Photo Friday: Sun-Kissed

I couldn’t decide which one of these photos of Floki and Chris I like better. I like the first one because Floki has his tongue sticking out and it clearly looks like something is about to happen.

Cats Floki and Chris kissing in sun.I also like the second one because of the apparent smile on Floki’s face.

Cats Floki and Chris kissing in sun.What do you think?

31 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Sun-Kissed

      1. Deziz World

        Maybe. She’s gonna have to calm down furst. Right now she’s mostly a blur less we’s eatin’ and well she inhales da noms, so she doesn’t really slow down then either. MOL

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

  1. Juliea

    The second picture because it looks like they are really bonding. I want a second cat and Izzy, my current cat, lost his companion a couple of years ago. I’d like to rescue a little bit older cat because they are harder to find homes for. But Izzy would probably accept a kitten better. How hard is it to get two cats of similar ages to get along? Plus I have an older dog who loves cats. And my Izzy cat follows us on dog walks. My household is so mellow now that I don’t want to disrupt it with an older cat if I don’t think it will work. Do you think kitten or a mellow 5-7 year old cat would work out best?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think kittens are accepted better at first because the older cat sees them as less of of threat. However, that is in the short term, usually two adult cats will learn to get along eventually. I am thinking, in your case, a friendly cat close to Izzy’s age might be better. In my experience, most males tend to get along unless you have two that both have alpha personalities. Males and females also seem to get along. Just don’t put two girls together. 🙂

  2. Juliea and Izzy

    I agree with not bringing a second girl kitty to the mix. I have my daughter in law living with me! LoL. Since my Izzy is so laid back and he even has male cat friends in the neighborhood I will choose between a young or an older male or female, when I find the right mix of mellowness and bravery in either. I think I will know who might work best. Thanks for your input.


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