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Our Huggable Cat

My stepson, Nick, flew in yesterday with his girlfriend and the four of us are going on vacation together this week. I posted recently about how Puck was nervous around Nick, but not so with Chris.

Chris loves everyone and he especially loves to be hugged, which is not a typical cat behavior. Of course, Chris is not a typical cat.

Come to Mama

The other night my wife and I were sitting in bed, winding down before bedtime. Frankie was on my lap like he often is.

This is a photo from last year.

Rose looked at him and said something like, “Do you know that Frankie never lies on my lap? Not ever. And I’m the one that saved him.”

It’s true. We adopted Puck for Rose but Puck took to me more so she wanted her own cat. . . again. When we found Frankie he let Rose hold him and snuggled up to her enough to win her over and get adopted. After that, he was my cat

So, while Frankie was on my lap, Rose said to him, “Frankie, you come see Mama! C’mon Frankie, come to Mama.”

Then, as if he understood English, he got off my lap, walked over to Rose and let her pet him for about eight seconds, then walked back and got on my lap again.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Keeping the Ear Clean

It seems like Chris has a perpetual ear infection due to his overabundance of ear pollyps. It was in both ears but now it is only in his left ear. I got a different medicine from the vet and have been putting it in his ear pretty regularly but we have been inconsistent when it comes to cleaning his ears. Perhaps because putting in the medicine is easy but cleaning his ears involves a lot of struggling and frustration. Fortunately, Floki has taken over the ear cleaning duties and he does a great job with far less struggling from Chris.

Floki even knows it is his left ear that needs cleaning.