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Photo Friday: Above and Beyond

Frankie decided to look over the house from the highest vantage point he could find.

Our house has ten-foot ceilings, except in the kitchen, which is nine feet. Still, high enough for a good view.

Chris Can Still Be a Bad Cat

Chris has slowed down these last couple of years, partly because of age, I suspect, but mostly because he has gained weight. Still, he sometimes surprises me by being his old, bad self.

Last Friday I was cooking dinner when Chris jumped on the kitchen counter. He then opened the cabinet and started rummaging through it. Since we have a small kitchen, I have some cat related items and other things sharing space with our dishes. There are feline supplements, premix for the raw cat food that I make, and a container of catnip, among other things.

I thought he was after the catnip but that was on the second shelf and he was clearly interested in the first shelf. I looked at what he was looking at and found a ziplock bag with flavoring that came with my order from NomNomNow.¬† Someone already chewed through the original packaging which is why it was in a ziplock bag. The flavoring helps to get finicky cats used to the new kind of food but our cats never needed an incentive to eat it so I just put it in the cabinet. I put the bag on the top shelf above the bag of Tostito’s that was up there. I figured it was way out of his reach.

The next morning we went out for a little while and when we returned I found the bag of flavoring mostly empty on the counter and the Tostito’s with a hole in the side of it.

Apparently, I underestimated his current ability to be bad.

Photo Friday: Kitchen Help

I usually make lunch for Rose and myself¬†every morning. This lunch usually includes a salad which Puck waits for so he can steal a piece of lettuce. I don’t know why. Perhaps he thinks he is a rabbit.

Chris can’t have Puck on the counter without himself being up there to make sure he is included on anything good that might be given out.

Our cat Puck on kitchen counter.

Our cats Chris and Puck on kitchen counter.