Chris’s Springboard

I mentioned before that Chris likes to get on my shoulders, although my profile picture probably makes that obvious. He does not always want to be there but there are certain times where he will climb up my leg and beg to be picked up. Other times he will jump on the counter and then onto my shoulders. Sometimes he jumps on me when I am not expecting it.

As much as he likes being on my shoulders, there are times when he just wants to use me as a springboard to reach a higher place. He can be like Ricochet Rabbit sometimes. From the floor to the counter to my shoulders and then to the top of the cabinets. Ping, ping, ping! It is these times where he not only surprises me but also digs his claws in me and leaves a mark like I was bitten by a vampire.

Sometime he just rides around on my shoulders while I walk around the house. Eventually he wants to do something else and gets down. Sometimes I walk by something that interests him and he decides to go up instead. This Christmas he was on my shoulders as I started to walk down the stairs from the bedroom. I paused for a second for some reason and Chris noticed the window that is above the stairs, almost to the ceiling. That peaked his interest and up he went.

Chris in Window

Chris in Window

Chris in Window - View from below

View from below

Chris jumping down from Window

Chris jumping down from Window

I was a little worried that it was a bit high and tried to coax him down but he wouldn’t have it. I eventually decided he would be fine getting down on his own so I left him there. A few days later I had a repeat of Christmas Day and up to the window he went again. I guess now that he knows it’s there he will be doing that all the time. I don’t care. The more things he can find that interest him, the less trouble he will get into. That is assuming those things he finds are trouble-free.

View from outside

View from outside


8 thoughts on “Chris’s Springboard

  1. Charles Huss Post author

    Reblogged this on Bad Cat Chris and commented:

    Chris has slowed down a bit since I originally posted this but he still loves getting on my shoulders. He rarely uses me as a springboard anymore because there aren’t as many high places he can get to in our new home.

  2. catfromhell

    That is cool! We had 1 cat that liked shoulder riding. We always leash train our cats as we travel a fair bit. when Licorice was small, he would get tired and lay down, so we used to pick him up and carry him…after a few carries, he moved to the shoulders, and would ride around on our shoulders – all the time, and he did use us as a springboard too!
    Glad to hear other cats do that too!

  3. The Island Cats

    Wow! Chris sure got way up there! We’ve been known to use the mom as a springboard, but we’ve never gone up that high. But then again, there really isn’t a high place like that in our house.


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