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This Toy is the Cat’s Meow

A little over a year ago we introduced our cats to the “Cat’s Meow” cat toy (read about it here). They loved that toy but we were not the best at remembering to take it out and turn it on. We ended up giving it to someone with more cats than us.

This Christmas we decided to buy them another one and hopefully be better about using it. Frankie was not around for the last one and found it quite fascinating, as did Chris. Puck missed out on the first round of playing because he was hiding under the bed, but he did get a paw in there a little later.

Chris had it figured out pretty quickly and was under the cover working at the mechanism.

Cat's meow cat toyI got a nice Christmas gift too. It is a Canon EOS-M digital camera that I took the video and photograph with. All in all, it was a very nice Christmas

The Cat’s Meow

One of my favorite customers came to see me at work last week with a present for me. It was an electronic cat toy called “Cat’s Meow.” He said he ended up with two and since he knew I had cats thought I would have a use for it.

It took me a couple of days to get batteries but I finally got around to putting it together last weekend. It is a fairly simple concept yet it is amazing that nobody had thought of this before. The toy consists of a motor that turns an arm back and forth around a circle. At the end of the arm is a small ball and attached to that is a tail, or at least what passes as a tail. The mechanism is then covered with a round cloth so that only the tail sticks out.

I put it on the ground on the patio and as soon as I turned it on Chris and Puck both became very interested in it. I started it on fast but soon found that slow worked better. I got out my video camera and recorded them playing with it for almost ten minutes before going inside. I forgot about it an came back twenty minutes later to turn it off and saw Chris and Puck were both still there playing with the new toy.

I would give the Cat’s Meow a thumbs up for holding Chris’s attention for that long but it remains to be seen whether it can withstand the punishment of two cats. Below is a portion of the video I mentioned.