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Photo Friday: Sun-Kissed

I couldn’t decide which one of these photos of Floki and Chris I like better. I like the first one because Floki has his tongue sticking out and it clearly looks like something is about to happen.

Cats Floki and Chris kissing in sun.I also like the second one because of the apparent smile on Floki’s face.

Cats Floki and Chris kissing in sun.What do you think?

Photo Friday: Lost and Found

I ran across this picture in my downloads folder and I really liked it but I thought it was odd because I don’t remember ever seeing it before. I must have seen it or I wouldn’t have downloaded it. That brings up another mystery, Why would I download my picture? It’s possible I was looking for a picture on my Flickr page, saw this one, and decided I could use it for something. I guess what really bothers me is the fact that Rose is right. If I develop Alzheimer’s, nobody will notice.


This is a picture of our three cats, Chris, Tigger and Abbey (in the background). It was taken February 12, 2011, three months after returning from South Carolina where we found Chris. Chris is three months shy of his second birthday in this picture. Sadly, only Chris remains of the three.