Chris the Thief

When it comes to toys, Chris is not picky. He will play with just about anything but he is especially found of water bottle caps. Before we learned to be more vigilant, Rose or I would open a bottle of water, set the cap down for a second, then watch it disappear. The instant he heard the sound of the cap touching the counter, he would jump up, grab the cap, then jump back down.

He would then play hockey with it, knocking it across the floor and then chasing it down. He was constantly getting his cap in places that he couldn’t reach and then I would have to retrieve it for him. The last time we moved I found eight caps and various other items under the curio cabinet. I don’t remember if I pulled out the refrigerator but I am sure there were several more caps under there.

Another thing he liked was fish oil pills. I had two containers that I kept vitamins in for Rose and I. They were the ones that had seven compartments, one for each day of the week. Every time I needed to fill them, Chris was there on the counter trying to get the fish oil out of the container. He would stick his paw in it and pull it out. If I threw him down he would just get right back up and try again. I even tried being very quiet but he always knew what I was doing. Usually I just gave in and gave him a pill so he would leave me alone. He would then chase it around the house, sometimes on and off for hours.


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