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Photo Friday: Time For a Rest

Yesterday was my 100th day in a row of posting on this blog. My previous record was around twelve. I did it mostly because I was in West Virginia for two months and only worked one of my three jobs. I am now back in Florida and working those three jobs again, which makes it difficult to keep up the pace. So, just like Frankie, I need time to rest.

I will probably go back to my old habit of two to three posts per week, or perhaps I will try to do a little better than that this time.


Bad Cat Chris versus Just Fur Laughs

About a year after I started this blog, I started another blog called Just Fur Laughs. It is a blog featuring memes with animals. I worked on it diligently at first but after a while it sort of faded into the background.

Meanwhile, Bad Cat Chris continued to gain followers on the blog but not so much on the Facebook page. So I decided to put Chris in charge of the Facebook page and he managed to get 2500 followers by 2015. At the same time, or maybe shortly before, I considered dropping the Just Fur Laughs Facebook page for a lack of followers.

Since 2015 however, Chris has pulled in less than 300 more followers and is at 2792. I’m not sure why that is because we post on that page quite often. Just Fur Laughs’ Facebook Page, on the other hand, has been steadily climbing lately and I am not sure why because I have not been very consistent about adding new content, although I plan to do better.

Even though Bad Cat Chris has way more blog followers. Facebook is a different story. Every day recently I noticed that Just Fur Laughs was gaining and has now surpassed Chris with 2846 followers as of Tuesday morning.

I guess the reason I am writing this is because I don’t know how I feel. On the one hand, I am very happy that people like my work, but on the other hand, I wonder why Chris’s Facebook page has become stagnant. I guess even after all these years I am still learning. What do you think?

Fourth Blogiversary

I know I just celebrated my 500th post two days ago but today is my fourth blogiversary.  According to WordPress, the anniversary of this blog was Wednesday, the same day as my 500th blog post, but they are using the date that I registered for the blog from WordPress.com. I go by the date of my first blog post, which was June 3, 2012, Since then I have met a lot of great people, and pets, along the way, and I have had a lot of fun.

Here are some stats about the blog you might be interested in:

  • The most popular day for this blog is Thursday.
  • The most popular hour is 1:00 p.m. Hmm… maybe I should schedule posts for just before 1:00.
  • My most prolific commentor is Summer from Sparkle Cat. Very close behind is The Island Cats, Ellen Pilch from 15 and Meowing. and Sammy from One Spoiled Cat.
  • My most viewed post this year was Are Ginger Cats Friendlier? which was posted in 2013. The second most viewed post was Feral Cat Ear Notching, posted in 2014.
  • Readers this year come from 86 countries. The U.S. is first followed by The U.K., France, Australia, Finland, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Since this post is interrupting my regular Photo Friday post, I thought I would end with a picture taken on the day this blog started. That’s what I thought but I didn’t take any pictures that day so here is one I found from almost two weeks later.

Bad Cat Chris with lizard

I used this picture on Chris’s Twitter page but I don’t think I ever posted it here. I like it because it is related to my last post and shows that Chris has always been a good lizard catcher. I actually found another picture of Chris with a lizard from a day or two earlier than this but the quality was not good.

In closing, I just want to thank you all for reading this blog and being so nice in your comments. I hope blog here for many more years.

500th Post

It is hard to believe that I have been blogging about my cat for almost four years now and have today written the 500th post for Bad Cat Chris.

500 posts graphic

When I started, I told Chris’s story from the beginning in short Anecdotes. I worried that when I reached the present, I would have difficulties finding things to talk about. I was wrong.

Chris, Frankie and Puck are a source of daily entertainment. Much of what they do is worth sharing and I enjoy sharing it. I even have another lizard video coming up if I can find time to edit it. Thank you all for reading this blog and I look forward to many more stories.


Our Third Blogiversary

I can’t believe it has been three years since I started this blog. It seems time really does fly when you’re having fun. When I started blogging, I remember reading that many bloggers quit after a short time because, among other reasons, they set their expectations about readership and the ability to make money far too high. Fortunately, I set my money-making expectations very low. My goal is to make more than zero dollars on this blog during the first five years and if everything goes as planned, I may just do that.

To be perfectly honest, I have accumulated $24 in ad revenue and, at this rate, I should reach the $100 needed to get paid by 2024. Obviously, I am not doing this for the money, which may be why I haven’t given up on it. I see this more as a hobby that I enjoy.

I enjoy it for two reasons. The first is because I like to write. I wish I had known this about myself when I was younger, I might have chosen a different career path. The second reason is because I have met so many wonderful people who share my passion for writing and for animals. While I have not yet met any of them in person, I feel like we would be instant friends.

There is a third reason that I like to blog. I enjoy photography and this blog not only gives me a place to post some of my pictures, it motivates me to take more pictures too. With that in mind, here is a picture of Chris on our new cat perch.

chris on cat perch

Finally, I want to thank all of you for reading and following this blog. My biggest hope is that the value you get from it, whether it be entertainment or information, will be worth your time. I encourage you to let me know if there is anything that I can do different to make this a more enjoyable read.

Our Second Blogiversary

Early picture of Bad Cat Chris and Rose

Early picture of Chris and Rose

Today marks two years since I started writing Bad Cat Chris. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I must admit that I had my doubts that I would make it this long. When I started the blog, we already had Chris for over two and a half years. I spent the first six months telling Chris’s back story and when I caught up I feared that I wouldn’t have much to write about. I also thought that he might become “less bad” when he got older but those fears proved to be unfounded.

I want to thank all of you who read this blog. I really do appreciate every one of you and I hope that my writings have been, and always will be, worth your time to read them. I chose to write this blog as myself, even though there are so many successful cats who blog out there. My first blog ever, Romeo Rooster, was dictated to me by Romeo himself. That blog was pretty successful, getting over 5000 views by the first 25 posts or so. It ended after only 28 posts because Romeo disappeared. For Chris’s story, I thought it could best be told by someone who is most affected by his antics. I hope you agree. Perhaps someday Chris will start his own blog at GreatCatChris.com.