Photo Friday: Minding the Fort

We brought our three Cardboard Cat Homes to West Virginia but only came back with Frankie’s house. We put it in the Cats’ Room where it was largely ignored until the other day when I saw Chris in it.

I don’t know why Frankie lost interest in it since he was on that thing every day for awhile after we got it. I guess cats are no different than people when it comes to getting bored with things. At least Chris likes it now.

Time to Make the Bed

Here is a post from May of 2015 for Throwback Thursday. It features our beloved Puck, as well as Chris and Frankie, for bedmaking time.

Bad Cat Chris

Ok Puck, it’s time to make the bed.

Our cat Puck sleeping on bed Aw Dad, I just got comfortable.

Cats on bed Oh good, I made it on time for the bed making.

Cats on bed Are you really going to make me move again?

Cats on bed Ok Chris and Puck, I’m here. What did I miss?

Cats on bed This is my favorite time of day.

Cats on bed Maybe now I can get some sleep.

I have to move again? Are you really not done yet? What's taking so long? I have to move again? Are you really not done yet? What’s taking so long?

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Frankie is a Work of Art

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday featuring a hand drawing of Frankie back in April of 2015. The artist that drew it had a blog that, unfortunatly, is no longer being updated.

Bad Cat Chris

Recently, I started following a blog called One Drawing Daily. The author and artist, Thomas, committed himself to draw everyday to improve his skills.

I paused after writing that first sentence because I realized I never saw his first drawings and I wanted to see how much he has improved. After looking, I believe he has improved but he also started out 100 times more artistically talented than I am now.

Anyway, after following his blog I also liked his Facebook page where he mentioned he was taking requests for drawings. Naturally, I sent him a request and he responded yesterday with this beautiful drawing of Frankie. You may have seen it before on the post “Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?
2015_04_29 Frankie - Drawn by Thomas from onedrawingdaily dot comI think it is a beautiful rendition. What do you think? If you like it, perhaps you can leave a comment on his post

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Our Cats are Spoiled

Our cats, particularly Chris and Floki, like to lie under the Christmas tree. That was fine until we started accumulating presents. So to keep them happy and prevent torn gifts, I created a no-gift zone.

We may be a little crazy.

In case you are wondering, several of those presents were for my son, his girlfriend and my two-year-old grandson. They came for dinner last night and opened presents so now we have more room.

It’s My Turn

We got a package the other day and after Rose opened it she put the box on the bed where Frankie immediately lied in it. Not much time passed before I noticed Chris was in the box.

I assumed he bullied his way into the box but I didn’t see it happen.

A little more time passed and then Frankie was back in the box.

It’s amazing how much better Frankie fits in the box than Chris does. I suppose we need to buy bigger stuff in the future.

The Unknown Escape

Thursday, when the mailman came, Rose went outside to get the mail and noticed Frankie was on top of my truck. She did not even know Frankie escaped. The mailman recognized Frankie. He knows Frankie by name because of all the times Frankie has escaped while going out to get the mail. A package arrived earlier that day and she thinks he might have slipped past her when she went to get the package, but he did so without her even noticing.

I rode my electric scooter to work that day and did not get in my truck until Friday when I went to the SPCA. That’s when I noticed the paw prints.

You can see on the left where he climbed up to the roof and on the right where he slid down.

Frankie has a passion for going outside that just can’t be quenched.

Frankie Escapes Again

Even though this post for Throwback Thursday is from April of 2015, I fell like I could write it today.

Bad Cat Chris

It seems our cat’s weekly romp in the back yard has come to an end, thanks to Frankie. The last couple of times we let them out, Frankie led me on a wild goose chase, hiding under cars along the way so I couldn’t catch him. Last week was the final straw and Rose decided she did not want to let them out again. Of course, not letting them out and not letting them get out are two different things.

Three times in the past week Frankie got out the front door when we were trying to leave or come in the house. Two of those times Chris ran out the door at the same time. They double team us. When we try to block one, the other cat sneaks around us and out the door and then when we shift our focus to that cat, we end up losing…

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