The Tables Have Turned

I am happy that now things are pretty good between Chris and Frankie. They still fight but only occasionally.

Bad Cat Chris

When Frankie arrived at our home, alone and scared, Chris decided that he was the enemy and set out on a campaign of torment. We were very distressed about that because he did not do that with Puck and we were not expecting that kind of behavior from Chris. Nevertheless, whenever Chris got the chance, he would attack and, of course, Frankie would defend himself.

Eventually Chris warmed up to Frankie and gradually would not only instigate fewer fights but seemed to want to become friends with him. Unfortunately the damage has been done. The fighting continues but now it is Frankie that does most of the instigating while Chris seems to play a submissive role. Don’t get me wrong, Chris still thinks he’s the boss, but many fights with Frankie occur with Chris lying down while Frankie circles for a good spot to attack.

Our cat Frankie looks for a good spot to attack Chris.

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A Not-So-Friendly Meeting With The Neighbor Cat

When I took Frankie for a walk on Saturday (after he smelled my tires thoroughly) he walked right past the neighbor cats who were watching him from the window. Frankie pretended not to notice and walked on by.

On the way back I had to carry him because he rarely comes back on his own. As we passed the neighbor’s house, I could see one of the cats looking out the window near the door. The other cat was further away looking out a different window. I put Frankie down on the sidewalk in front of their house just to see what he would do. As expected, he walked right up to the nearest kitty to say hello.

Frankie and neighbor cat

I thought Frankie was a gentlecat but the female cat inside was not buying his pickup line and he was greeted with a lot of hissing. Fearing the neighbor lady would hear that and think (or know) I was contributing to this invasion of privacy, I quickly picked up Frankie and brought him home. That was close.

Who Peed on My Car? A Bobcat?

Yesterday Frankie and Chris both got their time outside in the sun. Frankie always goes first on a cat-harness and leash and then when we return I let Chris outside without a leash. It works out good that way because he usually runs out the door anyway as I try to bring Frankie in.

As soon as Frankie got outside and walked near my car he stopped to smell my front tire.

cat Frankie smelling tire

20170401_112930 Frankie smelling tire

This smelling went on for a long time.

cat Frankie smelling tire

I thought an animal might have peed on my tire but I didn’t see any discoloration. This happened over Christmas on the front bumper of my wife’s car (see here). Frankie would not stop smelling the tire so I pretended like I was going to pick him up. That got him moving.

After our walk, I brought Frankie home and carried him inside. As predicted, Chris ran out the door. I removed Frankie’s harness and went outside to watch Chris. Once outside, I noticed Chris had already discovered the pee on the tire.

cat Chris smelling tire

I knew it had to be pee at this point.

cat Chris smelling tire

I just wondered who was doing the marking. Since it also happened to Rose’s car there is a good chance it happened in our driveway but I never see any loose animals around here that would do that. We live in a well-kept 55 plus community (because living with a bunch of people older than you makes you feel young). Outside cats are not allowed here and dogs must be on a leash.

Perhaps it’s a bobcat. I was told there were a couple of bobcats around here a few years ago. I can understand why since there is an endless supply of rabbits but I was also told nobody has seen them in years. I wonder about that after what I saw last week.

Cat Frankie and dead bunny

Frankie found what looked like bunny parts.Cat Frankie and dead bunny

I don’t know what did this but it looks like a policy of indoor only cats is a good idea. I would hate to think of Chris or Frankie outside with a bobcat or some other large predator.


Litter Boxes are for Cats

Here is a classic from the past and one of my favorite information posts.

Bad Cat Chris

When I met Rose she had one cat, Sneakers, who had a typical litter box. Later, when we added more cats, we added a couple more standard litter boxes. These boxes came with a cover that is designed control odors and keep more of the litter in the box. It is a great idea for humans, but what about for cats?

I never liked the covers and either threw them out or bought the box without the cover. I tried to look at it from the cat’s point of view. Would I like to crawl into a small cave to do my business? That is essentially what an outhouse or Port-O-Potty is and I never like using those and only do so when left with no choice.

The idea that those covers control odors, in my opinion, is a fallacy. They may somewhat contain the odors inside the box, in…

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Hello Neighbor

Our neighbor on the north side of our house moved in a few months ago with two cats. I often see one cat or the other, sometimes both, sitting on their patio and looking out the window. I see them but I have never been aware that any of our cats had noticed them. Our patio, also known as the cats’ room, is on the opposite side of our house and the cats don’t look out the other windows too often except when they hear me pull into the driveway after work.

Chris and Frankie have been outside countless times since the neighbor moved in but every time they both seemed blissfully unaware of the other cats’ presence, even though they were only 10 feet away at times. Of course it helps that the other cats just casually watch Chris and Frankie without making a fuss. I found it hard to believe that they couldn’t smell them but I guess they were both just busy enjoying being outside.

The other day I brought Frankie out for a walk and he surprised me by walking right up to their patio door to say hello, like he knew they were there.

cat peeking in wingow

Unfortunately, the cats were not on the patio so we missed an opportunity for a meet and greet, but maybe next time. I guess Frankie knew all along there were kitties next door but chose not to let me know that he knew. Or something like that.