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My sister-in-law, Felice, saw my post about the cat I saw at Petsmart. My wife saw it too and two days later we were heading to Petsmart to adopt her. When we got there the cat was gone, which was just as well because we are not in a position to adopt another cat since we are already over our limit and because we are planning to move sometime this year.

Felice thought we were looking for a kitten and told us this little fellow was available.

Siamese cat up for adoption

Another Siamese cat was tempting but we said no and the cat went to another family.

Fast forward a couple of days and we hear that he was returned but the details were sketchy at first. I still don’t know all the details but I heard that they let their kids give him a bubble bath and I think he was mistreated in other ways too. They gave him back because he kept hissing at them. Well, duh!

This cat, named Dublin, needs a home. He is located in Pasco County, Florida, which is northwest of Tampa. I posted an appeal on Facebook and Twitter and got a lot of response but none from somebody close enough.

I received more details today in an email from Felice:

Dublin is a year old and a little purr bucket.  He has been fixed, tested and had all his vaccines.
A woman from Canada had been feeding him in her trailer park where she is a snowbird.  She came in to get him fixed but was going to leave him in the park when she left for 6 months.
We told her that would not be right because he had come to depend on her and so we took him in.
We are looking for a loving, forever home and to be a strictly indoor cat.  Anyone interested would have to be able to provide their animal hospital’s phone number because we will be checking to make sure they take care of pets they have and we might even be delivering him to their home.
The last home he was at was horrible so we are not interested in a repeat of this.  Many thanks.


I know it is a long shot posting this here but if anyone is seriously interested in Dublin, please let me know.



Photo Friday: Kitten Belly

For Throwback Thursday here was my last post with Miss Luis but it also has another kitten that is too cute.

Bad Cat Chris

I’m sorry but I withheld a couple of the cutest pictures from my post, Miss Luis the Kitten’s Last Day Before Adoption, so I could showcase them here. This kitten is Floki, named after the eccentric character on the show Vikings. I am told he is a good eater.

Floki the kitten. Floki the kitten.

20150905_Felice's house_085 Floki napping with Miss Luis.

20150905_Felice's house_090

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Miss Luis the Kitten’s Last Day Before Adoption

Here is the third and final post about Miss Luis for Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

Back on the 26th of June, Rose and I were involved in rescuing a newborn kitten (read here if you missed it). We brought her to my sister-in-law, Felice, who is an experienced kitten rescuer. She worked hard to keep the kitten alive and now she is doing well.

Rose said she wanted to name the kitten Luis, if it was a boy, after her maintenence supervisor who found the kitten and called Rose for help. It was a girl and she ended up with the Name Lulu (see here and here) but that didn’t stick so now she is called Miss Luis, which we pronounce “Louie.”

We were at Felice’s house on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of Rose and Felice’s mother. While I was there I was able to get a few good pictures of Miss Luis along with two male kittens that Felice took in…

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How to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Box Spring

Many years ago my wife and I would sometimes cat sit for a neighbor who had nine cats but I rarely saw more than two. She had one cat that was friendly, one cat that was curious but shy and seven cats that hid under the bed. I tried looking for them a few times but never saw them until I realized they were up inside the box spring of her bed.

That was new to me then but I have since learned it is common with timid cats. None of our cats did that until we got Flash. Years later, Puck would make himself a home in our box spring. It is something that I accepted but never liked for a couple of reasons.

I think a timid cat should not be encouraged to hide. I also don’t think he should be forced into an uncomfortable situation but hiding places should probably be closer to areas where family activities are going on. Those hiding places should also be within reach of human hands. Also, If there was ever an emergency, like a fire, retrieving a cat from inside the box spring would be an impossible task. Even during non-emergencies, like a scheduled vet visit, it would be a huge pain to take the bed apart to get your cat.

During our last move, my wife thought of an ingenious way to keep Puck out of our box spring. I took a picture of it at the time and then forgot about it until now.

She placed an old fitted sheet over the bottom of the box spring. It covered the holes that Puck had created and, since the material is a bit stronger than the cheap felt that is on most box springs, making new holes is more challenging. Puck still hid under the bed after that but he never again got up inside of our box spring.

What do you think? Do you have cats that do this?

Cat at Petsmart Desperate for Attention

I bought cat litter this morning at Petsmart and couldn’t help but check out the cats in their adoption center. I had no intention of adopting a cat today but I feel bad that they are stuck in small cages so I thought they might like a little attention. I could not have imagined how desperate one of the cats there was for that attention.

She is an 11-month-old female and she really needs a home. The one-year-old male next to her was also needing attention but he was not as obvious about it.

This cat is at the North Clearwater, Florida location. If anyone is in the area and is looking for a pet, I think she would be a great choice. If you know someone in the Tampa Bay area that might be interested, please share.

Kitten Update

Here is another repost about little Miss Luis for Throwback Thursday. She did keep the name even though she was found to be a girl and is doing well with the human(s) who adopted her. She will be three years old soon.

Bad Cat Chris

My wife’s mother and sister came to our house today to help celebrate The Fourth of July. If you read my post from last week, Newborn Kitten Rescue, You would know that Rose’s sister, Felice, played a major role in saving a kitten’s life. Because newborn kittens require so much attention, Felice decided to bring it with her.

Felice informed us that the kitten is a girl so we will not be calling her Luis like Rose wanted to if it was a boy. The name is not important anyway. What is important is that the kitten is in pretty good health and will probably be okay.kitten

Felice and Kitten Felice and Kitten

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