Our 1000th Post

This is it. The big one zero zero zero. I never thought I would make it this far. Of course, it took me over seven years. Other blogs that I read accomplished that in far less time but, at the same time, many more blogs stopped far short of 1000 posts or seven years so I do feel like I have accomplished something.

The main thing that has kept my blog posts to less that three a week, besides my job, is that I have never participated in any regular blog hops. Not because I think there is anything wrong with them, but because I don’t want to make any commitments that I can’t keep. I do a Photo Friday every week and sometimes I feel rushed to do that. I am an absent-minded, fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy and I just don’t do well with schedules or things that require organization.

I thought I would share some of the stats from my last 1000 posts. Actually, it would be from my last 998 posts since I am writing this Thursday evening.

Total words written: 202990

Average number of words per post: 203

Followers: WordPress (608), Email(25), Facebook (2586), Twitter (956), Instagram (133). YouTube (104), I don’t have information on other blog readers.

Best day: February 14, 2017. WordPress does not give the total number of views for some reason. I posted this post for Valentine’s day. I didn’t think this post was anything out of the ordinary and am not sure why it was so popular. I suppose it is also possible that another previous post was being viewed that day but WordPress does not give that information either.

Happy valentine's day

Most viewed post:Are Ginger Cats Friendlier?” This was published August 9, 2013 and has 14,318 views.

Second Most Viewed Post:Feral Cat Ear Notching” published September 21, 2014. It has 6684 views.

Pumpkin the cat

The following are posts that I personally think are best for one reason or another.

Best Bad Cat Chris story: The Great Escape,” posted June 19, 2012.

Best Adventure Story: Surviving Hurricane Irma With Cats – Part One and Part Two.

Best Example of Chris’s “Badness”: Bad Cat Chris Versus Spray Bottle published August 14, 2012.

Bad Cat Chris and Chuck

Best Review Post: Kitty Kick Stix Review published August 22, 2017. I’m not saying this is the best product, although it is good, but the cats did their best to be cute and funny.

kitty kick stix

Most Useful Post: Basic Photography for Bloggers Published July 16, 2018. This is probably not useful to everyone but I think people unfamiliar with photography should read this.

High ISO shot of Cat Chris

Cutest Photo: This was a tough choice considering I have about 2500 photos, many of which are very cute. I chose this one of Frankie because it is the first one I think of when I think of cute cat photos. This photo was used in the post “Photo Friday: Under the Dresser” published on August 8, 2014.

Our cat Frankie under the dressor

Best Group Photo: This was taken on May 7, 2010 while we were still in Myrtle Beach. Alex is on the top and Tigger and Abbey were enjoying the second shelf together until Chris joined them. The photo was included in the post “What Goes Around, Comes Around” published on November 28, 2012.

Funniest Photo: This photo was taken April 4, 2010 and was used on the post “Everybody Loves Chris” published June 26, 2012.

Best All-Around Photo: I think this photo of Chris jumping down from a high window is my favorite for many reasons, not the least of which is perfect timing. This was included in “Chris’s Springboard” published January 1, 2013.

Chris jumping down from Window

What do you think? Do you have a favorite post or photo that you can remember?


40 thoughts on “Our 1000th Post

  1. onespoiledcat

    Congratulations……..I have no idea how many posts I’ve done…..probably good that I don’t! HAHA I’ve always loved the photos here – Chris in the baby carrier is so adorable but really I have no favorite – cats are so photogenic and funny they just ALWAYS take great photos.


  2. Kitties Blue

    Seven years is a huge milestone no matter the number of posts. Most blogs last at best two years. You really picked some fabulous photos for this post. Keep up the good work. We hope to be here to read post 2,000. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  3. caren gittleman

    You are going at a great clip! I have 2084 (do you believe I never, ever posted when I hit 1000 or 2000? I didn’t even know how many til I read your post and went and checked)….I will be blogging 10 years this Fall. You are doing GREAT! (I even deleted some posts that were spam magnets on the blog so I actually had more than I what I just posted). You blog way more than I do lately, well done you!

  4. The Island Cats

    Congrats on reaching this milestone. It is quite the accomplishment. You’re right…many bloggers give up before ever getting to this point.

  5. franhunne4u

    I am posting since 2012, July. I only have 300ish followers and did only post about 600 something posts. So, even though I have my blog for a longer time, you have worked harder (and got rewarded with more followers, as it should be).

    I did/do follow a lot of blogs. Most do not post daily. Andy and Dougy’s “Dad” does, mostly, if illness does not keep him from the blog. Angloswiss does. And Nobodysreadingme does (and is on it since 2012, too!). All three are already retired.

    A lot of bloggers from my first year have stopped blogging altogether, some of those were written by writers (!).

    So I think we are not doing too bad by still going on. Keep on blogging my virtual friend.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you so much. I started in June, 2012, so we are very close. We are probably very similar and just blog for fun. I used to follow several bloggers that I thought were very committed to their blog but they didn’t last.

      1. franhunne4u

        Yes, there are not many that are really committed. The three I mention are at it for at least 7 years like us two (Nobodys is a month or so behind me), but unlike you and I they are all retired. Which makes a lot of difference.

        I started my blog in 2012 when I had a long vacation, which I spent as a staycation and I travelled through several restaurants in my town here (not a city, we do not have a cathedral, but we still have half a million inhabitants). I went to an Australian restaurant, a Jamaican one, a Syrian one … wanted to go to a Spanish one, but they had closed for most of my vacation. That was how my blog started out.

        I had briefly joined a blog hop for Sundays in two years, which was a lot of fun! But they had that project cancelled to have more time for other things. That were two years I blogged more frequently.

        This year I mainly blog about books I have read and the one or other report in the news, or an event going on.

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          My first blog was on Blogger called Romeo Rooster. It was about a wild rooster that lived at the apartment complex that my wife managed. She wanted me to write a blog to bring attention to the property. That lasted about two months and then Romeo Disappeared. I then moved to WordPress and started a cycling blog and Bad Cat Chris about the same time. The cycling blog went well for a year or so but then we moved and I stopped riding my bike to work.

          1. franhunne4u

            This is my first blog … and my only one. I am not diligent enough to have a blog for this and a blog for that … seeing that I only posted 59 posts this year at all (which makes for about 6ish per month), if I posted some of this stuff elsewhere, I would post even less on each individual blog. That is why I chose for one general blog. And it works … it’s a kind of newspaper (polemic) commentary – without a newspaper.

            1. Charles Huss Post author

              I have three other active blogs, a personal blog, a photo blog, and a blog for animal memes. Those get neglected. I think I went over a year recently without posting on one of them.

  6. databbiesotrouttowne

    guyz !!! bee lated happee 1000 N heerz ta de next 10,000 !! we due knot rememburr HOW we finded yur blog but we iz glad we did !! hope dad shared sum perch pizza pie with everee one ta sell a brate 😉 ☺☺♥♥


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