How Cat Fights Start

It seems that almost every time I see Chris washing another cat, it ends in a fight. That is especially true when he washes Floki. I don’t understand how such a nice thing goes bad so often.


Mr. Squirmy Goes to the Vet

When Floki was a kitten we were able to clip his nails, barely. Since about three or four months ago, nail clipping has become an impossibility. Whenever we try, he becomes, for lack of a better word, the squirmiest cat on Earth. He twists and turns and kicks and screams and hisses until he breaks free. If none of those works, the extra long, sharp claws in flesh (mostly my flesh) does the trick. People tell us, “Get a towel and wrap him like a burrito.” It’s a wonderful theory but it does not work, at least not for Floki.

We tried many times over the last few months to clip his nails but we also didn’t try many times because I worried Floki would start to fear me. My job was to catch him and hold him while Rose’s job was to do the clipping. Since no clipping occurred, I was the only bad guy.

I decided to call our nearby vet to see what they charged. I figured getting him in a cat carrier would be much easier and it would also make them the bad guy, not me. They told me it would cost $12. I thought that was a bargain so I made an appointment for yesterday morning.

I was wrong about it being easier to get Floki into the carrier. It was a nightmare. As soon as Rose opened the door to the carrier, Frankie walked inside. I had to dump Frankie out first and then try to catch an already nervous Floki. That was made easier since we closed the patio door giving him no access to the house. I picked him up and tried to put him in the carrier but he spread out his arms and legs in his best Rocky the Squirrel imitation and I couldn’t get him inside.

I thought I would take the top off a put him in that way so I tried that. Rose picked him up and put him inside while I put the top down but I couldn’t hold him in long enough to secure the door.

I put the carrier back together but Frankie walked inside it again and I had to dump him out again.

I caught Floki and he grabbed onto my shoulder with his claws. I couldn’t pull him off for fear of losing a chunk of skin on my shoulder so I backed up against the cat tree and gave him somewhere to go.

I considered giving up and calling the vet but after one or two more tries we got him in the carrier. Then the crying started.

He cried all the way to the vet.

Once we were there and he saw other cats and the biggest Husky dog on the planet he became quiet.

cat Floki

We were never put in a room. Instead, someone came out and brought Floki to the back room. I told her she needed to put on a suit of armor and she just said, “We’re used to it.”

When she returned Floki I asked, “How did it go?”

She said he was fine.

What!? Are you freaking kidding me? Are we talking about the same cat? I didn’t say that but I thought it.

Later that evening we trimmed the nails of our other three cats with hardly an issue, even from Big Baby Chris. Frankie went UTB for a while but gave us little trouble when we did catch him.

The Cat Tree

This was almost three years ago but I still have to watch Chris closely while he is outside. Eventually he will find trouble. Frankie has also discovered tree climbing and I have to be careful during our walks when trees are near.

Bad Cat Chris

Out of our three cats, Chris is the only one I feel comfortable letting outside. Puck is okay when let out. He doesn’t go far but he is near impossible to catch when it is time to go in. Frankie can never be let outside. It is unfortunate but after leading us on a long chase through the neighborhood… twice, I feel if he ever got out again we might lose him. When Chris is let out he usually starts by eating grass, nothing worrisome there, but I do have to remind myself that he is still a bad cat and I need to keep an eye on him.

Sunday afternoon I had to bring the trash out and Chris was at the door crying to be let out so I thought a few minutes outside wouldn’t hurt. As unusual, he ate grass while I brought the trash to the…

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Blind as a Cat

I read somewhere that a cat can’t see as well as a human during the day but they can see effectively in light as low as one sixth the level of effective human eyesight. Another thing about a cat’s vision that is supposed to be better than a human’s is their ability to detect even slight motion in their field of view. These are facts that I am not certain about (and I’m too lazy to look them up) but if they are true then Frankie has a problem with his eyesight.

I always knew Frankie was not as good at catching lizards as Chris or Puck. Sure, he did catch a rabbit last year while at the same time evading capture from two people. That was impressive, but rabbits are big and easy to see.

I noticed lately on our walks that he doesn’t seem to notice lizards as well as you would expect. Even the indecent with the snake that I wrote about on Monday’s post made me think he was having trouble seeing it. Below is a video that shows a little of what I am talking about.

Just so you know, that’s not my house. What do you think?

One Night Suspension of Bedroom Lockout

I thought I would reblog this post because Rose is away and I have been letting the cats sleep with me just like in this post. The results are about the same as before with Chris waking me up at 2 a.m. and again at 4:45.

Bad Cat Chris

Human sleeping sign Do you think putting this sign up would help?

I always feel bad for the other cats,  Puck and Frankie, because they must be locked out of the bedroom because Chris is bad and can’t be in there. The reason Chris can’t be there is because he is the most annoying cat ever when we are trying to sleep. Nevertheless, I decided to leave the bedroom door open last night since Rose was away. I decided I would just give him a chance and if he was too bad I would just throw them all out and shut and lock the door (I have to lock it because Chris knows how to open it).

Chris and Puck immediately took advantage of the open door. Puck laid at my feet like the good cat that he is and Chris laid down by my head and immediately began clawing at my face…

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Floki’s First Birthday

Today our little Floki turns one year old. cat Floki

We don’t know when his exact birthday is but, if I remember the story correctly, Floki, his brother and one or more kittens from another litter were found in a box in a Walmart parking lot on Memorial Day last year. I subtracted his estimated age when we adopted him on the Fourth of July and came up with April 18.

I thought I would show some highlights from the past year.

Below is the picture my sister-in-law sent us to let us know she had kittens available. We don’t know for sure if this is Floki or his brother.

This is the first known picture of Floki at the vet where we came to see him and other kittens.

Siamese Kitten

This was one of his competitors.

Torbie Kitten

Here he is with his brother and another cat. We wanted to take them all.

Kittens and cat

Here is Chris meeting Floki. This went better then when he met Frankie.

Our kitten Floki

Below is our first vet visit.

Kitten Floki on my shoulders

Chris shows him who’s boss.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

Floki takes to the cat tunnel.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

And he turns out to be a daredevil.

He makes friends.

cats on bed

And discovers new heights.

All while finding his place in the group and in our hearts.

cats on fridge