Couch Pooper Puck Strikes Again

Puck has been pooping on our sofa in the “cat’s” room. At first we blamed Chris because that is something Chris would do but we soon realized the the evidence started pointing to Puck.  We bought another litter box (see here) because we assumed the boxes were not always as clean as they should be after adopting Floki. That worked for a while but soon we found poop on the sofa again so I moved the new box next to it to see if that would help.

cats by litter box

A day or two after putting the box there, I think it was Saturday, Rose was at her desk when Puck decided to poop on the couch. Keep in mind that her desk is inches from the couch but she felt compelled to call me in from another part of the house to stop what was going on. I arrived just in time to see the event unfold in real time. There wasn’t much I could do at that point. If I was there from the beginning, oh, like maybe sitting in a chair next to him, I could have picked him up and put him in the box. The funny thing is, we never new for certain that Puck was the culprit, but he showed us he was guilty in a big way.

calming spray for catsAt this point, I don’t know what to do with him. I have a bottle of Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray that I bought for a problem long ago but I can’t remember what that problem was. In any case, I sprayed it on the sofa this morning and Frankie and Floki became very interested in the smell. I also have a bottle of “No Scratch” spray, which I think is like a repellent, but I don’t want to repel the cats away from the sofa. I hope the calming spray helps because I don’t know what else to do to get puck to poop where he is supposed to.

cats on sofa

Maybe next I can put the litter box on top of the sofa. My wife would love that.


26 thoughts on “Couch Pooper Puck Strikes Again

  1. Mary McNeil

    I’ve had this problem over the years with various cats.- often it started with spraying episodes. I finally just ended up putting a plastic drop cloth (or a cheap tarp) over the item. Because tossing the cat out was not an option, as I assume it is not with you. Seriously, try to find an animal communicator to ASK him what is going on.( I’ve done that, though not about litter box issues. I’m not at liberty to give you the people’s names, unfortunately, because they are friends of a friend doing it as a favor to the friend. ) I know you love Pucky and want to treat him fairly. Prayers you can all find a satisfactory solution !

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks Mary. Actually, a piece of plastic is a good idea. We have a blanket covering it now but plastic might actually discourage him from pooping there. I’m going to try something like that if this spray doesn’t work.

  2. Me

    Ugh why cats why?!?!? We have periods in our house when Enzo will just decide to toilet somewhere that isn’t a litter box – it’s rare, like once every 2-4 weeks, but is INCREDIBLY frustrating. One time I was actually cleaning out his litter tray, so he just went into the XXl crate they have full of toys and started pooping – I was like “SERIOUSLY ENZO?!” And then the other day he was a couple feet from the (clean) litter tray that he’s been happily using for weeks, and he just peed all over an arm chair – why why whyyy??

    If you find something that works for you, let us know too 😀

  3. Summer

    What was the condition of the litter box when Puck pooped on the couch? Was it already, or recently used? Where were Floki and Chris at the time? What else was going on that might have upset him, or caused him to want to mark the couch as his territory?

    Sometimes you need to be a detective to figure out litter box issues… and sometimes they are just mysterious.

  4. onespoiledcat

    I’ve sometimes thought that because we all know cats are SMART and truly do know where they are SUPPOSED to go potty, that when they don’t, they’re sending a message of some sort……they’re upset about something, unhappy about something or – sometimes – sick. Usually we can figure out what might be the issue and resolve it but in your case – not so sure!!! The plastic over the couch might just send him packing – it’s a funny feel on the toes to be on plastic so possibly he’ll pop back down off the couch and go where he’s supposed to. If not – at least you have his “deposit” on plastic and not on the couch!

    Good luck!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I remember trying aluminum foil to keep Chris off of something, I don’t remember what, I just remember it didn’t work. I will try plastic if I have to but I want the cats to be able to nap on the couch.

  5. Caren Gittleman

    I read Summer’s questions and they sound like a great starting point. Also, my Vet suggested I read “The Trainable Cat” I think the author is John Bradshaw? He recommended it for a totally different issue I am having with Cody, but maybe it would help you? Another good source is Amy Shojai…..her blog is “Bing, Bitches and Blood” or something like that, she has covered, and written books about TONS of different behaviors in pets.

  6. Robin

    Kitties certainly have their own way of doing things! When Cinco was with us, he would go through these phases where he would poop on our bed. It was the weirdest thing. It wouldn’t even stop him that one or both of us were on that bed sleeping. We never did quite solve the problem, but I noticed it happened more often when we got busy and the litter boxes weren’t being cleaned as frequently. I hope that you are able to pinpoint what the motivation is for Puck!

  7. Marjorie @DashKitten (@whskr)

    Some good suggestions here, and plenty for you to act on. I cannot suggest anything more other than counsel patience. Something is amiss and you need to find out what that might be. You are kind and good to keep trying so many people would throw the cat out with the rubbish (takes a breath).

    The animal communicator is a good idea. They may be able to locate the who and the why. Even if you think it is all “WooWooo” if it helps – then it’s worth it. Our senior boy Harvey is a former hoarder victim, then abandoned and came to us with nervous eczema and toiletting issues. He never uses a litter try BUT he does have access to the outside if he wants it (I suspect yours might not). He still makes ‘mistakes’ usually when stressed but we do our best to be patient and never yell. Yelling is totally counter productive and makes things 1,000,000% times worse.

    I hope you are able to get to the ‘bottom’ of this!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks. He did it again this morning after I put their turbo scratcher over the area that he likes to poop on. He just did it on the other side. Now I put their toy box on the other side. We’ll see.

  8. angelswhisper2011

    Maybe you can try a Bach Remedy, when there are no medical issue. If there have been any changes lately (I think I read that on your blog somewhere?) you can give him Walnut, but better you see what they are doing first. With Stress you have to give another remedy or Rescue. Maybe you all knew this, but I thought it was worth a mention 😉 Pawkisses for a good solution 🙂 ❤


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