2500 Facebook Likes

Chris’s Facebook page reached 2500 likes on Thursday. I feel so blessed to have 2500 friends. Actually, I feel blessed to have a cat with 2500 friends. I have friends outside of Facebook too, like here in the blogosphere. and if you haven’t liked Chris on Facebook, that’s okay. I won’t un-friend you.

Bad Cat Chris gets 2500 likes on facebook

20 thoughts on “2500 Facebook Likes

  1. Dennis

    Congrats, good numbers, I always wondered if I should create a facebook page for my blog too, but I dislike to mix my blog with my real FB account. The only real solution for me would be to create a “fake” Facebook account, and to create the page there, but I dislike to manage seperate accounts.

    1. Dennis

      I know, but that wouldn’t be an option either. Linking it to the account, would create a bridge from both sides. People in my FB list could see the link of my blog in the sidebar of FB, and business page followers could see which FB account created or moderates the page. I prefer to seperate things completely, I have different types of friends at FB… close friends and family members that know about my blog, but then also co-workers and others who shouldn’t know all kind of stuff about me. For the web it’s the same, I want to control who knows details to my person such as the full name and so. A second account with a second name pen name is the only real option for full privacy.

        1. Dennis

          My uncle had a business and I was moderating his FB page, so, I saw all that in action, but maybe I did overlook a privacy option, who knows 🙂

          I know you are probably on vacation now according to one of your recent posts. I hope you both enjoy your time! Curious about your report! 🙂


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