Goal Accomplished

Saturday night Chris whinned and cryed and scratched at the bedroom door until finally I opened the door and let him in. He was surprisingly good. He did bother me a little but it was not untill almost 6 a.m. before he became unbearable and by then the goal of lasting an entire night in the bedroom had been accomplished.

The above photo is from 2019 but I think it illustrates how difficult Chris can be. The next photo is poor quality but it too shows what a pain Chris can be, literally.

I do not know if Chris sleeping with us will become a habit but I hope he can learn to behave himself.


37 thoughts on “Goal Accomplished

  1. onespoiledcat

    There’s “close” and then there’s “CLOSE” and Chris likes to be SUPER CLOSE. LOL He’s definitely a people cat and I think there’s not much we can actually do about things like that except be brave. LOL

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Timmy Tomcat

    It has taken Rumpy years to be able to be a some what acceptable bed partner. He likes swatting my face and on any given day is a real pain. That Chris sure likes to bitey MOL

  3. Summer

    My human considers herself lucky that she has never had to deal with this! We’ve all been very well behaved bed partners. Well, Binga had her moments, but she was mostly good.

      1. The Hinoeuma

        I know the feeling. My Pooh bloodied the hell out of me with his spine problems. Many times, he’d go full Tasmanian Devil on me in my lap. He couldn’t help it. As a Manx, that spine of his would shift on him and cause terrible pain. He’d chase the pain in a whirlwind until he was dizzy. If I was lucky, I could grab him from my lap before the spinning started. I have so many scars. He was a wonderful, loving, good natured thing with human qualities. And, he was pitiful when he hurt. His devil spins happened twice a day without fail. And, he wasn’t even my cat…belonged to a neighbor, three doors down. I lost him to cancer. I held him when they put him to sleep and I have his ashes. Sweet, sweet baby. They are hard to lose. 😭

          1. The Hinoeuma

            It was the most bizarre thing. When that catch in his spine shifted, if you weren’t right there, you’d hear this deep throated wail (much like stray cats squaring off outside when they deep moan/growl at each other) and hear the spinning. Then, he’d start grooming, like…”nothing to see here” and he was fine…until the next round. When the catch happened in my lap, the warning would be the wail and his eyes would cross…and I’d have to be fast to grab him. The pain was never for any length of time. It was just a quick, sharp pain that scrambled his brains and the spinning would start. I think he was trying to attack whatever it was that was hurting him and he dizzied himself in the pursuit. The wail was pitiful and that broke my heart but, the episodes were kinda funny to watch. Twice a day, every day for three and a half years…


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