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Photo Friday: Third Wheel

I have discovered, or rediscovered, that I have a ton of photos of Chris inserting himself between Abbey and Tigger. Here they are on January 14, 2011.

The next one is a few minutes later.

This is my 1500th post on this blog. I know it is not that many considering I have been doing this for over ten and a half years, but it feels like a lot.


Facebook Milestones

As many of you know, Chris has a Facebook page. You might also know that Facebook wrongly declared this blog as spam and won’t let me share my blog posts on the page. There is also no way to correct their mistake because it seems only computers work in the Facebook customer service department. Despite all that, the followers have swelled to 25 short of the 3000 follower milestone. If you don’t follow Chris on Facebook and would like to you please click on the link above.

The real milestone is my other blog, Just Fur Laughs. I never gained very many followers on that blog but the Just Fur Laughs Facebook page just passed 10,000 followers.

It makes me feel good that people actually like what I put out there. Now, if only I could make money on it.

Our 1000th Post

This is it. The big one zero zero zero. I never thought I would make it this far. Of course, it took me over seven years. Other blogs that I read accomplished that in far less time but, at the same time, many more blogs stopped far short of 1000 posts or seven years so I do feel like I have accomplished something.

The main thing that has kept my blog posts to less that three a week, besides my job, is that I have never participated in any regular blog hops. Not because I think there is anything wrong with them, but because I don’t want to make any commitments that I can’t keep. I do a Photo Friday every week and sometimes I feel rushed to do that. I am an absent-minded, fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy and I just don’t do well with schedules or things that require organization.

I thought I would share some of the stats from my last 1000 posts. Actually, it would be from my last 998 posts since I am writing this Thursday evening.

Total words written: 202990

Average number of words per post: 203

Followers: WordPress (608), Email(25), Facebook (2586), Twitter (956), Instagram (133). YouTube (104), I don’t have information on other blog readers.

Best day: February 14, 2017. WordPress does not give the total number of views for some reason. I posted this post for Valentine’s day. I didn’t think this post was anything out of the ordinary and am not sure why it was so popular. I suppose it is also possible that another previous post was being viewed that day but WordPress does not give that information either.

Happy valentine's day

Most viewed post:Are Ginger Cats Friendlier?” This was published August 9, 2013 and has 14,318 views.

Second Most Viewed Post:Feral Cat Ear Notching” published September 21, 2014. It has 6684 views.

Pumpkin the cat

The following are posts that I personally think are best for one reason or another.

Best Bad Cat Chris story: The Great Escape,” posted June 19, 2012.

Best Adventure Story: Surviving Hurricane Irma With Cats – Part One and Part Two.

Best Example of Chris’s “Badness”: Bad Cat Chris Versus Spray Bottle published August 14, 2012.

Bad Cat Chris and Chuck

Best Review Post: Kitty Kick Stix Review published August 22, 2017. I’m not saying this is the best product, although it is good, but the cats did their best to be cute and funny.

kitty kick stix

Most Useful Post: Basic Photography for Bloggers Published July 16, 2018. This is probably not useful to everyone but I think people unfamiliar with photography should read this.

High ISO shot of Cat Chris

Cutest Photo: This was a tough choice considering I have about 2500 photos, many of which are very cute. I chose this one of Frankie because it is the first one I think of when I think of cute cat photos. This photo was used in the post “Photo Friday: Under the Dresser” published on August 8, 2014.

Our cat Frankie under the dressor

Best Group Photo: This was taken on May 7, 2010 while we were still in Myrtle Beach. Alex is on the top and Tigger and Abbey were enjoying the second shelf together until Chris joined them. The photo was included in the post “What Goes Around, Comes Around” published on November 28, 2012.

Funniest Photo: This photo was taken April 4, 2010 and was used on the post “Everybody Loves Chris” published June 26, 2012.

Best All-Around Photo: I think this photo of Chris jumping down from a high window is my favorite for many reasons, not the least of which is perfect timing. This was included in “Chris’s Springboard” published January 1, 2013.

Chris jumping down from Window

What do you think? Do you have a favorite post or photo that you can remember?

500th Post

It is hard to believe that I have been blogging about my cat for almost four years now and have today written the 500th post for Bad Cat Chris.

500 posts graphic

When I started, I told Chris’s story from the beginning in short Anecdotes. I worried that when I reached the present, I would have difficulties finding things to talk about. I was wrong.

Chris, Frankie and Puck are a source of daily entertainment. Much of what they do is worth sharing and I enjoy sharing it. I even have another lizard video coming up if I can find time to edit it. Thank you all for reading this blog and I look forward to many more stories.


Social Media Milestones

Bad Cat Chris Twitter pageFor a couple of years now, I have had social media pages for Chris on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. I tried to keep up with them but, except for YouTube, I did a very poor job, so I turned the first three over to Chris.

Surprisingly, he took the task and ran with it. On Friday he got his 500th follower on Twitter (Thank you Jan ). Today he is two likes away from 1000 on Facebook. If anyone reading this hasn’t liked Chris’s Facebook Page, it would be nice if one of his blog readers put him over the top.

Bad Cat Chris Facebook page

Google+ is another story. He only has eighteen followers there but hey, two out of three ain’t bad.


100th Post

Wanna know a secret? This is the 100th post on Bad Cat Chris.

Wanna know a secret? This is the 100th post on Bad Cat Chris.

crazy cat

The 100th post! I’m shocked!

cats dancing

This makes me want to dance.

three cats

The party’s about to start. Where is everybody?

Kittens climbing

We’re coming. Don’t start without us.

Well, my 100th post is finally here. It has taken longer than expected to reach this milestone but my busy life has left me less prolific than I would like. Even so, I a so glad I started this blog for several reasons.

First and foremost, it introduced me to a community of wonderful, caring and compassionate people with helpful advice and interesting stories to tell. I also discovered how much I love to write.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out a few things worth mentioning about this blog.

  • My longest follower is Coleen. She is a friend and cat lover from South Carolina. She lived near me when Rose and I lived there and helped get me involved in volunteering at Sav-R-Cats, the shelter where I found Chris.
  • My longest follower who also has a blog is Andrea Kelly at The Hand Written Life. She is not specifically a pet blogger but she is a great writer and I encourage you to check out her blog.
  • Fozziemum has the honor of being my biggest commenter. She blogs from Down Under and I always enjoy hearing from her.
  • The most commented post was Are Ginger Cats Friendlier?.
  • The most viewed post was Goodbye Homer. This was shared on Gwen Cooper’s Facebook Page, Homer Blind Wondercat, which accounted for the spike in traffic. Gwen Cooper is the author of the book, Homer’s Odyssey. The second most viewed post was Are Ginger Cats Friendlier?.

I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me and especially those who have left me likes, coments or have shared my work. I also want to thank everyone who has left a comment about my book, Bad Cat Chris, on Amazon. I hope you have enjoyed the blog so far and I will see you at 101.