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Chris the Destroyer

Sleeping used to be difficult with an annoying cat around. Chris would keep us up at night, especially me, by biting my nose and digging his claws into my neck and back. We tried closing him out of the bedroom but he would go through great lengths to get us to open the door, including digging up the carpet. Since we no longer have carpet at the door, sleeping has been easier. We still put up with him crying at 4:00 a.m. but that is nothing compared to what we used to go through.

Unfortunately, our new home has doors that are not made using the highest of quality standards, so since Chris couldn’t dig down and destroy the carpet, he started digging up to destroy the door.


We decided to replace the door, along with the bathroom door, and put in something a little better. I’m not exactly a handyman and every project seems to come with complications, this was no different. Nothing on the new doors fit or lined up with the old doors but I eventually got them in and working.

Cat Frankie with new doors

Early the next morning I hear Chris whining and scratching at the door. I think to myself “he is going to ruin our new door” and I consider opening the door to get him to stop, but then I realized that I can’t let him win. I decided this would be a good test, so I went back to sleep. The next morning the door was still in one piece so chalk one up for team human.