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Photo Friday: Classic Chris and Puck

Here is a couple of pictures of Chris and Puck from seven years ago yesterday, June 3, 2014.

Puck and Chris got along very well and I always thought that Chris treated Puck like a father would treat a son. It is sad that we lost Puck at such a young age and we still miss him.

Photo Friday: Lost Brothers

I decided to look into the archives for today’s Photo Friday. Sometimes it can be fun to stroll down Memory Lane. I found a photo of Tigger and Flash dated December 28, 2009.

cats Tigger and FlashTigger and Flash were brothers who we ended up with due to an unusual circumstance. You can read about them in my post “Life Before Chris.” We adopted them in 2006 and, unfortunately, Flash died in April 2010. Tigger passed away in early 2013. Both were lost too soon.

At the same time that I took the above photo, Chris and Abbey were on the cat perch just to the left.cats Chris and Abbey

Photo Friday: Puck’s Profile

Puck is a handsome cat but he is also difficult to photograph. As a result, he is a bit unrepresented on my Photo Friday posts. When I do manage to capture a good image of him, I feel like sharing.

black cat profile

On another note, the stray and her kittens that I wrote about in my last two posts may, or may not, be gone. I saw them last Sunday evening but since then the food I left out went uneaten until I noticed the bowl was empty yesterday morning, just when I was about to give up. I put more food in the bowl that morning and when I returned from work, the bowl was half eaten. Who, or what, ate it I don’t know.

My wife finally got a call from Meow Now who said they don’t catch kittens before the are old enough to be fixed, about eight weeks or so, because they are a TNVR organization and have no place to hold them. Rose said they were about three to five weeks. I think they might be older but I have little experience with young kittens Can someone help give me a better estimate. Please look at the picture on this blog post and tell me what you think.

Our Cats Have a New Favorite Spot

Last weekend we bought a kitchen utility cart and now it is the favorite spot for all our cat’s. Once the novelty wears off the appeal of it will probably die down, but now, even after a week, it is still popular. I just peeked around the corner to see Frankie sleeping on it.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok Puck,we have to defend our newly acquired territory from would-be invaders.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Here’s one now. Just  pretend you don’t see him.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

And take up as much space as possible.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Puck! I meant space up here!

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Sorry Floki. This spot is for adults only.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok, you can stay, but first you must go through an initiation.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Floki! Who did you tell about this?

Cats on kitchen utility cart

If you want to be up here, Frankie, you have to go through an initiation too.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Whack! Now you are in the club.


cats sleeping on kitchen utility cart

Defending my space is exhausting.

One week later…