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Photo Friday: Frankie Close Up

I think Frankie is a very photogenic cat and this picture proves my point. Do you agree?

cat close up


Kiss a Ginger Day

Today is Kiss a Ginger Day. It was started in 2009 as part of a Facebook group by Derek Forgie. He wanted to counter the “Kick a Ginger” day that takes place in November. It was meant for Ginger humans but why not cats too?

Here are pictures of Frankie and me from a couple of years ago. I thought I shared these already but it seems I did not. Technically, Frankie is more blonde than Ginger but let’s not split Ginger hairs. Besides, Chris is ginger so I’ll just give him a kiss today.

kiss a ginger cat

kiss a ginger cat

Did you kiss a ginger today?

Our Cats Have a New Favorite Spot

Last weekend we bought a kitchen utility cart and now it is the favorite spot for all our cat’s. Once the novelty wears off the appeal of it will probably die down, but now, even after a week, it is still popular. I just peeked around the corner to see Frankie sleeping on it.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok Puck,we have to defend our newly acquired territory from would-be invaders.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Here’s one now. Just  pretend you don’t see him.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

And take up as much space as possible.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Puck! I meant space up here!

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Sorry Floki. This spot is for adults only.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok, you can stay, but first you must go through an initiation.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Floki! Who did you tell about this?

Cats on kitchen utility cart

If you want to be up here, Frankie, you have to go through an initiation too.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Whack! Now you are in the club.


cats sleeping on kitchen utility cart

Defending my space is exhausting.

One week later…


Love, Fight, Sleep: A Cat’s Life

The other day I say Chris lying on the bed with Floki and the two of them were washing each other. I got my camera and started recording before the affection turned to fighting. The fighting was short and, following a brief period of tension, they both fell asleep.

I’m trying to picture humans doing that. Imagine you are in bed with your spouse being all lovey-dovey when suddenly, a big fight erupts. Fifteen seconds later the fight is over and, after a brief moment of tension, you fall asleep in each others arms. Can’t imagine it? Me either.

Here is the video I am talking about, but please forgive the quality. The camera’s auto focus was being a little crazy. Next time I will have to use the manual setting, if I can find it.