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Photo Friday: Sofa Buddies

Chris is a very touchy-feely cat and loves to lie against, or on top of, any cat or human that will tolerate it. This time it is Floki but now he is on my lap as I write this.

cats floki and Chris

Does anyone else have a touchy-feely cat like Chris?


Photo Friday: Basket Case

Rose keeps a basket by her work area that she uses for trash. The other day Rose emptied the basket and set it on the kitchen cart temporarily. Frankie immediately jumped on the cart, tipped the basket over, then got inside.

Our Cats Have a New Favorite Spot

Last weekend we bought a kitchen utility cart and now it is the favorite spot for all our cat’s. Once the novelty wears off the appeal of it will probably die down, but now, even after a week, it is still popular. I just peeked around the corner to see Frankie sleeping on it.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok Puck,we have to defend our newly acquired territory from would-be invaders.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Here’s one now. Just  pretend you don’t see him.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

And take up as much space as possible.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Puck! I meant space up here!

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Sorry Floki. This spot is for adults only.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Ok, you can stay, but first you must go through an initiation.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Floki! Who did you tell about this?

Cats on kitchen utility cart

If you want to be up here, Frankie, you have to go through an initiation too.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Whack! Now you are in the club.


cats sleeping on kitchen utility cart

Defending my space is exhausting.

One week later…


Chris’s Doppelgänger

We were near our former home yesterday and I saw a cat that looked just like Chris. His legs were a bit more white but other than that he could be mistaken for Chris.
Bad Cat Chris's doppelgänger

When we lived there, someone told Rose our cat had escaped and, knowing how bad Chris is, she went to retrieve him. It wasn’t until she was about to pick him up and bring him home did she realize the cat was not Chris.

When I saw him yesterday he even acted like Chris. He was perfectly comfortable with strangers. He let me pet him, he talked to me, he even rolled on his back like Chris does when he goes outside.

Bad Cat Chris's doppelgänger

Perhaps ginger cats really are friendlier.