The Heavyweight Boxing Champ

The workout bench I ordered arrived the other day and Chris not only took over the box he defended it from all invaders named Frankie.

Poor, Sick Frankie

Here is a post from January of 2016 for Throwback Thursday. I’m not sure why I thought Frankie was sick back then because he has been sneezing for over eight years.

Bad Cat Chris

Our cat Frankie has a bad cold and has been sneezing for several days now. I feel bad for him but he is eating and I see no reason to take him to the vet just yet, but I do hope he gets better soon.

Cat Frankie

Cat Frankie

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Chia Cat Grass Planter Review

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday from January 2016 about cat grass. I have learned that cat grass is a wonderful thing to have for cats but it is fleeting. It lasts only a short time before it dies and then you have to start over.

Bad Cat Chris

For Christmas, the cats’ Aunt Felice got them a Chia Cat Grass Planter. A great present because they all like grass and Chris loves it. Whenever Chris gets outside, the first thing he does is eat some grass.


It comes with everything you need: a bowl with a cat on it, potting soil, seeds and instructions.


I followed the instructions and put most of the “growing mix” in the bowl, leaving two tablespoons out for later.


I then added the grass seeds.


Next I covered the seeds with the remaining dirt. By then I had the attention of all the cats.


The instructions said to cover it loosely with plastic wrap so I did that and put it on the counter for a few days. I then put a little water in it and placed it outside where it could get some sun without someone eating it.

I think…

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Chris doesn’t always win. Sometimes I am smarter than he is. When he started knocking over his food bowl, I started keeping the end bowl mostly empty but then he would go to a lot of trouble to knock over all the bowls, which seemed illogical because he started doing it because he was too lazy to stand up.

I decided to buy another pair of bowls on a wooden stand so now he has to eat standing up again.

Check and mate!

The Horrible Result of Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile.

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday from January of 2016. Imagine waking up to this.

Bad Cat Chris

Recently I wrote about Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile when my stepson came for a week at Christmas. He was so fearful that he stayed in our bedroom whenever Nick was in the house.

Puck had no problem coming out to visit Rose’s Dad and his wife when they came at Thanksgiving or my best Friend, Rick, when he came here on New Year’s Eve, but for some strange reason, he decided he was afraid of Rick when he came to visit on Friday. Rick spent the night on our sofa and Puck spent the night in our room, afraid to leave.

I woke up early Saturday morning while Rick was still sleeping. I worried that Puck needed to use the litter box by then so I carried him to the patio and put him in the box. I tried that when Nick was here and got scratched up from Puck trying to escape my…

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