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Photo Friday: Friends for Now

Frankie and Chris go through phases of liking and not liking each other. Here they are during the liking phase.

I think Frankie mostly tolerates Chris and his annoying behavior more than he actually likes him but when he washes Chris it looks like there is a little liking going on.

Frankie’s So-called Walk

I took Frankie for a walk on Saturday and we stayed relatively close to home this time. Frankie spent a lot of time doing things other than walking.

After hanging out by the pool area we spent some time relaxing at the picnic area. By that I mean napping.

Eventually we made our way back home but when I opened the door Frankie didn’t want to go inside so I had to pick him up and put him in the house. When I did that, Chris was at the door waiting to go out but we needed to leave for a wedding, so Chris didn’t get his turn. I felt really bad about that.

Come to Mama

The other night my wife and I were sitting in bed, winding down before bedtime. Frankie was on my lap like he often is.

This is a photo from last year.

Rose looked at him and said something like, “Do you know that Frankie never lies on my lap? Not ever. And I’m the one that saved him.”

It’s true. We adopted Puck for Rose but Puck took to me more so she wanted her own cat. . . again. When we found Frankie he let Rose hold him and snuggled up to her enough to win her over and get adopted. After that, he was my cat

So, while Frankie was on my lap, Rose said to him, “Frankie, you come see Mama! C’mon Frankie, come to Mama.”

Then, as if he understood English, he got off my lap, walked over to Rose and let her pet him for about eight seconds, then walked back and got on my lap again.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Wrong House, Frankie

My wife is looking for a housekeeper so our next door neighbor, April, recommended somebody that she knows. April is at our house quite often and she watches our cats when we go away sometimes, so our cats are very familiar with her. Of course, when April came over to introduce her friend to Rose, Frankie ran out the door and escaped.

I don’t have a picture from yesterday but here is Frankie during another escape.

It seems that everything interesting that happens with our cats lately happens while I’m at work. Rose sent me the following text yesterday morning.

A few minutes later I get this one.

When I got home I found out the whole story. Apparently April went back to her house with the lady and must have had her door open because Frankie ran inside her house. I don’t know what happened while he was inside but April then carried Frankie home.

It reminds me a lot of what happened when Chris was young. This might be my favorite story about Chris. You can read it here.

Our Fearless Cat

Chris has always been an unusual cat, which is why I thought he would be a good subject for a blog. One thing that makes Chris different from most cats is his fearlessness. You may remember posts about his indifference to the vacuum, or the post about him watching fireworks with us.

Last week my wife told me about something that happened while I was at work. She said one of those bucket trucks pulled up and a man got in the bucket and proceeded to trim the palm tree next to our house.

The noise freaked out Floki and Frankie, who came running into the house from the Florida room. They were both very nervous as they listened to the noise coming from outside. But Rose did not see Chris so she got up to check on him and was surprised by what she saw.

Chris was sitting on top of his crate, less than ten feet from the tree, watching the man trim the palm fronds.

If someone else has a cat like Chris, I would love to hear about it.

Lazy Cat Chris

Chris is no longer the adventurous, trouble seeking cat he used to be. Now he just causes trouble whenever he can do so with little to no effort. For example, I noticed recently one of the food bowls is often turned over on its side. I know Chris was doing it but never actually caught him in the act. He has become so lazy that he can’t even stand up to eat his food. He tips the bowl over and eats while lying down.

While I was at work yesterday my wife sent me the following photos from the scene of the crime, where the culprit was caught on camera.

I guess I need to put up a sign that says, “No tipping, please.”