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Chris Demonstrates Dominance

I have been around cats long enough to be able to predict their behavior somewhat and not be surprised by behavior I didn’t predict. Of course, predicting behavior and understanding it are two different things and I sometimes think I will never understand why cats behave the way they do.

Chris, for example, will often straddle Puck and hold him down by the neck and then he will wash him like nothing ever happened. It seems like he’s showing his dominance but Puck never challenges Chris’s position so I don’t know why he feels compelled to do what he does. If anything, Frankie is the one that challenges Chris leadership but Chris doesn’t hold him down by the neck although he does whack him from time to time.

Chris the Destroyer

Sleeping used to be difficult with an annoying cat around. Chris would keep us up at night, especially me, by biting my nose and digging his claws into my neck and back. We tried closing him out of the bedroom but he would go through great lengths to get us to open the door, including digging up the carpet. Since we no longer have carpet at the door, sleeping has been easier. We still put up with him crying at 4:00 a.m. but that is nothing compared to what we used to go through.

Unfortunately, our new home has doors that are not made using the highest of quality standards, so since Chris couldn’t dig down and destroy the carpet, he started digging up to destroy the door.


We decided to replace the door, along with the bathroom door, and put in something a little better. I’m not exactly a handyman and every project seems to come with complications, this was no different. Nothing on the new doors fit or lined up with the old doors but I eventually got them in and working.

Cat Frankie with new doors

Early the next morning I hear Chris whining and scratching at the door. I think to myself “he is going to ruin our new door” and I consider opening the door to get him to stop, but then I realized that I can’t let him win. I decided this would be a good test, so I went back to sleep. The next morning the door was still in one piece so chalk one up for team human.

Our Uncontainable Cat

These days, Frankie has proved to be more of a pain-in-the-butt than Chris. Both of the cats are very eager to get outside so coming and going can be a daunting task. What makes Frankie a bigger pain is he will run away while Chris stays close to home.

I had the day off from work on Thursday and needed to get something out of the car for Rose that morning when Chris came out of nowhere and ran out the door. While I was distracted with trying to stop Chris, Frankie ran out the door behind him. Chris usually just rolls around on the driveway or walks to the edge to eat grass so I wasn’t worried about him, but I was worried about chasing Frankie around the neighborhood with my bare feet so I had to run back inside to get shoes.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Chris is content eating grass.

When I returned Frankie was nowhere in sight so I walked around looking for him. I walked around the house and around several nearby houses and finally decided to go home and hope he returned. When I got there, Frankie and Chris were standing in the driveway smelling each other. I took that opportunity to grab Frankie and put him inside.

A short time later Frankie slipped past me again. This time I was able to grab him relatively quickly. It was almost like he wanted to be caught.

Later that day I came home with groceries. Getting in the house while loaded down with bags is always a challenge. I usually open the door quickly and shove the bags in the doorway with hopes that will block someone from escaping. It doesn’t always work and this time Frankie slipped past me and was off. I dumped the bags in the house and took off after him. Fortunately I had my shoes on this time.

cat Frankie in bushes

This is an older picture of Frankie evading capture because I was not able to get a picture of him this time.

He led me on a good chase and then I lost him. I looked for him for about ten minutes but he was nowhere in sight. Suddenly, I heard a meow and he was standing right behind me, taunting me. I tried to pick him up but he ran and I lost him again. This time he disappeared for a long time. I decided to go in for a few minutes and I opened up a can of wet food and put it in three dishes, even though I only had two cats in the house.

I then went back outside and looked for him again with no luck. I got on my bike and rode around the neighborhood but saw no sign of him. I finally decided I was going to give up for a while and give him time to come home but the sun was starting to get low and I didn’t want him outside in the dark so I took one more walk around to look for him.

This time I saw him about two houses down and walked towards him. When I got close, I could see he was tired and panting and thought it would be easy to catch him but he was not ready to come in. He didn’t run away but he walked very fast. I walked fast too. I didn’t want to run and scare him. Finally after several minutes, he gave up and l picked him up and carried him home. He hissed at me but was happy when we got home because there was food in the bowl waiting for him.

