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Our Prize Arrived

A few weeks ago we won a cat tunnel from the Swiss Cats Blog. Our cats have enough toys so I asked Claire if she could have it sent to the Shelter where we adopted Chris. It is called Sav-R-Cats in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday I was informed that they received the tunnel as well as a few other things I wasn’t expecting. They posted this photo on their Facebook page and said I could use it. The caption is the text from the post.

This is our is a gift we just received from Switzerland. Chuck Huss adopted a kitty from us named Chris several years ago he entered a contest and won!!! So he was so nice and had it sent to us. A cat tunnel mice and cat treats. Thank you so much Chuck for thinking of us I know the cats will enjoy them.

Judging from the photos, the tunnel and mice look like high quality items. Plus the kitties got some cool treats to share. It looks like three of them are waiting for the picture taking to be over so they can dive in.

Floki’s Cat-Tunnel Adventure

To discourage Puck from pooping on the sofa, I put the cat’s tunnel on it, but didn’t expect Floki to suddenly become interested in playing with it.

Naturally, he liked being inside of the tunnel, peeking out the little window…

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

But he also liked hanging out the end of it.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

It is a great place to stare at the ceiling while contemplating life.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

A few strings don’t hurt either.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

Even tunnel cats can enjoy a little sunshine.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

When the fun is all over, the tunnel is a great place to take a nap.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel