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Frankie’s a Basket Case

The other day my wife set her trash basket on the table so she could pull out the bag and replace it. Before she got a chance to put a new one in it, Frankie was already there.

I imagine a lot of you readers can relate to this.

Photo Friday: Basket Case

Frankie is attracted to our laundry basket like flies to shoot I lost my train of thought. Anyway, when I bring it in empty he has to get inside of it. Usually he tips it over but this time I had the cover open so he just jumped inside. Of course, Floki had to investigate what he was doing.

In other news, Chris had several teeth pulled on Wednesday and is doing okay. My main concern is that as of Thursday evening, he has not eaten anything for about three days. They did say that he would lose his appetite after anesthesia for 12 to 24 hours but it has been more than 24 hours as I write this. I will write more about it on my next post.

Photo Friday: Basket Case

I mentioned before that Puck loves getting on top of the china cabinet and lying inside a basket that is up there (see here). Chris sometimes gets up there when he sees Puck in the basket and tries to take over. Puck never gives in until the other day. I wonder what changed?

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on the China cabinet.

It’s my turn and if you refuse I will tell Mom and Dad who knocked over the Christmas tree.

Bad Cat Chris on the China cabinet.