When we can afford it, we want to have a screened area put in at the side door as a buffer zone. Hopefully I won’t lose Frankie before that happens.


Escape Artist Bad Cat Chris’s Most Daring Escape Yet

These last few days have been cool and we have been leaving the window open on the door near the bathroom while Rose gets ready for work. We put a stool or chairs there so the cats can look outside and they love it.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck looking out window

After the cats got bored with the window Saturday morning, Rose moved the stool away. I was in the other room so I didn’t see what happened next but I heard Rose scream, “Come quick! Chris jumped through the window!” When I came, I saw the window open with no screen in it. Rose told me he jumped from the ground and through the window. He popped the screen out like it wasn’t even there (thanks to the weight he has put on lately) and landed, seemingly uninjured, on the stairs below.


I wish I was videoing him when that happened but I missed it. I also didn’t have my camera with me when I came running but this is where the screen landed.

Now we are going to have to keep the windows closed, or open only slightly, because of one bad apple, or in this case, one bad cat.

After thinking about it, this may not be his most daring escape but I don’t feel like changing the title. I think that happened while he was still young. You can read that story here.

Catnip, I have You Now!

I was making dinner Monday night and I opened a drawer to get something out. When I tried to close the drawer, Chris had both paws over it and I couldn’t push it shut. I could have pushed him off but I had to stir my food and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let him look for a second. After all, it was just kitchen stuff. What could he possibly want?

I forgot about him for a minute and saw him inside the drawer when I turned around. I thought it was a cute picture so I grabbed my camera to get a picture of him before I got him out of there. I kept calling his name but he wouldn’t lift his head so I could get a good shot. It was then that I realised that he was ripping something apart. I quickly picked him up and saw a good portion of a bag of catnip spread all over the drawer. Now I know where we keep the catnip.

Bad Cat Chris in drawer after catnip

Chris Proofing the New Home

Before we moved into our new home, Rose told me I needed to do something about the hole under the bathroom sink. She was worried Chris would get under there (which he is good at) and manage to get inside the walls.

I assumed it was a hole like we had in our last home when we moved in. That one was under the kitchen sink. It was an opening that allowed the pipes to come through the wall but it was bigger than necessary. At that time she was worried about bugs getting in so I filled the opening with foam insulation.

Shortly after that I noticed there were pieces of foam scattered around under the sink and then saw a large hole was chewed through the foam. We had a rat! I don’t remember if I realized it at the time but it was sure clear a few days late when I opened the door to put trash in the small garbage can we kept under the sink and saw a large rat in the can. I quickly covered the can with a cutting board and then dumped the rat outside. I then nailed some wood over the hole.

But this hole was not like that one. This hole was almost big enough to shove a body into and definitely big enough for a cat, even a fat, bad cat. I discovered that when Chris opened the cabinet door and walked inside. It was then that I remembered what Rose warned me about and I quickly looked under the sink to see what she was talking about. When I saw the opening, I grabbed Chris and pulled him out of there. He was not happy about that and let me know.


Inside this large cavity there was an opening both to the left and right. I could even see daylight coming through the left opening.

IMG_20150524_113350_722I needed to keep Chris out of there until I could find a permanent solution. I started looking for something long enough to stick through the handles when Rose remembered we had leftover baseboard. It worked.



As soon as I was able, I bought child safety locks and put them on the doors.


This worked but I was concerned because Chris was adamant about getting through the security and I did not doubt his ability.


I decided to add a second level of security so I cut out some aluminum screening and stapled it over the opening.

20150531_under sinkt_1516

Good thing I did because later that day Chris managed to break one of the child locks.

20150531_Camera Test_1519

Of course, Chris is still getting into the other cabinets but I don’t worry so much about that.


I apologise for the quality of some of these pictures but they were taken with my phone in low light and I thought they would be somewhat useful to tell the story.





Photo Friday: Classic Chris

Frankie has been in the spotlight too much lately and I wanted to show a photo of Chris that I really like. You have probably seen a similar one where he is playing with toys while in a baby’s carrier. This was taken at the same time and shows not only what he does best, being naughty, but also a priceless expression on his face. It was taken Easter Day, 2010.

