Chris is Still a Bad Cat… Fortunately

I started this post last night and saved it to finish this morning. Before I did I read Sammy’s post from One Spoiled Cat. In it, I got the feeling that Sammy would not be with us much longer. I was feeling bad about that when I found out that Easy from Easy Blog suddenly died. It is a sad news day and I hope that Easy’s parents as well as Sammy’s parents will be okay.

Chris has seemed to mellow out lately and has not been getting into as much trouble as usual. At first I attributed that to his age and his weight but I noticed he seemed to be more cautious when jumping down from  the bed or whatever else he is on. He also sometimes sits while momentarily holding his paw off the ground. It got me thinking he might be developing arthritis, but at seven and a half years old, he seems to young for that.

It should go without saying that I am very concerned about Chris’s health, as well as the health of all of our cats. Between 2010 and 2013 we lost four cats, Flash, Abbey, Alex and Tigger. Flash was less than five years old and the other three were around eight or younger. It is terrible knowing that you have given your beloved pet only half the life that they were capable of.

Since Flash died in 2010, I have learned more and more about cat health. I learned that dry food is bad for them and started feeding them more wet food as well as raw cat food. I now make my own raw cat food that I mix with high quality canned food but I still give them some dry food because Chris will only eat a very small amount of wet food before giving it up to one of the other cats. I make sure to only put small amounts of dry food in the bowls so that they will long be empty when wet food time rolls around, but Chris never seems hungry enough to eat the wet food until five minutes after it’s gone, then he is “starving” in front of his empty dry food bowl, giving me that desperate look. I don’t want to starve him so I give in and put a little dry food in his bowl..

Since Chris is now approaching the eight year mark, it makes me nervous to see his lack of badness. While I am still worried about him, I am relieved to see him getting into trouble recently.

A few weeks ago I pulled a box out of the closet to look for something when I heard a crash. I turned around and saw Chris on the top shelf in the closet. I then looked down and saw he knocked a bunch of greeting cards and other stuff to the ground.

mess caused by bad cat chris

The commotion got the attention of Frankie who soon joined him in the closet.

cats in closet


Not long after this, Chris was getting into cabinets again.

cat in cabinet


He started low but the next time I saw him in there he moved up a couple of shelves.

cat Chris in cabinet


Then he was in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

cat Chris in cabinet

I still worry about Chris but at least I feel like I can worry just a little less.


16 thoughts on “Chris is Still a Bad Cat… Fortunately

  1. Summer

    Binga is 16 – more than twice Chris’s age – and she has some of the types of problems old cats get. She’s a bit senile (don’t tell her I said that!), and some unresolved digestive issues. But yeah, she still gets into lots of trouble and continues to beat up on Boodie every now and again – something that has been going on since Boodie came to live with the humans. Don’t worry, they are great pals 95% of the time!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    guys….yur dad haz just given ewe free reign….itz rite heer in PRINT…..ta bee bad….
    go for it ~~~~~~~~

    N we R troo lee sorree ta heer oh yur friend Easy; we did knot
    haz de honor oh knowin him , but we can see him left a mark on manee
    …that will never bee erased ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. kittiesblue

    Sometimes it is impossible to know what is going on with our kitties. I assume if Chris is getting up in high places again that he is getting down okay. He may have hurt his paw somehow and now it is better. Years ago I had kitties that ate only dry food and lived to be more than 18 years old. Mine get both canned and kibble. Some DO NOT like canned food and at best will only eat a bite or two.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is true.
      our first cat Sneakers ate mostly dry food and lived to thirteen. It could have something to do with how much water they drink since dry food is dehydrating. Some cats drink ore than others.


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