Cats Meet Roomba

I was transferring photos and videos from my phone to my computer this morning when I came across this video I took in early January. It was right after the new Roomba vacuum cleaner that my wife ordered arrived. Note that this is an affiliate link and if you buy something I will be able to live a life of luxury, assuming, of course, you spend forty million dollars.


Love Hurts

Here is a post from April of 2016 ror Throwback Thursday. Who doesn’t love an affectionate cat?

Bad Cat Chris

Chris is the most affectionate cat I have ever had. He is also more affectionate than any dog I have ever had. He spends a good part of his day on my lap, on Rose’s lap or curled up with Frankie or Puck.

Chuck and Bad Cat Chris

I’m not complaining, I love that about him, but part of that affection is an unusual need to bite, especially my nose. Fortunately, the biting is only a small part of his affection but it is quite annoying and the reason all the cats get locked out of the bedroom at night.

IMG_20160414_192726Chuck and Bad Cat Chris

Chuck and Bad Cat Chris

Now I’d like to hear about your most affection pet.

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Letting Go is Hard to Do, Especially When it’s a Lizard

Here is Chris the famous lizard hunter for throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris slipped past me and out the door twice on Sunday. The first time he caught a lizard right away. Even though Chris has gained some weight lately, he is still better at catching lizards, and everything else, than all the other cats we have ever had. When he does catch a lizard, he wants to immediately bring it in the house.

I’m not sure why he has to bring his catch inside but he will just sit at the door with a lizard hanging from his mouth until someone lets him in. That was not going to happen Sunday and I tried to get him to let it go but he was not up for that.

Does anyone else have a cat that has to bring their catch inside?

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Chris the Destroyer

Here is a post from April 2016 for Throwback Thursday. Chris still scratches at the door sometimes but he has settled down in his old age.

Bad Cat Chris

Sleeping used to be difficult with an annoying cat around. Chris would keep us up at night, especially me, by biting my nose and digging his claws into my neck and back. We tried closing him out of the bedroom but he would go through great lengths to get us to open the door, including digging up the carpet. Since we no longer have carpet at the door, sleeping has been easier. We still put up with him crying at 4:00 a.m. but that is nothing compared to what we used to go through.

Unfortunately, our new home has doors that are not made using the highest of quality standards, so since Chris couldn’t dig down and destroy the carpet, he started digging up to destroy the door.


We decided to replace the door, along with the bathroom door, and put in something a little better. I’m not exactly a handyman…

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