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Frankie’s Favorite Spot Becomes Permanent

Rose bought a sectional sofa from Babcock near the end of 2017. I am sure it was expensive but I never wanted to know how much she paid, given my aversion to spending money on stuff we don’t need. Nevertheless, it is a comfortable sofa and Frankie loves lying at my feet when I have the footrest open. There is a little nook in the footrest that fits Frankie just right. He usually lies in the corner on my left but if I get up for some reason, when I come back I find him stretched out and I then have to sit at an angle.

About a year and a half ago, the pull cord that opens the footrest broke. I tried to contact someone at Badcock about it but I could not get through to a real person. I don’t remember why. It is probable that the wait time was an hour or more and I didn’t want to do it. By the way, if any company says that your call is important to them and then puts you on hold for more than five minutes, they are lying.

I did find an email address for them and sent an email explaining my problem but I never got a response. In the end, I drove up to the store, paid them over $25 for the part, and then had to wait over a month. If I remember right it took way longer than that. I think it came in after we went to West Virginia the first time.

I picked it up and put the piece on after we came home in January of last year. It was the most difficult thing I have done in recent memory. I almost never swear but I was like a drunken sailor that day.

Now, just over one year later it has broken again. Really, less than a year since we did not use the sofa for two months.

I went back to Badcock but the thought of paying twice to fix something that should not have broken once disturbs me. I tried to argue my point to no avail. I did find out that the sofa is an actual Badcock brand and it has a three-year warranty which means I was charged for the first part before the three years was up. I guess I will have to try calling them again.

In the meantime, I have to leave the footrest up and Frankie loves it.


Puck Stands His Ground

I think I mentioned before that Frankie is a bit of a bully and that contributes, at least in part, to Puck’s stress and litter box issues. But while Puck may be stressed by Frankie, he is not intimidated by him. Fights happen all the time in our house but the most aggressive and unplayful fights happen between Puck and Frankie.

We had a night or two of cold weather last week and Rose had out a small blanket to keep her legs warm. On Friday morning I noticed the blanket was still out so I folded it and placed it on one of the cushions. I thought one of the cats would like to lie on it. I was right. Puck found it to be quite comfortable.

That evening, as Rose and I were watching television, Frankie attacked Puck while he was lying on that blanket. There were hissing and screaming and fur flying and yelling (from us humans) and when the dust settled Frankie was in possession of the blanket. But Puck wasn’t done  . . .

He jumped back up and plopped himself down on the blanket right next to Frankie as if to dare him to try to knock him off again. Chris saw what was going on and added his considerable weight to the blanket issue (and his weight is considerable).

cute cats on sofa

In the end, Frankie capitulated and peace was again restored in the land.

cute cats on sofa

The Couch Pooping Continues

I recently wrote about Puck pooping on the sofa in the Florida room and many of you wrote back with suggestions about putting things like plastic on it to discourage Puck from pooping there again. I didn’t have any plastic that I could spare but I decided to put the cat’s Turbo Scratcher on the spot where Puck was pooping.

I was hoping it was that spot or nothing but he just pooped on the other side of the couch. I then loaded up the couch with many of their toys.

Cats, sofa and toys

That worked, somewhat. The next day I found a pile of poop on the floor in front of the litter box. That’s not ideal but I prefer poop on our tile floor over poop on our couch.

Thursday was the day our cleaning woman comes and I think my wife was embarrassed about our “messy” sofa and insisted I take all the toys off of it. I did, and it lasted until Friday before I found poop it, so back the toys went. Since then I have cleaned poop off the floor about four times, including morning.  As I was writing this post, I took a short break and noticed a pile of poop on the ground. Since I scooped twenty minutes before, two of the litter boxes were clean but the one with poop in front of it had been used once.

Puck has never had an issue with the litter boxes before and I have no clue what could have changed with him but I hope I figure it out soon.

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Couch Pooper Puck Strikes Again

Couch Pooper Puck Strikes Again

Puck has been pooping on our sofa in the “cat’s” room. At first we blamed Chris because that is something Chris would do but we soon realized the the evidence started pointing to Puck.  We bought another litter box (see here) because we assumed the boxes were not always as clean as they should be after adopting Floki. That worked for a while but soon we found poop on the sofa again so I moved the new box next to it to see if that would help.

cats by litter box

A day or two after putting the box there, I think it was Saturday, Rose was at her desk when Puck decided to poop on the couch. Keep in mind that her desk is inches from the couch but she felt compelled to call me in from another part of the house to stop what was going on. I arrived just in time to see the event unfold in real time. There wasn’t much I could do at that point. If I was there from the beginning, oh, like maybe sitting in a chair next to him, I could have picked him up and put him in the box. The funny thing is, we never new for certain that Puck was the culprit, but he showed us he was guilty in a big way.

calming spray for catsAt this point, I don’t know what to do with him. I have a bottle of Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray that I bought for a problem long ago but I can’t remember what that problem was. In any case, I sprayed it on the sofa this morning and Frankie and Floki became very interested in the smell. I also have a bottle of “No Scratch” spray, which I think is like a repellent, but I don’t want to repel the cats away from the sofa. I hope the calming spray helps because I don’t know what else to do to get puck to poop where he is supposed to.

cats on sofa

Maybe next I can put the litter box on top of the sofa. My wife would love that.


Couch Pooper Puck

About a year ago a cat pooped on our brand new sofa and we assumed it was Chris. I even accused him in this post. We later realized it was Puck doing the bad deed (see here). We assumed he was doing it because the addition of the sofa interfered slightly with access to the litter boxes, so we moved them to a new location and the pooping stopped.

A couple of weeks ago the pooping started up again. I thought it was because our new addition, Floki, was adding to the amount of poop in the litter boxes and Puck didn’t like that. I scoop more often but it’s hard to keep up when I am sleeping or at work so we decided it was time for another litter box.

I went to PetSmart about two weeks ago on Sunday but their litter box choices were very poor. An employee told me a truck was coming in the next day but I needed something right away so I bought the biggest box that I could find, which my wife thought it was too small. I went back the next day but the selection was still terrible so I just returned it.

We went to a different PetSmart the following Saturday. I was looking for another Giant Litter Pan but the box in the center of the below picture was the best we could find. I should have just ordered it on Amazon since we waited almost a week just to settle for okay.

cat litter boxes

Since adding the new box, Puck has pooped on the sofa one time. I thought I might have to move the new box in front of it but I don’t want to do that so we will see if the badness continues.