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Photo Friday: Laundry’s Final Stage

When the laundry is washed and folded, this is when we add the cat hair.


Don’t You Dare Take My Laundry!

It is nearly impossible to bring laundry inside and fold it before one or more cats choose to lie on top of it.

The other day I had to pull clothing out from under Chris one at a time. Each piece resulted in a corresponding growl from Chris until he finally grabbed my arm with both paws and bit my hand while kicking my arm with his back feet. I guess that laundry was important to him.

Photo Friday: Basket Case

Frankie is attracted to our laundry basket like flies to shoot I lost my train of thought. Anyway, when I bring it in empty he has to get inside of it. Usually he tips it over but this time I had the cover open so he just jumped inside. Of course, Floki had to investigate what he was doing.

In other news, Chris had several teeth pulled on Wednesday and is doing okay. My main concern is that as of Thursday evening, he has not eaten anything for about three days. They did say that he would lose his appetite after anesthesia for 12 to 24 hours but it has been more than 24 hours as I write this. I will write more about it on my next post.

Photo Friday: Attracted by Laundry

If you want to attract cats (without food) you can either make the bed or bring in laundry, fresh from the dryer. Sometimes I fold the stuff that they are not lying on and then leave the rest for them to enjoy, at least until they get bored with it and leave.

cats on laundry

I know it is hard to believe but I do take pictures that don’t include cats. I believe you might enjoy seeing some of my photographs so I started a photo blog at charleshuss.wordress.com. I would like it if you follow me there too, that way my pictures won’t be floating through cyberspace, lonely and unseen.

Don’t forget it’s calendar time. If you need one, check out my cat calendars here.