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Our Cats are Spoiled

Our cats, particularly Chris and Floki, like to lie under the Christmas tree. That was fine until we started accumulating presents. So to keep them happy and prevent torn gifts, I created a no-gift zone.

We may be a little crazy.

In case you are wondering, several of those presents were for my son, his girlfriend and my two-year-old grandson. They came for dinner last night and opened presents so now we have more room.

Gifts From the Cat-Sitter and a Forgotten Bad cat

While we were on vacation we had two cat-sitters watching our boys. Lynn did a great job keeping us updated with texts and photos (see here) and Nancy was nice enough to bring gifts for the cats. Unfortunately, one of Nancy’s cats recently passed away and the other is not very healthy and does not use the items she brought over.

One of the items was a nice cat perch that I see the cats lying on now more than our other two small perches.

Bad Cat Chris on cat perch

Next is a cat tunnel that everyone loves.

cat tunnel cat tunnel cat tunnel

Finally she brought a nice scratching post. I will let Chris describe his feelings about that.

cat scratching post

Our patio suddenly became too crowded so we decided to give Rose’s sister, Felice, the scratching post, one of our perches and a couple of other items. She said she could use them at the vet’s office where she works.

I started to bring the items outside on Saturday so I could put them in the car but the first time I opened the door, Chris came out of nowhere and zoomed out the door. I put down what I had and decided to leave Chris outside until I finished. He usually stays close and eats grass. I thought leaving him alone for two minutes would be easier that fighting with him every time I wanted to go out or come in.

Chris eating grass

Sorry about the quality


After I finished bringing the cat stuff outside as well as the garbage, I went back in and waited for Rose. She was involved in something, I don’t remember what, but it was probably another half-hour before we were ready to leave. When I walked outside I saw Chris lying there outside the door. I had completely forgotten he was outside. If he had wandered off, there was a chance we would not have known he was gone for several hours. I feel like such a bad parent.

We often do a cat count before we leave, mostly because they get into closets, so Rose probably would have discovered him missing but it is still a scary thought.

Space Invaders

Since we put the Armour in the spare bedroom, all the cats like getting on top of it but Frankie has somewhat taken over that space as his own. Since our living area is somewhat limited, lately Frankie’s space has been invaded by Christmas related stuff. We needed a place to store gifts and other stuff while preparing for Christmas. As you can see, Frankie was not too thrilled about losing his spot.

Frankie and Chris

The good news is the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. The bad news is we have a visitor so other things are being stored up there for the moment. Oh well. At least it is temporary and things should be back to normal in a week.

Photo Friday: Wrapping Presents… With Cats

We have been collecting Christmas presents in the spare bedroom for several weeks and Wednesday Rose decided it was time to wrap them. Of course, Chris and Puck agreed that wrapping presents was a wonderful idea and did what they could to participate.

Puck on container cover.

This is cool! It’s like a slide.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on container cover.

Move over! Let me try it.

Puck attacks Chris

I was here first!

Puck attacks Chris

You need to learn, Chris, that you can’t always get your way.

Bad Cat Chris attacks Puck

You need to learn, Puck, that I am the boss around here.

Bad Cat Chris watching TV

Are you watching this? Maybe The Lion King is on.

Bad Cat Chris playing with Christmas tree.

Nevermind, I’ll just play with the tree while I wait for a present to play with.

Bad Cat Chris sitting on present

This one’s mine, Right?

Bad Cat Chris on present

This can’t be all?

I can’t wait until it’s time to open the presents.