Photo Friday: Puck’s Profile

Puck is a handsome cat but he is also difficult to photograph. As a result, he is a bit unrepresented on my Photo Friday posts. When I do manage to capture a good image of him, I feel like sharing.

black cat profile

On another note, the stray and her kittens that I wrote about in my last two posts may, or may not, be gone. I saw them last Sunday evening but since then the food I left out went uneaten until I noticed the bowl was empty yesterday morning, just when I was about to give up. I put more food in the bowl that morning and when I returned from work, the bowl was half eaten. Who, or what, ate it I don’t know.

My wife finally got a call from Meow Now who said they don’t catch kittens before the are old enough to be fixed, about eight weeks or so, because they are a TNVR organization and have no place to hold them. Rose said they were about three to five weeks. I think they might be older but I have little experience with young kittens Can someone help give me a better estimate. Please look at the picture on this blog post and tell me what you think.


13 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Puck’s Profile

  1. onespoiledcat

    Puck is a handsome dood indeed……..I hope the feral Mom and her kittens are alright – since you normally catch a glimpse of them relative to leaving food out for them and you haven’t seen them you have to imagine maybe somebody else is eating the food. I have no idea how old the kittens might be……so hard to tell!


  2. weggieboy

    As the servant to two black kitty boys, I know how difficult it is to get photos of black cats. It is unfortunate because black cats are creatures of great beauty, in my opinion. I do like this photo of Puck – very well done, sir! – because it is sensitive and shows just how handsome he is!

      1. weggieboy

        Hey, Dougy is a sweetheart kitty, but he refuses to be convinced furniture isn’t for clawing to shreds. I am a terrible cat disciplinarian, so know I am stuck with the reality that having intact (except nether parts) cats means a bit of chaos in one’s life!

  3. Summer

    Black cats are hard to take photos of, so it’s always awesome when you do get a good one. I love Puck’s profile shot.

    I can’t tell for sure from the photos, since I don’t know how big the mom is (she seems pretty small), but the kittens may be five weeks old or more – the one in the pic looks pretty big.

  4. The Island Cats

    Nice profile pic of Puck. I know how difficult black cats can be to photograph. Those kittens look older than 3-4 weeks…probably closer to 6-7 weeks. ~Island Cat Mom


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