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Caption This: Treat Stealer

Holly, my sister-in-laws’s cat, is like a female version of Chris, except she has a couple more years experience being bad.

20120616_Kitten and cats_0637

How would you caption this? When you’ve thought of something, check out my answer on my other blog, JustFurLaughs.com

Caption This: Printer Cat

I thought this would be a funny picture to caption but I struggled with finding just the right words. I thought of “We’re out of cyan again” and “No! I said print the stats!” I did eventually decide on one that you can see here, but I’m sure this picture has potential for many funny captions.

Cat Frankie on printer

Cat Frankie on printer

Bad Cat Chris Dominates New Blog

I recently started a new blog at JustFurLaughs.com. It is dedicated to funny captioned animal photos. I am trying to get a new photo up everyday and I find myself looking hard to find a funny one without Chris in it. I have a great stockpile of cat photos as well as other animals but it seems like Chris stands out as the one usually involved in funny behavior.

I will give you a sneak peek at two photos that I have not published yet but are scheduled to appear in the next few days. Enjoy.

Crap We're out of Rum

Relax We're here to help