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Photo Friday: Ball of Cuteness

This is Frankie who sometimes likes to sleep curled up like a millipede.

Who else has a cat that sleeps like this?

Locked Out Again

Regular readers know that no cat is allowed to sleep with us because of Chris’s bad behavior. Since we have no litter box in the bedroom, we can’t close Chris out while allowing Frankie and Floki to stay in the room with us. It also wouldn’t be nice to make Chris stay by himself all night.

That changed when Chris got sick. Chris had a cold for about a week and just when the sneezing died down the puking started. That was around the Friday before last. Because he wasn’t feeling well, we thought it would be nice to leave the door open for him. Plus we could keep an eye on him somewhat. Even though we would be sleeping, we would probably wake up if he started puking, which we hoped would not be on our bed. I also didn’t think he would be very annoying while he was sick, which he wasn’t (much).

He went to the vet that Monday and ended up getting eight teeth pulled two days later. He didn’t eat for a day or two and all the while he continued to sleep on our bed. As he improved, so did his annoyance level until I finally had to kick them all out at 4:00 a.m. a few mornings ago.

Tuesday evening I saw Chris puking again. It was the reason I brought Chris to the vet in the first place but the reason for his puking was never discovered. Because of that I became worried about his health and when we were getting ready for bed Tuesday night all three cats were on our bed looking too comfortable to kick out.

I decided to let them stay, which worked out fine until around midnight. That is when Chris decided to lie over my head and dig his nails into my neck and scalp. I put my hand up to hold his paws back and he responded by biting my shoulder. I then moved him to the foot of the bed where he took an interest in Frankie until I fell asleep. Then he started his annoying behavior all over again. I again moved him to the foot of the bed and went back to sleep but the bad behavior continued until 4:00 a.m. when he woke up my wife. She could not go back to sleep after that and got up and took the cats with her so I could sleep.

Needless to say they will not be sleeping with us tonight.

Misplaced Aggression

Normally, all the cats get shut out of our bedroom at night because Chris goes through periods where he will not stop biting my nose or digging his claws into my face and neck. Usually this happens early in the night or around 4 a.m. or both. I often think that I can pick him up and put him closer to the foot of the bed where one or more other cats are resting peacefully. That works for about ten seconds and then he’s back. So now all the cats are deprived of our bed for the actions of one.

I do break this rule occasionally, like last week when my wife went on a business trip for a few days. Chris annoyed me every night but I only was pushed too far one night when I had to kick everyone out and close the door. They all had to leave because there is no litter box in the room.

I don’t remember if this was the indecent that caused their removal but one night while Chris was being especially annoying, I had my arm between me and Chris to try to block the poking and biting. That is when Floki decided to play with Chris’s tail. This always upsets Chris and he started growling and kicking me with his back feet like I was the one fighting with his tail. At one point he really got angry and scratched me pretty good, or would that be “pretty bad?”

scratch from bad cat chris

I think I need to find Kevlar pajamas for next time I leave my door open at night.