the back of my chair while I write blog posts.

Update: I did get a video of Puck playing fetch. Here it is.