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Photo Friday: Beyond Cute

Sometimes I feel like our cats are married. If they are not fighting, they are sleeping together.

cats Chris and Floki

Chris and Floki


One Night Suspension of Bedroom Lockout

Human sleeping sign

Do you think putting this sign up would help?

I always feel bad for the other cats,¬† Puck and Frankie, because they must be locked out of the bedroom because Chris is bad and can’t be in there. The reason Chris can’t be there is because he is the most annoying cat ever when we are trying to sleep. Nevertheless, I decided to leave the bedroom door open last night since Rose was away. I decided I would just give him a chance and if he was too bad I would just throw them all out and shut and lock the door (I have to lock it because Chris knows how to open it).

Chris and Puck immediately took advantage of the open door. Puck laid at my feet like the good cat that he is and Chris laid down by my head and immediately began clawing at my face and biting my shoulder and my nose. I expected that and put up with it for about ten minutes. I was hoping the excitement would wear off and he would get tired and go to sleep.

Hah! That’s like hoping a root canal won’t be that bad. Chris, of course, would not stop annoying me so I picked him up and put him down next to my side and held him there. That almost never works but this time I annoyed him and he got up and left, taking Puck with him.

The next thing I know it is 4:45 and Chris is crying and poking my face. I guess I would rate that experiment a moderate success.