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Photo Friday: Special Delivery

Usually, all the cats are waiting in the kitchen at dinnertime but sometimes they are lazy and order delivery.

Frankie zu Hause

You may remember back in February of last year I did a review of a cat tree from Topeakmart. When it was new, the cats loved it, but soon everyone stopped paying attention to it. That is until a couple of weeks ago when Frankie claimed the little house as his own and started spending a lot of time “at home.”

I’m not sure how long his interest in his new home will last. Perhaps because Chris started spending time in his house on the bigger cat tree, Frankie thought he needed a home too. I don’t know. Maybe he got wind of the hot real estate market and is hoping to get squatter’s rights on the home.

Photo Friday: Early Chris

Here is Chris from twelve years ago tomorrow. It was March 5, 2010 and we were still living in Myrtle Beach where we adopted Chris. He was around ten months old in this photo.

Chris used to like playing with stuffed animals, which is what he was doing here. I do not know why we had Teddy bear sheets. I guess that would be a question for my wife.

Our Little Attention-Getter

I took Frankie for a walk on Saturday. Sometimes he gets very vocal and won’t shut up until I take him out, then he is as quiet as a church mouse.

We started at our next-door neighbor’s house where Frankie had to do a thorough inspection of her bushes. I didn’t want to be standing right in front of her house, so I picked up Frankie and moved him to our side. Just then I heard her car door shut and then watched her drive away. “Okay, Frankie. Smell away.”

From there we walked across the street where we encountered a woman walking a small Yorkie. Surprisingly, the dog wasn’t barking. The woman thought Frankie was very cute and was amazed that he let me put a harness on him. While we were talking, Frankie walked up to the dog, the two of them smelled each other for a few seconds, and then Frankie quickly lost interest and continued walking.

We walked through the grass toward the pool. When we got close to the pool we encountered several people and dogs. To our left was a woman walking a small, white dog who was barking at Frankie. To our right were four people and two dogs in a parked golf cart. The dogs were not small but not huge either. The woman in the driver’s seat was so impressed by a cat walking with a leash and harness that she got out and walked toward Frankie with her phone because she wanted to video him. While she was doing that, Frankie started toward the barking dog.

When Frankie get to within five feet of the dog he stopped and changed directions. I think it was the woman who distracted him because he walked up to her and let her pet him. He then continued toward the golf cart where everyone was ooohing and aaahing. I’m not sure if Frankie liked the attention but he sure was encouraging it. He walked up to the golf cart, stopped and looked at the dogs for a second or two, and then continued on.

After that, he spent a little time rolling on the ground.

He followed that up with some grass-eating.

Finally, it was time to rest and to see how long Dad could put up with standing around waiting.

It occurred to me that if I wasn’t already happily married, and if I didn’t live in an old people’s community, walking a cat would be a great way to meet girls.

Frankie’s Favorite Spot Becomes Permanent

Rose bought a sectional sofa from Babcock near the end of 2017. I am sure it was expensive but I never wanted to know how much she paid, given my aversion to spending money on stuff we don’t need. Nevertheless, it is a comfortable sofa and Frankie loves lying at my feet when I have the footrest open. There is a little nook in the footrest that fits Frankie just right. He usually lies in the corner on my left but if I get up for some reason, when I come back I find him stretched out and I then have to sit at an angle.

About a year and a half ago, the pull cord that opens the footrest broke. I tried to contact someone at Badcock about it but I could not get through to a real person. I don’t remember why. It is probable that the wait time was an hour or more and I didn’t want to do it. By the way, if any company says that your call is important to them and then puts you on hold for more than five minutes, they are lying.

I did find an email address for them and sent an email explaining my problem but I never got a response. In the end, I drove up to the store, paid them over $25 for the part, and then had to wait over a month. If I remember right it took way longer than that. I think it came in after we went to West Virginia the first time.

I picked it up and put the piece on after we came home in January of last year. It was the most difficult thing I have done in recent memory. I almost never swear but I was like a drunken sailor that day.

Now, just over one year later it has broken again. Really, less than a year since we did not use the sofa for two months.

I went back to Badcock but the thought of paying twice to fix something that should not have broken once disturbs me. I tried to argue my point to no avail. I did find out that the sofa is an actual Badcock brand and it has a three-year warranty which means I was charged for the first part before the three years was up. I guess I will have to try calling them again.

In the meantime, I have to leave the footrest up and Frankie loves it.

Photo Friday: Double Bed

I saw Chris and Floki sleeping together in the same bed yesterday and had to get a photo.

I think it is a great picture except the image quality is disappointing. As soon as I downloaded it to my computer and looked at it I decided I should go get my good camera and try again, but when I got up I noticed that Floki had already abandoned his position. I guess I made him nervous taking pictures. Oh well.

Frankie’s Belated Gotcha Day

I forgot Frankie’s Gotcha Day which was last week on the 9th. Since his chart labeled him as three years old, I also consider it his eleventh birthday. Frankie was actually an early Valentine’s Day gift for my wife in 2014. she wanted a cat instead of jewelry that year. Rose’s previous cat, Puck, became my cat as did Frankie, eventually, which is why we got Floki but I’m getting ahead of myself.

You can read about Frankie’s adoption here. I also posted several photos of Frankie in two posts three years later. See the first one here. I won’t repeat those here but I do want to show some newer photos of Frankie as well as one photo from day one that I forgot about.

Here is Frankie on his first day with a blanket in his mouth.

I thought that habit developed later.

Here he is in 2017 on one of his walks that he loves.

cat looking up tree

Here he is with Floki enjoying the catio we built at a previous home in 2018, days before Puck died.

cute cats on catio

Here he is after one of his many escapes. He uses vehicles to make it difficult for me to catch him. If I get close, he simply backs up where I can’t reach him.

I always consider Chris to be the touchy-feely cat but Frankie has his moments. Here he is with Puck.

We usually see Frankie stretched out.

But sometimes he likes to curl up into a ball.

We are very happy we adopted Frankie and I think he is happy too.