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Photo Friday: Sofa Buddies

Chris is a very touchy-feely cat and loves to lie against, or on top of, any cat or human that will tolerate it. This time it is Floki but now he is on my lap as I write this.

cats floki and Chris

Does anyone else have a touchy-feely cat like Chris?


Photo Friday: Lost Brothers

I decided to look into the archives for today’s Photo Friday. Sometimes it can be fun to stroll down Memory Lane. I found a photo of Tigger and Flash dated December 28, 2009.

cats Tigger and FlashTigger and Flash were brothers who we ended up with due to an unusual circumstance. You can read about them in my post “Life Before Chris.” We adopted them in 2006 and, unfortunately, Flash died in April 2010. Tigger passed away in early 2013. Both were lost too soon.

At the same time that I took the above photo, Chris and Abbey were on the cat perch just to the left.cats Chris and Abbey