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Caption This: Kitten with Coffee

I thought this photo would be a good one to caption.

I did not include this one in my recent post about Frisky Cat Café in St. Augustine because I thought it was good enough to stand on its own. I came up with several ideas for a caption but settled on the simplest one. Just for fun, write a caption for this photo and then look here to see what I came up with.

Bad Cat Chris Dominates New Blog

I recently started a new blog at JustFurLaughs.com. It is dedicated to funny captioned animal photos. I am trying to get a new photo up everyday and I find myself looking hard to find a funny one without Chris in it. I have a great stockpile of cat photos as well as other animals but it seems like Chris stands out as the one usually involved in funny behavior.

I will give you a sneak peek at two photos that I have not published yet but are scheduled to appear in the next few days. Enjoy.

Crap We're out of Rum

Relax We're here to help