Everybody Loves Chris

Chris has always had a way of endearing himself to people. Perhaps this is because those people do not live with him. It is like the grandparents who are happy to play with the grandkids and equally happy to give them back to the parents just before they get tired and cranky. Equally like grandparents, when we say they can take Chris home, they always refuse. I think if we want to give him away we have to stop telling people about his bad side.

Of course, we would never give him away because he has endeared himself to us just like he does to everyone else. We also know that nobody but us could handle him for more than a few days.

Chris is not a shy cat and will always introduce himself to new people. Sometimes he will follow them around like a puppy dog. This is especially true when someone comes in when we are not home. A guard cat he is not!

Shortly after we adopted Chris we had a leaky faucet that needed to be repaired. Since Rose was the manager there, she sent one of her maintenance techs to fix it. He later reported that Chris was with him the entire time. He even climbed on top of him when he was under the sink trying to work.

You would think people would be annoyed at that kind of behavior but I think it is so unusual that people can’t help but be amused.

I’ll play nice with the baby only until it’s my turn.

12 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Chris

  1. C. Carter

    I thought him in the baby seat was hilarious enough, but the plumber, too! omg… that boy!
    Glad to hear he DOES have a forever home… ! and glad I got to meet the little “badCat”….!

  2. onespoiledcat

    I’ve always just loved that photo of Chris in the baby seat……obviously that’s a super fun “toy” ! Our cats can irritate the heck out of us but then they’ll turn around and make us smile and know that “it was meant to be”…..it’s a great balance and makes for a lot of fun in our lives. Frustrating? yeah sure at times it is but golly they do keep us going!!


  3. catfromhell

    Tee hee! Mommy had a before cat like that! Us, wes more leery of strangers! Rock on Chris!

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