A young couple came for dinner with their baby and Chris kept steeling the baby’s pacifier. We would take it away from Chris and then he would unzip the diaper bag and take another one. I think he made off with three of them. We had to buy them new pacifiers and we bought a spare pack for Chris. Bad Cat Chris in baby carrier

Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?

We let our cats outside again on Sunday for some backyard fun. This time nobody caught a lizard and Frankie did not get on the roof (although he came close), but there was trouble nonetheless.

Both Frankie and Chris went through the fence to the property next door and the both came back on their own but then Frankie went through the fence again and led me on a drawn out chase like last week. During these chases, I have discovered that Frankie tires a lot faster than I do and then I think that I can just wait until he is too tired to run and then scoop him up, but it is not that easy. This is because Frankie has discovered a trick from Chris’s old playbook. He crawls under cars where I can’t reach him. He did that last week and he did it again on Sunday.

Our cat Frankie under a car

Our cat Frankie under a car

At one point I noticed that he was panting very hard and I worried he would overheat. I was also tired of playing his game so I made a decision that I regret. When I saw that he was close enough to me, I decided to grab him and pull him out from under the car. I knew it would upset him but I thought it would be quick and he would get over it. I didn’t realize how much fight he had in him and I only managed to scare him and piss him off. After that I was his mortal enemy which made me feel like a real jerk. You can watch what happened at the 9:45 mark on the video.

When I was finally able to bring Frankie inside, the first thing Rose said to me was “No More! I’m not doing this again!” Apparently, while Frankie was playing hide-and-seek with me, Chris and Puck were playing hard-to-get with Rose. Perhaps if we do let them out again, I will have to put the leash back on Frankie.

Fortunately, since that incident, Frankie has forgiven me and we are now friends again.

Another Big Adventure For Frankie

Rose and I came home a little later than usual on Tuesday evening. It was a bit colder than it had been recently and I forgot my jacket at work, plus I had to go to the bathroom, so I didn’t wait for Rose while she got the mail. I noticed the squirt bottle was not outside the door like it was supposed to be.

Since we bought that bottle, Frankie has been better about trying to run out the door. I try not to squirt him with it because I don’t want him to associate me with unpleasantness, but I will squirt it at the ground just so he will hear the sound and stay away. It has worked well lately. So well, in fact, that Frankie usually stays away from the door so the bottle is not even necessary. That is what I was hoping for when I opened the door but it was not to be.

I opened the door and held the bag I was carrying low to block any would be escape artists but a gold flash slipped under the bag and into the bushes next to the house. I looked to see who it was, hoping very much that it was Chris, but then I saw Frankie and yelled to Rose, “Frankie’s out! This is bad.”

We spent the next ten minutes trying to catch him without success. I kept trying to get on the other side of him to force him in the other direction but he was too fast and smart for me. We eventually lost sight of him and decided to go back to the house and regroup. I still had hope that he would tire and head back toward home. I fed the two cats that were not naughty that night, went to the bathroom, put on a jacket, grabbed a flashlight and a paper plate with some cat food, then Rose and I were back outside looking for the trouble maker.

We walked a little past where we last saw him but he was nowhere in sight. The last time he escaped I stood in one spot and waited for him to show himself so I thought that might work again. We walked back a little toward our house and stopped and waited. It was then Rose heard our next-door neighbor calling. She was standing at the edge of our property with Frankie in her arms. We hurried back because we knew Frankie didn’t like to be held and wouldn’t last long.

As expected, he struggled until he broke free and was loose again. He ran to the condos next to our property and hid under a vehicle there. I was able to coax him out with the cat food and slowly put my had out to “pet” Frankie while he was eating but he didn’t trust me and was off running again. This time he didn’t get far before our neighbor grabbed him and held him until Rose could pick him up and bring him home.

While I don’t exactly appreciate having to chase Frankie around at night in the cold, there was a positive side to this story. Frankie came back to the house on his own, which is a bit of a relief knowing that I can worry less about losing him.

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