Puck the Pooper

After several years of dealing with Chris pooping on the floor, we now have a new bad cat giving us the same trouble. Chris pooped his way through three homes before finally stopping when we moved into our last home.

Puck started pooping in our current home well over a year ago when we bought a new sofa for our enclosed patio. He surprised us by pooping on the sofa and we naturally blamed Chris. The pooping on the sofa happened a few more times and we eventually figured out that Puck was the culprit.

We concluded that the sofa was too close to the litter boxes for Puck’s comfort level so we moved them across the room. That ended the pooping, for awhile, but we still kept a cover on the sofa as well as pillows and cat toys to discourage pooping.

Things went pretty well after that with just an occasional “accident.” I don’t remember exactly when the pooping problem started again but it may have started when we brought Floki home last July.

A new kitten in the house may have caused some trauma for our timid Puck but Floki was traumatized a little too. He didn’t enter the house and take over like Chris did. Puck and Floki also get along well now, although they do a bit of roughhousing now and then.

I tried changing the litter. I tried scooping the boxes as often as needed. I tried adding another box. I even tried adding Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, which partially worked for Chris. Nothing worked for Puck.

I’m sorry for the graphic picture below but you can see what I am often presented with when I go onto the patio. The brown stuff in the box is the Cat Attract which guarantee​s 100% litter box use. Perhaps I should send them this picture.

cat poop

By the way, we solved Chris’s problem by moving the litter boxes from various rooms to the same place. This allowed him to pee in one box and then poop in another. I don’t know what to do about Puck

As I wrote the last sentence, I noticed a strong smell of poop. I turned around ans saw Puck just now pooped on the floor while I was busy writing.


16 thoughts on “Puck the Pooper

  1. onespoiledcat

    This is truly a mystery……you’ve tried everything – moving the boxes – separating the boxes to different locations – different litter – adding the “attractant”…..it’s something I’ve never had to deal with all my years of having cats. Even when I had four cats at a time there was never an “out of the box” pooper among them. Wish I had an idea for you to try!!


  2. Deziz World

    Aaaaaaaaaaaw Bless his heart. Dat’s a bad habit, but at least it’s easier to clean and de-stink than urine. Mommy bought some of dat cat attract when me was havin’ purroblems and then freaked out when she realized she paid so much fur a jar of catnip. MOL Maybe ifin Puck liked boxes elsewhere, you could add another box in another room. We don’t know cuz we can’t really see, but has anypawdy used those boxes fur somethin’ else? Mommy says, me won’t use a pawdee box dat has any kind of depawsit in it, includin’ me’s own. She has to clean after each time. Sendin’ hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    guyz….may bee a box witha lid ? sum cats like de extree privacee…..if therz a lot oh “noise” /// “traffic” by de box we haz hurd that can coz izzuez N de box shuld be moved two a “quiet spot”,

    purrhaps puck thinks de box iz two high ore de litter itself sux… but if him usez it for other biznezz ~~~~~ ??

    may bee one ambushed him while him waz usin it that way… N now he associatez an ambush witha pooper ???

    sorree we canna be oh much help N we hope yur health is aye oh kay dood ~ ♥♥

  4. Summer

    That IS mysterious. The only think I can think is moving a litter box (just one) to different parts of the house to see if Puck prefers a different location. A lot of humans keep the litter boxes together, but they really should be spread out to different areas.

    I’m already assuming that Puck has been checked out okay at the vets. The stool looks okay in the photo. Does it smell any different from regular poop?

  5. The Swiss Cats

    Many good ideas have already been told above. Maybe adding one litter box (number of cats + 1) in another place could help. Good luck ! Purrs

  6. The Island Cats

    We’re with Summer. Maybe he doesn’t like all the boxes together. We have ours in the same room, but spaced apart. And Wally has been known to pee in one and poop in the other.

  7. Mary McNeil

    Maybe he was just making an editorial comment…
    Sorry, I know it isn’t funny – and I’ve been there too. I have litter boxes widely scattered and bunched together. Wish I could give you more than a smart aleck answer. The dynamics between my cats change for reason I can’t fathom (I have 7 indoor and 4 outside) so things may be going on between your boys that are undetectable to humans. I hope you can find a solution for your sake and Pucky’s.

  8. 15andmeowing

    Do you have any other boxes in the house? If not, I would add one more in another place like the bathroom. Just a thought.


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