Our Cats are Spoiled

Our cats, particularly Chris and Floki, like to lie under the Christmas tree. That was fine until we started accumulating presents. So to keep them happy and prevent torn gifts, I created a no-gift zone.

We may be a little crazy.

In case you are wondering, several of those presents were for my son, his girlfriend and my two-year-old grandson. They came for dinner last night and opened presents so now we have more room.


16 thoughts on “Our Cats are Spoiled

  1. onespoiledcat

    That’s a really beautiful tree and Teddy is like your ‘boys” in liking to lie under the tree. I had to clear a space of gifts so he could have some room and he loves it (even though he has to lie on top of the train track!). Here’s to a super happy Christmas for all!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. meowments

    One half of the tree for cat naps, the other half for the cat’s presents…😄 That’s what my cat thinks lol!

  3. Summer

    We are spending Christmas at my human’s boyfriend’s house. So there are currently no presents under the tree! Oddly enough, I’ve decided to nap on the couch.


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