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New Calenders

I thought I would do a bit of self-promoting today and mention that I added two calendars to my Zazzle store. The first is a Bad Cat Chris calendar featuring, you guessed it, Chris.

  Bad Cat Chris Calendar
Bad Cat Chris Calendar by workingcat

The second features funny photos and text from my other blog, Just Fur Laughs.

Just Fur Laughs' 2016 Calander Calendar
Just Fur Laughs’ 2016 Calander Calendar by workingcat

Then there is one that features both cats and kittens.

Cats and Kittens Calendar
Cats and Kittens Calendar by workingcat

Finally I have a new Christmas card featuring Frankie.

What do you think of them? If you are interested in these or anything on Zazzle they have a special this weekend if you use code CRAZYWEEKEND. That gives you various discounts including 30% off calendars and 50% off cards.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Today we had the pleasure of putting up our Christmas tree… with help from the cats, of course.

cats and Christmas tree

Chris managed to get into the bag before I got tree tree out.cats and Christmas tree

Frankie was there helping me put the pieces together while Puck supervised. Unfortunately, Puck’s pictures did not come out well.cats and Christmas tree

The tree looked great after Rose decorated it,

Christmas tree

It definitely met with Chris’s approval.


I put up lights around the windows after the tree was done and Frankie was there to help every step of the way. I asked Rose to take a picture of us but when she did she called Frankie to look her way but he jumped down and went to her instead.

Who else gets extra help for the holidays?

This Toy is the Cat’s Meow

A little over a year ago we introduced our cats to the “Cat’s Meow” cat toy (read about it here). They loved that toy but we were not the best at remembering to take it out and turn it on. We ended up giving it to someone with more cats than us.

This Christmas we decided to buy them another one and hopefully be better about using it. Frankie was not around for the last one and found it quite fascinating, as did Chris. Puck missed out on the first round of playing because he was hiding under the bed, but he did get a paw in there a little later.

Chris had it figured out pretty quickly and was under the cover working at the mechanism.

Cat's meow cat toyI got a nice Christmas gift too. It is a Canon EOS-M digital camera that I took the video and photograph with. All in all, it was a very nice Christmas

Space Invaders

Since we put the Armour in the spare bedroom, all the cats like getting on top of it but Frankie has somewhat taken over that space as his own. Since our living area is somewhat limited, lately Frankie’s space has been invaded by Christmas related stuff. We needed a place to store gifts and other stuff while preparing for Christmas. As you can see, Frankie was not too thrilled about losing his spot.

Frankie and Chris

The good news is the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. The bad news is we have a visitor so other things are being stored up there for the moment. Oh well. At least it is temporary and things should be back to normal in a week.

Conversations With Chris: The Gift



I think I’d like to open my Christmas gift now, Dad





It’s too early, Chris. Christmas is more than a week away. Besides, you already tried opening a present that wasn’t yours and Rose had to tape it back together.



Torn gift.



That wasn’t me. That was… uh… Puck, I mean Frankie.





It doesn’t matter. If you open it now you will ruin the surprise. Besides, how do you even know you have a present?





Who else would have a present with mice tied to the gift bag?


Gift bag




Good point, but you still have to wait.





How about a little catnip then?










Works every time.

Photo Friday: Christmas with Chris

We had a great Christmas. We spent it at home with family and friends. Rose’s son, Nick, was here from Massachusetts and my son, Chris, was also here. He lives nearby but because of conflicting work schedules we don’t see each other very often. Chris, as some of you know, was not named after my son but came to us with the name.

Unfortunately Puck, who is not a fan of strangers, spent the day under the bed. Chris celebrated the holiday by greeting everyone who came into the house and by enjoying some outside time.

It started just like our last party with Chris on top of the table we set up for refreshments.
Bad Cat Chris on our table.When people started to arrive I decided to let Chris outside while I watched him from the patio.

Bad Cat Chris outsideI left the door open so he could come back inside. I really didn’t expect him to do that but after a while of watching him I got distracted and forgot he was outside. When I remembered I started outside to look for him when I saw him lying inside the patio (sorry, no picture of that).

Bad Cat Chris outsideAfter he went out the first time and after the customary grass-eating ritual, Chris went looking for trouble.

Bad Cat Chris on our barbecue grillChris has become less of an adventurer and tends to stay closer to the house now. That is a good thing but I still have to watch him because he will sometimes wander to the side of the property and crawl under the fence if I don’t stop him. This day he was happy to lie just outside the patio and roll around.

Bad Cat Chris rolling around outside.After he was tired of playing outside he came in and went from lap to lap, making sure nobody was left out. Here he is with my son.

Bad Cat Chris and Chris

Chris and Chris

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as Chris and I enjoyed ours.

Photo Friday: Wrapping Presents… With Cats

We have been collecting Christmas presents in the spare bedroom for several weeks and Wednesday Rose decided it was time to wrap them. Of course, Chris and Puck agreed that wrapping presents was a wonderful idea and did what they could to participate.

Puck on container cover.

This is cool! It’s like a slide.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on container cover.

Move over! Let me try it.

Puck attacks Chris

I was here first!

Puck attacks Chris

You need to learn, Chris, that you can’t always get your way.

Bad Cat Chris attacks Puck

You need to learn, Puck, that I am the boss around here.

Bad Cat Chris watching TV

Are you watching this? Maybe The Lion King is on.

Bad Cat Chris playing with Christmas tree.

Nevermind, I’ll just play with the tree while I wait for a present to play with.

Bad Cat Chris sitting on present

This one’s mine, Right?

Bad Cat Chris on present

This can’t be all?

I can’t wait until it’s time to open the presents.