When Will I Learn?

Since my wife is away and since I just clipped Chris’s claws, I decided to let the cats sleep with me Monday night. Of course, that was a mistake. I should have known.

Chris started bothering me sometime before 3 AM. I suppose I should have been grateful that he lasted that long. If I was smart, I would have picked him up and put him out of the bedroom but I was just too tired to get up. He continued bothering me, on and off, (mostly on) until sometime after 5 a.m. when I decided that I had enough and I got out of bed.

I fed them breakfast, made coffee, and did a couple of other things and then went back in the bedroom and saw this.

I guess it was mission accomplished so no longer need to stay awake.


40 thoughts on “When Will I Learn?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      No, I sleep fine when Chris is not in bed with me. He is just very needy and has to always be touching somebody. I don’t think he realizes that his claws hurt.

      1. KDKH

        I had a cat that would paw my eyes when I was asleep in the morning. I finally realized he was trying to get them to open! Luckily, he kept his claws sheathed. He was a really good cat; I miss him.


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