This Toy is the Cat’s Meow

A little over a year ago we introduced our cats to the “Cat’s Meow” cat toy (read about it here). They loved that toy but we were not the best at remembering to take it out and turn it on. We ended up giving it to someone with more cats than us.

This Christmas we decided to buy them another one and hopefully be better about using it. Frankie was not around for the last one and found it quite fascinating, as did Chris. Puck missed out on the first round of playing because he was hiding under the bed, but he did get a paw in there a little later.

Chris had it figured out pretty quickly and was under the cover working at the mechanism.

Cat's meow cat toyI got a nice Christmas gift too. It is a Canon EOS-M digital camera that I took the video and photograph with. All in all, it was a very nice Christmas

18 thoughts on “This Toy is the Cat’s Meow

  1. Summer

    That toy looks like so much fun! And I bet you are having fun with your new camera. My human would like to update hers but she needs to scrape some more money together.

  2. catfromhell

    What a pawsome toy! Alas, our hairy slobbery sister would attack and kill!!! So me thinks wes won’t be getting one soon.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Actually, they liked it the first time but I put it away so they wouldn’t grow tired of it then forget to bring it back out. I ended up giving it to my sister-in-law. Now I just need to be better about using it.

  3. The Swiss Cats

    That toy looks like fun ! Does it yell when you pounce it, like Mum when Pixie pounces her toes under the cover ? Purrs

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